Kumarasamy, known by his stage name, Kovai Senthil, was a Tamil film character artist who appeared in Tamil films starting with Bhagyaraj's Oru Kai Osai.[1][2] He appeared in over 400 Tamil films. [3]

Kovai Senthil
Died9 August 2018
Years active1980 - 2018


During his career, Kovai Senthil made several collaborations with Bhagyaraj including Aararo Aariraro and Avasara Police 100.[4] He has starred in several notable films including Idhu Namma Aalu, Padayappa, Avvai Shanmugi and Goa.[1]

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He died in 2018 due to age related issues. Kovai Senthil was 74 years old during his death.[1][4][5][6]


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