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Janowski passed speedway licence test (Licencja "Ż") on 7 August 2007 at 16 years old; 5 days later he rode in his first meeting in Polish Ekstraliga (Wrocław vs Rzeszów 48:42). In his first heat, he beat Rzeszów' rider Andreas Messing from Sweden.[2] His fourth meeting was Tournament of Junior National Team Reservs (Turniej zaplecza kadry juniorów). In this meeting he was 4th.[1]

He has won qualification to U-19 Bronze Helmet Final; Janowski was 13th (he was only 16 years old). With Atlas Wrocław he started in European Club Champions' Cup Final - Janowski scored 5 points, but Atlas was last.


Janowski in Polish SGP.

In season 2008 (as 17-year-old) he started in Team U-19 European Championship Final. He was the best rider in Poland team (15 points), but Poland was last on home track (Rawicz). In August he won Individual U-21 Polish Championship in Rybnik. In Individual U-19 European Championship Final he was second; lost to Artur Mroczka from Poland. In September he was the best rider in Poland team and he won Team U-21 World Champion title. He was 2nd in Polish Bronze Helmet Final (U-19). His last honour in this season was winning in Polish Silver Helmet Final (U-21).

He was nominated as 2nd track reserve at Speedway Grand Prix of Poland in Bydgoszcz, but he did not ride any heat. Five weeks later, after re-staged German SGP in Bydgoszcz, Janowski was nominated as first track reserve at 2008 FIM Final Speedway Grand Prix. However, when Niels Kristian Iversen was injured, Janowski replaced him in GP event. He finished 15th and scored one point (0,1,0,0,0), after beating German Martin Smolinski in Heat 8.

Weekly "Tygodnik Żużlowy" (Speedway Weekly) awarded him as Junior of the Year.[3] Speedway Chapter of Main Commission of Speedway Sport (part of the Polish Motor Union) awarded him and Przemysław Pawlicki for one of the best debuts in Polish speedway history.[4]


In 2009 season he rode for Atlas Wrocław (Poland), Rospiggarna Hallstravik (Sweden) and MSC Diedenbergen (Germany).[5] In Sweden he rode in nine matches and scored 4.52 point per match.[6]

He qualified for the Individual Polish Championship Final at MotoArena Toruń as a track reserve. Janowski was unsuccessful in defended his Under-21 Polish Champion title in the final he scored 8 points (3,3,R,0,2) and finished eight. He won the Bronze Helmet Final, unofficial U-19 Polish Championship, at his home track in Wrocław. He scored a maximum 15 points and he beat Patryk Dudek, Under-21 Polish Champion. On 25 September he was second in Silver Helmet Final, losing to Grzegorz Zengota by two points.

His team Atlas Wrocław did not compete in the Polish Pairs Junior Championship, therefore he was lent to UKS Żaki Taczanów for this competition only. Janowski scored a maximum 18 points in the final and his pair finished third.

On 11 July Maciej Janowski competed in the Individual U-19 European Championship Final and won the silver medal after winning a run off with Martin Vaculík and Artem Laguta. The gold medal was won by Przemysław Pawlicki. Janowski and Pawlicki were the highest scorer for the Polish team in the Team U-19 European Championship Final on 23 August and Poland won U-19 European Champion title. On 5 September in Gorzów Wielkopolski he scored 13 points for Poland, and the team successfully defended their U-21 World Champion title at Under-21 Speedway World Cup. On 3 October will be started in Individual U-21 World Championship Final.


Like his Rospiggarna Hallstravik teammate, Greg Hancock, Janowski moved to Piraterna Motala before a 2010 season.[6]

On 18 August it was announced that Janowski would join the Swindon Robins in the British Elite League for the remainder of the season.

Maciej won the 2010 Polish Under-21 Championship, held in Toruń, scoring a 15-point maximum.

Maciej is also riding in the U21-World Cup and was 2nd beating the main rival Maksim Bogdanows in Pardubice.


On 23 December 2011 it was announced that Janowski would be racing for Kings Lynn Stars in the 2012 British speedway season, in the Elite League.

Speedway Grand Prix CareerEdit

Janowski made the main roster in 2015, after going through the qualifying round to get in. In that year, he competed in 12 Grand Prix races, had 20 heat wins, made 4 finals, and one Grand Prix win in the Latvian Grand Prix. In 2016, Maciej struggled and raced in 11 Grands Prix, 18 heat wins, and only made one final – that being the only Grand Prix he won, in Prague, Czech Republic. Janowski was 10th in points and got picked to get back into the Grand Prix for the 2017 season.

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Maciej Janowski raced in both the 2016, and 2017 Speedway World Cup's. In 2016, Janowski struggled majorly and was dropped as captain and did not race in the 2016 final, where teammate Piotr Pawlicki Jr. took his spot as captain and led Poland to the victory. In 2017, he was chosen as captain again and being the oldest on the team at 25. He raced along with 3 other Grand Prix racers: Piotr Pawlicki Jr., Patryk Dudek, and Bartosz Zmarzlik. Maciej did very well and clinched the title for team Poland's back to back championship in his own race against team Sweden's Andreas Jonsson.

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  permanent speedway rider
  wild card, track reserve or qualified reserve
  rider not classified (track reserve who did not start)

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