Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation

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The Polski Związek Motorowy (PZM, PZMot) (English: Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation) is an automobile club and the governing body of motorsports in Poland. It is based in Warsaw.

Polski Związek Motorowy
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AffiliationFIA, FIM
PresidentMichał Sikora, Prezes
ReplacedPolish Car Club, Polish Motorcycle Association
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Established in 1950 by merging the Polish Car Club and the Polish Motorcycle Association. According to its charter, the PZM deals with propagation of knowledge and motor cultures, it leads operations in favor of safety in road traffic, and it promotes motor tourism and camping, as well as supporting the antique vehicle hobby. It organizes driving schools, it provides assistance for motorists in cases of break-downs, it inspects repair garages and service stations, it is involved in sales of new and used cars, it acts as an agent for vehicle insurance policies, as well as issuing some travel documents, providing information for tourists, booking of hotels and ferry tickets.

Besides the automobile club functions, PZM is the Polish National Federation for Motor Sports and is a member of:

PZM's Commissions and Groups edit

  • Main Commission of Automobile Sport (GKSS)
  • Main Commission of Motorcycle Sport (GKSM)
  • Main Commission of Speedway Sport (GKSŻ)
  • Main Commission of Karting Sport (GKSK)
  • Main Commission of Traffic Security and Environment Protection (GKBRDiOŚ)
  • Main Commission of Popular Sports and Tourism (GKSPiT)
  • Main Commission of Classic Cars (GKPZ)
  • Commission of Caravanning and Camping
  • Group of Expertise
  • Group of Tracks (ZT)
  • Group of Awards and Decorations
  • Promotion Group (ZP)
  • Medical Group (ZM)

Sports edit

Speedway edit

Polski Związek Motorowy organizes:

In the past, PZMot was organizes Individual Speedway Polish Cup and Team Speedway Polish Cup.

Research edit

As well as being an active automobile association PZM also undertakes road safety research. PZM is the active member for the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) in Poland.[2] PZM regularly publishes maps showing the risk of being involved in an accident on Poland's roads.[3]

Campaigning for Safe Road Design edit

The European Campaign for Safe Road Design is a partnership between 28 major European road safety stakeholders that is calling for the EC to invest in safe road infrastructure initiatives which could cut deaths on European roads by 33% in less than a decade.[4] PZM is the campaign's partner in Poland.

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