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The 6529 Single Port Interface (SPI aka PIO) was an integrated circuit made by MOS Technology. It served as an I/O controller for the 6502 family of microprocessors, providing a single 8-bit digital bidirectional parallel I/O port. Unlike the more sophisticated 6522 VIA and 6526 CIA, it did not allow the data direction for each I/O line to be separately specified, nor did it support serial I/O or contain any timer capabilities. Because of this, it did not achieve widespread use.

6529 ICs were available in 1 MHz, 2 MHz, and 3 MHz versions. The form factor was a JEDEC-standard 20-pin ceramic or plastic DIP.

Comparing the datasheet with "standard" TTL, it is rather clear that the 6529 is just a relabeled 74(LS)639 bidirectional three-state/open-Collector-busdriver. Using the LS or even higher speed variants like HCT makes an universal replacement for all subtypes/speedgrades of this chip.

If Open-Collector-Output at A-Side is NOT necessary (e.g. for input only application like in Commodore C16 Keyboard-Scanner) 74LS245, which is available much more easily today will also do.

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