MERMEC S.p.A. is an Italian company focused on rail inspection and diagnostics (both systems and vehicles), railway signalling, asset management software, diagnostic and professional services for the railway industry. Today, MERMEC is part of the MERMEC Group, an international holding company with more than 300 employees worldwide whose subsidiaries include UK based MERMEC UK, USA based MERMEC Inc., Italy based Tecnogamma S.p.A. and France based MERMEC France.

IndustryRailway Diagnostics & Signalling
Founded1960s, incorporated 1988
ProductsRailway Diagnostic Systems & Vehicles
Railway Signalling Systems
RAMSYS: Asset Management System
Diagnostic Services
Professional Services
Number of employees
252 (2011)


Prior to becoming a joint-stock company in 1988, MER MEC was known as Meridional Meccanica, which began in the 1960s. Meridional Meccanica began making railway maintenance vehicles in the early 1980s and after incorporating focused all of its attention to the railway market.

In the early 1990s MER MEC, in cooperation with the main Italian research institutes, developed an opto-electronic system for the automatic inspection of railway infrastructure conditions. The 1990s also saw the prototype of the ROGER vehicle which is an acronym for Rilievo Ottico Geometria Rotaia, Italian for optical rail geometry control. In 1997 MER MEC produced the ROGER 1000, a self-propelled vehicle for rail track and overhead line inspection.

Today, MER MEC exports its products worldwide, in particular to Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Greece, Norway, Peru, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, Japan.


MER MEC has been awarded the following certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001;[1] UNI EN ISO 14001:2004; IRIS:[2] 2006 (International Railway Industry Standards); SA8000:[3] 2001


MER MEC is an authorized research laboratory of the Italian Ministry of university and Research[4] and a member of the following organizations: UNIFE;[5] CEN - the European Committee for Standardization. Since 2010 MERMEC Group is part of the UNISIG Consortium

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