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Luge at the 1964 Winter Olympics

Luge at the 1964 Winter Olympics consisted of three events at Olympic Sliding Centre Innsbruck. The competition took place between January 30 and February 4, 1964.[1]

at the IX Olympic Winter Games
Luge pictogram.svg
VenueOlympic Sliding Centre Innsbruck
Dates30 January - 4 February
Competitors68 from 12 nations
1968 →

This was the first appearance of Luge in the Winter Olympics. It was originally scheduled to be added in 1960, but as there was no venue built for it in Squaw Valley, the sport's debut came in 1964.[2]

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit


1  United Team of Germany2215
2  Austria1113
3  Italy0011
Totals (3 nations)3339

Germany won five of the nine medals available, including two gold medals.



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Thomas Köhler
  United Team of Germany
3:26.77 Klaus-Michael Bonsack
  United Team of Germany
3:27.04 Hans Plenk
  United Team of Germany
Women's singles
Ortrun Enderlein
  United Team of Germany
3:24.67 Ilse Geisler
  United Team of Germany
3:27.42 Leni Thurner
  Austria (AUT)
Josef Feistmantl
Manfred Stengl
1:41.62   Austria (AUT)
Reinhold Senn
Helmut Thaler
1:41.91   Italy (ITA)
Walter Außendorfer
Sigisfredo Mair

Participating NOCsEdit


Twelve nations participated in Luge at the Innsbruck Games.


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