Luge at the 1968 Winter Olympics

Luge at the 1968 Winter Olympics consisted of three events at Villard-de-Lans. The competition took place between 11 and 18 February 1968.[1][2]

at the X Olympic Winter Games
Luge pictogram.svg
Dates11–18 February
Competitors85 from 14 nations
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Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  East Germany1113
2  Austria1102
3  Italy1001
4  West Germany0123
Totals (4 nations)3339

East Germany led the medal table with three medals, one of each type. This was the first separate Games for East and West Germany, and thus each country's first luge medals.[1]


Event[1] Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Manfred Schmid
2:52.48 Thomas Köhler
  East Germany
2:52.66 Klaus-Michael Bonsack
  East Germany
Women's singles
Erika Lechner
2:28.66 Christa Schmuck
  West Germany
2:29.37 Angelika Dünhaupt
  West Germany
  East Germany (GDR)
Klaus-Michael Bonsack
Thomas Köhler
1:35.85   Austria (AUT)
Manfred Schmid
Ewald Walch
1:36.34   West Germany (FRG)
Wolfgang Winkler
Fritz Nachmann
  1. ^ Two East Germans, Ortrun Enderlein and Anna-Maria Müller, led after three runs, but with the fourth run cancelled, were position to win medals. However, the East Germans were accused of heating the runners of their sleds, and disqualified, promoting Lechner to the gold medal position.

Participating NOCsEdit

Fourteen nations participated in Luge at the Grenoble Games. Spain, France, Sweden and East and West Germany made their Olympic luge debuts.[1]


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