Ludolf of Trier

Ludolf or Liudolf of Trier (died 7 April 1008, in Erpostede) was a German Roman Catholic clergyman.[1]

Archbishop of Trier
ChurchCatholic Church
DioceseElectorate of Trier
In office994–1008
Personal details
Died7 April 1008

He was born in the now-lost settlement of Erpostede in Stecklenburg and was an imperial chaplain, canon of Hildesheim Cathedral and probably a priest in Goslar. In 994 he was consecrated archbishop of Trier by Adalbero II of Metz. Shortly after entering office he came into conflict with the citizens of Trier and imposed an interdict on them. After Otto III's death he supported the election of Henry II. He built a wall around the cathedral quarter in Trier. He died in Erpostede in 1008 and was buried in Halberstadt Cathedral.

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