Luciano Bergamin

Luciano Bergamin CRL (born May 4, 1944 in Loria, Veneto) is an Italian clergyman and Roman Catholic Bishop of Nova Iguaçu in Brazil.[1]


On 19 December 1982, Luciano Bergamin joined the community of the Augustinian order choir lords from the Lateran, took up the profession on 2 October 1960 and received the priestly ordination on 10 April 1969.

Pope John Paul II appointed him on April 5, 2000 as auxiliary bishop in Santo Amaro and titular bishop of Octabia. The bishop gave him the bishop of Santo Amaro,[clarification needed] to Fernando Antônio Figueiredo, on 20 May of that year. Co-consecrators were Emílio Pignoli, Bishop of Campo Limpo, and Francisco Manuel Vieira, Bishop of Osasco. He chose DOMINUS LUX ET SALUS[clarification needed] as his motto.

On July 24, 2002, he was appointed Bishop of Nova Iguaçu.


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