Lovinac.JPG A street in Lovinac.
Lovinac is located in Croatia
Location of Lovinac in Croatia
County Lika-Senj
Location 44°23′N 15°41′E / 44.39°N 15.69°E / 44.39; 15.69
Mayor Daniel Jurjević (Independent)
Area (km²) 341,92
1,096 (municipality)
Time zone (UTC) UTC+1 Central European Time

Lovinac is a municipality in Lika-Senj County, Croatia.


The village of Lovinac is located 35 kilometers from Gospić to the southeast of the greatest Croatian karst field, Licko polje. At one time, the shortest trade routes from Lika's interior to the sea went through Lovinac.

The new highway which was recently built alongside the village has resulted in more tourism.


It has 1,096 inhabitants in the municipality, Croats make up 90% of the population.[1]

Year of counting Population[2]
1857 1,423
1869 1,271
1880 1,044
1890 1,135
1900 1,320
1910 1,352
1921 1,365
1931 1,456
1948 929
1953 954
1961 869
1971 869
1981 640
1991 533
2001 288


Pilar (population 45) and Vrkljani (population 27) are hamlets near Lovinac.[3]


Above the town of Lovinac are the ruins of the medieval city of Lovinac in which artifacts from the Roman period have been found. In the Middle Ages the village was under the control of the noble family Lovinčić. At the beginning of the 16th century it belonged to count Ivan Karlovic. The Turks conquered it around 1522. After the expulsion of the Turks in 1689 the current Bunjevac population was brought in to settle the area.


The production of clothes and underwear usually takes place during the winter months from prepared wool, flax and hemp. Some parts of the native costume, especially vests, are decorated with gold or silver coins and toka. Also produced are type of local footwear called opanci.

Monuments and landmarksEdit

  • Old fort Lovinac
  • Zdunić tower
  • Kovacevic kula: notable for its being the only building in Lika left over from the time of Turk occupation. It is House 50 in Vranik.


  • Lovinac elementary school


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