Loudon Park Cemetery

Loudon Park Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. It was incorporated on January 27, 1853, on 100 acres (40 ha) of the site of the "Loudon" estate, previously owned by James Carey, a local merchant and politician.[1][2][3] The entrance to the cemetery is located at 3620 Wilkens Avenue.

Loudon Park Cemetery
Loudon Park Cemetery Baltimore MD1.jpg
The central portion of the cemetery
3620 Wilkens Ave., Baltimore, Maryland
CountryUnited States
Coordinates39°16′54″N 76°40′47″W / 39.28167°N 76.67972°W / 39.28167; -76.67972Coordinates: 39°16′54″N 76°40′47″W / 39.28167°N 76.67972°W / 39.28167; -76.67972
Owned byPrivately owned
Size500-acre (202 ha)
No. of interments~130,000
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The cemetery and Loudon Park Funeral Home, Inc. are locally owned and operated. Both the cemetery and the funeral home became privately owned in 2014 when they were acquired from Service Corporation International (SCI).[4] Loudon Park Funeral Home was built on the grounds of the historic cemetery by Stewart Enterprises in 1995.[5] SCI acquired Stewart Enterprises in 2013.[6]

Loudon National CemeteryEdit

A portion of the eastern section is owned by the federal government as Loudon Park National Cemetery, acquired in 1861, and holds the remains of 2,300 Union soldiers[2] killed during the Civil War.[3] There is also a Confederate section where about 650 Confederate soldiers are buried,[2] marked by a statue of a Confederate soldier. Since 2003, nearly all of the Confederates in this section have had new markers put on their graves under an "Adopt-a-Confederate" program.[7] The entrance to the National Cemetery portion of Loudon Park is located along Frederick Avenue in the neighborhood of Irvington.

Notable personsEdit

Notable persons interred here include:

The Weiskittel-Roehle Burial Vault, faced with cast iron, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.[9]



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