Lords of the Underground

The Lords of the Underground (L.O.T.U.G.) is a hip-hop trio based in Newark, New Jersey. The group is composed of Dupré "DoItAll" Kelly, Al'Terik "Mr. Funke" Wardrick and Bruce "DJ Lord Jazz" Colston.

Lords of the Underground
Also known asL.O.T.U.G.
OriginNewark, New Jersey
GenresHip hop, East Coast rap, Golden age, Hardcore rap[1]
Years active1990–present
LabelsPendulum Records, Jersey Kidz Records, Goon MuSick
Mr. Funke
DJ Lord Jazz


MCs Mr. Funke and DoItAll Dupré met DJ Lord Jazz (a native of Cleveland) when all three were undergraduates at Shaw University in North Carolina. A friend of Doitall's introduced the group to legendary producer Marley Marl, who invited them to record at his studio with help from K-Def.[1] In 1990, Redman at the beginning of his career was served as DJ for DoItAll of Lords Of The Underground at club Sensations in Newark, New Jersey.[2][3]

The group released their debut album, Here Come the Lords on March 9, 1993 with production handled by Marley Marl and K-Def.[4][5] In 2013, the American magazine Spin added the album to its list of "The 50 Best Rap Albums From 1993".[6] The album peaked at 66 on the Billboard 200 and featured five charting singles, including the group's signature song, "Chief Rocka".[7] In 2015, Complex placed the song in 85th place on its list of "The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time".[8]

By the end of 1993, the Lords had received an award from BET as best rap group of the year.[1]

The group released their second album, Keepers of the Funk the following year on November 1, 1994. Keepers of the Funk peaked at 47 on the Billboard 200 and featured three charting singles, the most successful of which was "Tic Toc".[9][10]

The group received negative criticism when it was implied in their 1995 single "Burn Rubber" that they condoned car-jacking. The group claims the song was created specifically for the car-jacking movie "New Jersey Drive".[11]

They reunited for a third album with 1999's Resurrection. Released via Queen Latifah's Jersey Kidz imprint, was so small-scale a release that few realized it had been recorded.[12][13] The Lords returned again in 2007 for a fourth album entitled House of Lords, but like Resurrection, it failed to reach the Billboard charts.[14][15]

The Lords are best remembered in connection with the golden age of hip hop. As such, when Nas decided in 2007 to do a remix of his song "Where Are They Now?", which asked of the fates of several long-forgotten golden age rappers, the Lords were among those requested to appear. DoItAll Dupré performed eight bars on the track.[16]

DoItAll appeared briefly in the final scene of the final episode of The Sopranos credited as Du Kelly, as one of a series of potentially ominous figures entering the diner.[17] He also appeared on other TV shows: Law & Order as Two Tone, on Oz the HBO series, and on the Christmas episode of 30 Rock on NBC (2008).[18] He has also been in independent movies such as Somewhere in the City with Bai Ling, Rhyme & Reason, and with Treach of Naughty By Nature. He has also starred in an off Broadway play entitled Diss Diss & Diss Dat.[19]

In 2012, the group first performed in Russia as part of the Hip-Hop Don't Stop event and the Soul City 2012 festival.[20][21][22]

In 2017, DoItAll revealed he planned on running for Councilman at Large for his hometown of Newark.[23][24] He started his campaign in 2018, and despite not winning a seat still plans to help the city.[25]

In 2020, Lords Of The Underground are back with a new video for their comeback song "Insomniac" produced by Snowgoons. The track is the first single off So Legendary, the group's first album in over a decade.[26][27][28][29] At the end of January, Lords Of The Underground released a video for the song "Whats Up", recorded with Onyx,[30][31] later was released a single for this song.[32]


Studio albumsEdit

Year Title Chart positions
Billboard 200
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)
1993 Here Come the Lords
  • Released: March 9, 1993
  • Label: Pendulum
66 13
1994 Keepers of the Funk
  • Released: November 1, 1994
  • Label: Pendulum
57 16
1999 Resurrection
  • Released: April 20, 1999
  • Label: Jersey Kidz
175 42
2007 House of Lords
  • Released: August 21, 2007
  • Label: Affluent
2020 So Legendary
  • Released: February 21, 2020
  • Label: Goon MuSick

Compilation albumsEdit

Year Title
2014 Lotug 20: The 20th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 1
  • Released: July 8, 2014
  • Label: Pirate Recordings, Inc.


Year Single Chart positions Album
Billboard Hot 100
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
Hot Rap Tracks
1992 "Psycho" 17 Here Come the Lords
1993 "Chief Rocka" 55 35 1
"Funky Child" 74 52 2
"Here Come the Lords" 93 67 18
1994 "Flow On" 36
1994 "Tic Toc" 73 52 17 Keepers of the Funk
1995 "What I'm After" 111 32
"Faith" 49


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