London Streets

London Streets is an arm of Transport for London (TfL) which is responsible for managing identified greatest through-routes in Greater London – 580 kilometres (360 mi) of roads. It was known as TfL Street Management for many years until the start of the 2007 fiscal year.

London Streets
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Area of responsibility within England
TypeStatutory corporation
PurposeTransport authority
Headquarters55 Broadway,
London, SW1
Region served
Greater London
Parent organisation
Transport for London (TfL)

Extent of responsibilityEdit

The largest responsibility is for red routes. These are 580 kilometres (360 mi) of key non-motorways, officially the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), which are distinguished by their red road markings and often by signage.[1]

London Streets is also responsible for managing the London congestion charge, a fee that is charged to most motorists entering the central London area,[2] as well as street CCTV systems and control of traffic lights and bus lane enforcement cameras (BLECs).

In both domains London Streets leads on most byelaws and prosecution mechanisms and stance for offences that impact traffic and safety directly. In civil law it is among local authorites that should monitor costs, co-ordinate, recover costs and ensure reinstatement by contractors and statutory undertakers under the NRSWA 1991.[3]

London Streets also acts as a London highways authority basic advisor and in particular issues and refers to its influential Streetscape Guidance, standards for roads and streets to make London's roads safer and more efficient.[4]

Other highwaysEdit

Motorways within London are the responsibility of Highways England.[5]

The rest of the streets are the responsibility of the London boroughs – or natural person or corporate owners predominantly in the case of the tiny percentage of roads that are private roads, and over which the law provides for shared responsibilities with users in the case of public rights of way.


The TfL London Streets roundel (2007-2014)

From 2007 London Streets used a blue and grey variant of the Transport for London roundel hosting the "Streets" name. This was withdrawn in 2014.[6]


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