Locho is a steamed Gujarati Farsan (Snack /Side Dish) that originated in Surat.[1] It is made from gram flour. The dish derives its name from its loose consistency and irregular shape like dumplings. It is somewhat related to Khaman. Unlike Khaman it is not served in regular shaped cut pieces. It is often seasoned with oil, butter, sev, spices, coriander, onion etc.[2]

Locho served with onion rings, chutney and seasoned with sev
Alternative namesSurati Locho
Place of originIndia
Region or stateSurat, Gujarat
Main ingredientsGram flour, chana dal, salt, spices
Food energy
(per 100 g serving)
75 kcal (314 kJ)
Similar dishesKhaman
Other informationno_recipes= false
Surati Locho, an Indian dish

Locho is widely eaten in Surat. This farsan is popular as Surti Locho. It is also very popular in Navsari and other regions in South Gujarat.

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