Liyuchi station

Liyuchi, meaning Pond of Carps is a metro station of Line 9 (Under construction, to be completed by 2020) and Line 10 of Chongqing Rail Transit in Jiangbei District of Chongqing Municipality, China.[1][2]


Chongqing Rail Transit
Exit 2A of Liyuchi Station Line 10.jpg
Exit 2A of the station
Operated byChongqing Rail Transit Corp., Ltd
Line(s) 9   10 
Platforms4 (2 island platforms, with 1 under construction)
  • Bus interchange
Structure typeBelow ground
Disabled access2 accessible elevators
Other information
Station code09/13 10/09
  • December 28th, 2017
Preceding station   Chongqing Rail Transit   Following station
TerminusLine 10

It serves the area surrounding East Jianxin Road.

The station opened with Line 10 and its 2 platforms on 28th of December 2017 and will be expanded in 2020 with Line 9 in addition to 2 more platforms.

Station Concourse
Station Platform

Station StructureEdit

Line 9 PlatformEdit

Platform Layout

An island platform is under construction for Line 9 trains travelling in both directions. This section of the station is being built East of the Line 10 platform.

To  9  Xinqiao 09/13 Under Construction
Island Platform

Doors open on the left

Under Construction 09/13 To  9  Huashigou

Line 10 PlatformEdit

Platform Layout

An island platform is used for Line 10 trains travelling in both directions. As stations beyond here toward Lanhualu are part of Phase II of the metro line, which is still under construction, all South-bound Line 10 trains terminate here. The station act as a reversing station using its zig-zag alignment for trains to switch direction.

The zig-zag track is located at the left side of this diagram

To  10  Liyuchi & Lanhualu 10/09
Zig-zag alignment Island Platform

Doors open on the left

10/09 To  10  Wangjiazhuang


There are a total of 3 entrances/exits for the station, with the space of Exit 1 reserved for its future construction.


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  • East Jianxin Road
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