List of types of football

This is a list of various types of football, most variations found as gridiron, rugby, association football.

Games descended from The FA rulesEdit

Some games, such as footballtennis, are not related to association football but use a football to produce a variant of another game.

The hockey game bandy has rules partly based on the association football rules and is sometimes nicknamed as 'winter football'.

Games descended from Rugby School rulesEdit

Other surviving English public school gamesEdit

Irish/Gaelic and Australian varieties of footballEdit

Although both sports arose largely independently, Gaelic football and Australian rules football or 'Aussie rules' share a number of common characteristics that separate their sports from the other football codes, most notably the lack of an offside rule, rules requiring bouncing of the ball when running with it in hand, passing by kick or handstrike, and a scoring system with major and minor scores (goals and points in Gaelic football, goals and behinds in Australian rules). Both sports are also hugely popular in their country of origin, indeed, the dominant code in each, but with limited global spread, a feature they share with Gridiron forms of football..

  • Gaelic football (called 'football' by this sporting community)
  • Australian rules football (called 'football' in the south and west of Australia and also in Victoria)
  • International Rules – a compromise code used for games between Gaelic and Australian Rules players.
  • Auskick – a version of Australian Rules designed for young children
  • Austus – a compromise between Australian Rules and American football, invented in Melbourne during World War II.

Surviving Medieval ball gamesEdit

More recent inventions and derivationsEdit

Tabletop games and other recreationsEdit

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