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List of rulers of the Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands, a group of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, are the last remaining British Overseas Territory in Oceania. Settled by mutineers from the Bounty in 1790, the island was effectively sovereign until 1898, when it was annexed by the United Kingdom and placed under the jurisdiction of the Governor of Fiji. When Fiji became independent in 1970, Pitcairn Island was placed under the authority of the British High Commissioner (ambassador) to New Zealand. In practice, partly due to its isolation, Pitcairn has effectively had internal self-government throughout this period. From 1790 to 1829, the local head of government was known simply as the Leader. They had a President from 1832 to 1838, and a Magistrate from that time until 1999, except for an eleven-year gap from 1893 to 1904, when the chief official was the President of the Council. In 1999, the Magistrate's non-judicial functions were transferred to the new office of Mayor.

Mayor of Pitcairn
Coat of arms of the Pitcairn Islands.svg
Shawn Christian

since 1 January 2014
StyleMayor (domestically); His/Her Excellency (Abroad)
Member ofIsland Council
AppointerGovernor of Pitcairn (de jure)
Popular vote (de facto)
Term length3 years; renewable
Formation7 December 1999
First holderFletcher Christian (Leader)
Steve Christian (Mayor)
DeputyDeputy Mayor


Local heads of government (1790–present)Edit

Term Incumbent Notes
23 January 1790 to 3 October 1793 Fletcher Christian, Leader
3 October 1793 to 25 December 1800 Edward Young, Leader
25 December 1800 to 5 March 1829 John Adams, Leader
5 March 1829 to October 1832 vacant[a]
October 1832 to 1838 Joshua Hill, President
1838 to 1839 Edward Quintal, Magistrate
1840 to 1841 Arthur Quintal I, Magistrate
1842 to 1842 Fletcher Christian II, Magistrate
1843 to 1843 Matthew McCoy, Magistrate 1st term
1844 to 1844 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 1st term
1845 to 1846 Arthur Quintal II, Magistrate 1st term
1847 to 1847 Charles Christian II, Magistrate
1848 to 1848 George Adams, Magistrate
1849 to 1849 Simon Young, Magistrate
1850 to 1850 Arthur Quintal II, Magistrate 2nd term
1851 to 1851 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 2nd term
1852 to 1852 Abraham Blatchly Quintal, Magistrate
1853 to 1853 Matthew McCoy, Magistrate 2nd term
1854 to 1854 Arthur Quintal II, Magistrate 3rd term
1855 to 3 May 1856 George Martin Frederick Young, Magistrate
1856 to 1864 Vacant due to relocation to Norfolk Island
1864 to 1864 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 3rd term
1865 to 1866 Moses Young, Magistrate 1st term
1867 to 1867 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 4th term
1868 to 1868 Robert Pitcairn Buffett, Magistrate
1869 to 1869 Moses Young, Magistrate 2nd term
1870 to 1872 James Russell McCoy, Magistrate 1st term
1873 to 1874 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 5th term
1875 to 1875 Moses Young, Magistrate 3rd term
1876 to 1877 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 6th term
1878 to 1879 James Russell McCoy, Magistrate 2nd term
1880 to 1880 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 7th term
1881 to 1881 Moses Young, Magistrate 4th term
1882 to 1882 Thursday October Christian II, Magistrate 8th term
1883 to 1883 James Russell McCoy, Magistrate 3rd term
1884 to 1885 Benjamin Stanley Young, Magistrate 1st term
1886 to 1889 James Russell McCoy, Magistrate 4th term
1890 to 1891 Charles Carleton Vieder Young, Magistrate
1892 to 1892 Benjamin Stanley Young, Magistrate 2nd term
1893 to 1896 James Russell McCoy, President of the Council 5th term
1897 to 1897 William Alfred Young, President of the Council 1st term
1897 to 1903 James Russell McCoy, President of the Council 6th term
1904 to 1904 William Alfred Young, President of the Council 2nd term
1905 to 1906 James Russell McCoy, Magistrate 7th term
1907 to 1907 Arthur Herbert Young, Magistrate 1st term
1908 to 1908 William Alfred Young, Magistrate 3rd term
1909 to 1909 Matthew Edmond McCoy, Magistrate
1910 to 1919 Gerard Bromley Robert Christian, Magistrate
1920 to 1920 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 1st term
1921 to 1921 Frederick Martin Christian, Magistrate 1st term
1922 to 1922 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 2nd term
1923 to 1924 Edgar Allen Christian, Magistrate 1st Term
1925 to 1925 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 3rd term
1926 to 1929 Richard Edgar Christian, Magistrate 1st term
1930 to 1931 Arthur Herbert Young, Magistrate 2nd term
1932 to 1932 Edgar Allen Christian, Magistrate 2nd term
1933 to 1934 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 4th term
1935 to 1938 Richard Edgar Christian, Magistrate 2nd term
1939 to 1939 Arthur Herbert Young, Magistrate 3rd term
1940 to 1940 Richard Edgar Christian, Magistrate 3rd term
1940 to 1940 Andrew Clarence David Young, Magistrate
1941 to 1941 Arthur Herbert Young, Magistrate 4th term
1942 to 1943 Frederick Martin Christian, Magistrate 2nd term
1944 to 1945 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 6th term
1945 to 1948 Norris Henry Young, Magistrate
1949 to 1949 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 7th term
1950 to 1951 Warren Clive Christian, Magistrate 1st term
1952 to 1954 John Lorenzo Christian, Magistrate 1st term
1955 to 1957 Charles Richard Parkin Christian, Magistrate 8th term
1958 to 1959 Warren Clive Christian, Magistrate 2nd term
1959 to 1966 John Lorenzo Christian, Magistrate 2nd term
1967 to December 1975 Pervis Ferris Young, Magistrate
December 1975 to December 1984 Ivan Christian, Magistrate
December 1984 to 1 January 1991 Brian Young, Magistrate
1 January 1991 to 7 December 1999 Jay Warren, Magistrate 1st term
7 December 1999 to 8 November 2004 Steve Christian, Mayor [b]
8 November 2004 to 15 December 2004 Brenda Christian, acting Mayor
1 January 2005 to 31 December 2007 Jay Warren, Mayor 2nd term
1 January 2008 to 31 December 2013 Mike Warren, Mayor
1 January 2014 to present Shawn Christian, Mayor
Sources: Pitcairn Island Civil Recorder (1864–1964)[1]
  1. ^ The death of John Adams led to a constitutional crisis. An important leader was Thursday October Christian, the first son of Fletcher Christian and the first child born on the island. In the ensuing period, the islanders tried to relocate to Tahiti, until the arrival of Joshua Hill.
  2. ^ Dismissed from office by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office following his four rape convictions.

Colonial governors (1898–present)Edit

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