List of rivers of Ontario

This is the list of rivers which are in and flow through Ontario. The watershed list includes tributaries as well.

List of rivers arranged by watershedEdit

Hudson BayEdit

Hudson Bay – list of rivers by major watershed (west to east)
Nelson River Hudson Bay James Bay

Quebec rivers flowing to Ontario (or tributaries of Ontarian rivers). In order, from East to West:

(For other tributaries of Harricana River, see article List of rivers of Quebec)

Rivers of Quebec flowing through Ontario (or tributaries of rivers of Ontario) Main rivers of Quebec flowing toward Ontario shores of James Bay, in order, from East to West:

Atlantic OceanEdit

Atlantic Ocean – list of rivers by major watershed (west to east)
Lake Superior Lake Huron/Georgian Bay Lake Erie Lake Ontario Saint Lawrence River Ottawa River

Alphabetical list of rivers (excluding lakes)Edit

Agawa River
Agnes River
Albany River
Amable du Fond River
Amberlea Creek
Aquatuk River
Arrow River
Asheweig River
Asylum Stream
Attawapiskat River
Ausable River
Aux Sables River
Avon River
Baldhead River
Bar River
Barron River
Batchawana River
Bayfield River
Beaver River (Grey County)
Beaver River (Kapiskau River tributary)
Beaver River (Lake Simcoe)
Beaver River (Severn River tributary)
Beaver River (Thunder Bay District)
Benoit Creek (Ontario)
Berens River
Big Willow River
Bighead River
Black Creek (Ontario)
Black Creek (Toronto)
Black River (Abitibi River tributary)
Black River (Bodell River tributary)
Black River (Gloucester Pool)
Black River (Hastings County)
Black River (Kenora District)
Black River (Severn River tributary)
Black River (Thunder Bay District)
Black River (York Region)
Black Duck River
Black Sturgeon River (Kenora District)
Black Sturgeon River (Thunder Bay District)
Blind River
Bloodvein River
Bodell River
Bolton River
Bonar Creek
Bonnechere River
Borden River (Ontario)
Boyne River (Grey County)
Boyne River (Muskoka District)
Boyne River (Nottawasaga River tributary)
Boyne River (Parry Sound District)
Brock Stream
Brunswick River
Buck River
Burning River
Burnt River
Cache River
Carhess Creek
Caribou River (Rainy River District)
Caribou River (Thunder Bay District)
Carp River
Castor River
Cat River
Cataraqui River
Chalk River
Chapleau River
Cheepash River
Cheepay River
Chiniguchi River
Clare River
Clyde River
Coldwater River (Algoma District)
Coldwater River (Simcoe County)
Conestogo River
Credit River
Crow River
Crowe River
Cudmore Creek
Current River
De Lesseps River
Detroit River
Denison Creek
Depot Creek (Lake Nosbonsing)
Depot Creek (Barron River tributary)
Depot Creek (Napanee River tributary)
Depot Creek (Sudbury District)
Depot Creek (Thunder Bay District)
Dewson Stream
Dog River
Doghole River
Don River (Toronto)
Doran River
Dunbarton Creek
Dunrankin River
East River
East Dunrankin River
Ekwan River
Englehart River
English River
Eramosa River
Fall River
Fat River
Fawn River
Fenelon River
Fire River
Firesteel River
Forks River
Fox River (Cochrane District)
Fox River (Kenora District)
Fox River (Thunder Bay District)
Foxear Creek
Frederick House River
French River
Ganaraska River
Gananoque River
Garden River
Gargantua River
Go Home River
Goulais River
Grand River
Greenhill River
Groundhog River
Gull River (Lake Nipigon)
Gull River (Balsam Lake)
Harricana River
Havelock Stream
Hay River
Holland River
Hollow River
Humber River
Humber River, East
Humber River, West
Imogene River
Indian River (Algoma District)
Indian River (Rice Lake)
Indian River (Lanark County)
Indian River (Muskoka District)
Indian River (Muskrat River watershed)
Ivanhoe River
Jackson Creek
Jocko River
Julia River
Kagawong River
Kagiano River
Kaministiquia River
Kapiskau River
Kapuskasing River
Kattawagami River
Kenogami River
Kesagami River
Kettle Creek
Key River
Kinushseo River
Kirkwall River
Kopka River
Krosno Creek
Kwataboahegan River
Lady Evelyn River
Lakitusaki River
Larder River (Ontario)
Lawagamau River
Layton River
Lillord Creek
Little River
Little Ausable River
Little Fire River
Little Jocko River
Little Kesagami River
Little Misema River
Little Mississippi River
Little Nebotik River
Little Otter River
Little Partridge River
Little Saganash River
Little Seal River
Little Shashiskau River
Little Shawmere River
Little Swan River
Little Swanson River
Little Valentine River
Little White River
Lomond River
London Stream
Lynn River
MacFarlane River
Mad River
Madawaska River
Magnetawan River
Magpie River
Maitland River
Makobe River
Makonie River
Manitou River
Maskinonge River
Matawin River
Matawitchewan River
Mattagami River
Mattawa River
Mattawishkwia River
McIntyre River
McKellar River
Michaud River
Michipicoten River
Mindemoya River
Miniss River
Misema River
Missinaibi River
Mission River
Missisa River
Mississagi River
Mississippi River
Moira River
Montreal River (Algoma–Sudbury, Ontario)
Montreal River (Timiskaming District)
Moon River (Cottage Country)
Moose River
Morrison River
Moutray Stream
Muketei River
Muskoka River
Musquash River
Namewaminikan River
Napanee River
Nat River
Nebotik River
Nemegosenda River
Niagara River
Night Hawk River
Nine Mile River
Nipigon River
Nipissing River
Nith River
Neebing River
Noluskatsi River
Nonquon River
North Creek
North York River
North Wabassie River
Nottawasaga River
Obabika River
Old Woman River
Ombabika River
Onaping River
Opasatika River
Opeongo River
Opinnagau River
Otadaonanis River
Otonabee River
Otter River
Oxtongue River
Pagashi River
Penetangore River
Pesekanaskoskau River
Pembina River
Pic River
Pickerel River
Pigeon River
Pine Creek
Pine River
Pineimuta River
Pipestone River
Pitticow River
Pivabiska River
Poplar River (Atikameg River tributary)
Poplar River (Fawn River tributary)
Poplar River (Manitoba)
Poplar River (Nipissing District)
Porcupine River
Pottawatomi River
Pretty River
Pukaskwa River
Rainy River
Raisin River
Rankin River
Redstone River (Northeastern Ontario)
Rigaud River
Remi River
Restoule River
Rideau River
Roslyn River
Rouge River
Sachigo River
Saganash River
Sagesigan River
Saint Lawrence River
St. Marys River
St. Raphael River
Salem Creek
Salmon River
Sand River
Sarsfield Creek
Sauble River
Saugeen River
Schomberg River
Scugog River
Seal River
Seine River
Seguin River
Serpent River
Severn River
Shashiskau River
Shawmere River
Shebandowan River
Skootamatta River
South Greenhill River
South Nation River
Soweska River
Spanish River
Speed River
Spey River
Springmount Stream
Stafford Stream
Steel River
Streatfeild River
Sturgeon River (Black Bay Peninsula)
Sturgeon River (Kenora District)
Sturgeon River (Lake Nipissing)
Sturgeon River (Manitoba)
Sturgeon River (Marchington River tributary)
Sturgeon River (Simcoe County)
Superior Creek
Sutton River
Swallow River
Swanson River
Sydenham River
Talbot River
Teeswater River
Temagami River
Thames River (London)
Tomwool Creek
Trent River
Turtle River
Twenty Mile Creek
Usiske River
Valentine River
Vermilion River (Lac Seul)
Vermilion River (Sudbury District)
Wabigoon River
Wanapitei River
Wapesi River
Welland River
West Highland Creek
Whiteclay River
Whitefish River (Berens River tributary)
Whitefish River (Lac Seul)
Whitefish River (Night Hawk Lake)
Whitefish River (Thunder Bay District)
Whitefish River (Sudbury District)
Winisk River
Winnipeg River
Wolf Creek (Timiskaming District)
Woollings Creek
York River

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