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List of prima ballerinas

This is a list of people who have been awarded the title prima ballerina, the second highest title that can be awarded to a ballerina.[citation needed]

Full name First name Last name Year of birth Year of death Country of birth Active dancer?
Diana Adams Diana Adams 1926 1993 United States of America No
Maria Alexandrova Maria Alexandrova 1978 Russia Yes
Nina Ananiashvili Nina Ananiashvili 1963 Georgia No
Elena Andreianova Elena Andreianova 1819 1857 Russia No
Sonia Arova Sonia Arova 1927 2001 Bulgaria No
Altynai Asylmuratova Altynai Asylmuratova 1961 Russia No
Melania Ballish Regueiro Melania Ballish Regueiro 1975 Brazil No
Margaret Barbieri Margaret Barbieri United Kingdom No
Irina Baronova Irina Baronova 1919 2008 Russia No
Pati Behrs Pati Behrs 1922 2004 Russia No
Christiana Bennett Christiana Bennett United States No
Leanne Benjamin Leanne Benjamin 1964 Australia No
Svetlana Beriosova Svetlana Beriosova 1932 1998 Lithuania No
Natalia Bessmertnova Natalia Bessmertnova 1941 2008 Russia No
Amalia Brugnole Amalia Brugnole 1802 1892 Italy No
Deborah Bull Deborah Bull 1963 United Kingdom No
Norodom Buppha Devi Norodom Buppha Devi 1943 Cambodia No
Darcey Bussell Darcey Bussell 1969 United Kingdom No
Elisa Carrillo Cabrera Elisa Carrillo 1981 Mexico Yes
Fanny Cerrito Fanny Cerrito 1817 1909 Italy No
Yvette Chauviré Yvette Chauviré 1917 France No
Ludmilla Chiriaeff Ludmilla Chiriaeff 1924 1996 Canada No
Yvonne Chouteau Yvonne Chouteau 1929 United States of America No
Alina Cojocaru Alina Cojocaru 1981 Romania Yes
Alexandra Danilova Alexandra Danilova 1903 1997 Russia No
Natalia Dudinskaya Natalia Dudinskaya 1912 2003 Russia No
Aurélie Dupont Aurélie Dupont 1973 France No
Viviana Durante Viviana Durante 1967 Italy No
Marina Eglevsky Marina Eglevsky United States of America No
Lubov Egorova Lubov Egorova 1880 1972 Russia No
Fanny Elssler Fanny Elssler 1810 1884 Austria No
Suzanne Farrell Suzanne Farrell 1945 United States of America No
Norma Fontenla Norma Fontenla 1930 1971 Argentina No
Carla Fracci Carla Fracci 1936 Italy No
Mara Galeazzi Mara Galeazzi 1973 Italy No
Rosina Galli Rosina Galli 1892 1940 Italy No
Yekaterina Geltzer Yekaterina Geltzer 1876 1962 Russia No
Marie-Agnès Gillot Marie-Agnès Gillot 1975 France No
Beryl Goldwyn Beryl Goldwyn 1930 United Kingdom No
Kathleen Gorham Kathleen Gorham 1928 1983 Australia No
Diana Gould Diana Gould 1912 2003 United Kingdom No
Lucile Grahn Lucile Grahn 1819 1907 Denmark No
Cynthia Gregory Cynthia Gregory 1946 United States of America No
Beryl Grey Beryl Grey 1927 United Kingdom No
Carlotta Grisi Carlotta Grisi 1819 1899 Italy No
Sylvie Guillem Sylvie Guillem 1965 France No
Evelyn Hart Evelyn Hart 1956 Canada No
Marcia Haydée Marcia Haydée 1937 Brazil No
Paloma Herrera Paloma Herrera 1975 Argentina Yes
Rosella Hightower Rosella Hightower 1920 2008 United States of America No
Avdotia Istomina Avdotia Istomina 1799 1848 Russia No
Rowena Jackson Rowena Jackson 1926 New Zealand No
Anna Johansson Anna Johansson 1860 1917 Russia No
Karen Kain Karen Kain 1951 Canada No
Nina Kaptsova Nina Kaptsova 1978 Russia Yes
Tamara Karsavina Tamara Karsavina 1885 1978 Russia No
Allegra Kent Allegra Kent 1937 United States of America No
Julie Kent Julie Kent 1969 United States of America No
Ji-Young Kim Ji-Young Kim 1978 South Korea Yes
Gelsey Kirkland Gelsey Kirkland 1952 United States of America No
Daria Klimentová Daria Klimentová 1971 Czechoslovakia No
Irina Kolpakova Irina Kolpakova 1933 Russia No
Maria Kowroski Maria Kowroski 1976 United States of America Yes
Ninel Kurgapkina Ninel Kurgapkina 1929 2009 Russia No
Doris Laine[1] Doris Laine 1931 Finland Yes
Margot Lander Margot Lander 1910 1961 Denmark No
Maryon Lane Maryon Lane 1931 2008 South Africa No
Moscelyne Larkin Moscelyne Larkin 1925 2012 United States of America No
Tanaquil LeClercq Tanaquil LeClercq 1929 2000 France No
Olga Lepeshinskaya Olga Lepeshinskaya 1916 2008 Russia No
Agnes Letestu Agnes Letestu 1971 France No
Larissa Lezhnina Larissa Lezhnina 1969 Russia Yes
Emma Livry Emma Livry 1842 1863 France No
Ulyana Lopatkina Ulyana Lopatkina 1973 Ukraine Yes
Lydia Lopokova Lydia Lopokova 1892 1981 Russia No
Lauren Lovette Lauren Lovette 1993 United States of America Yes
Lisa Macuja-Elizalde Lisa Macuja-Elizalde 1964 Philippines Yes
Natalia Magnicaballi Natalia Magnicaballi Argentina Yes
Natalia Makarova Natalia Makarova 1940 Russia No
Tatiana Mamaki Tatiana Mamaki 1921 2007 Greece No
Andrée Marlière Andrée Marlière 1934 2008 Belgium No
Nikola Márová Nikola Márová 1980 Czechoslovakia Yes
Monica Mason Monica Mason 1941 South Africa No
Ekaterina Maximova Ekaterina Maximova 1939 2009 Russia No
Patricia McBride Patricia McBride 1942 United States of America No
Sara Mearns Sara Mearns 1986 United States of America Yes
Magali Messac Magali Messac 1952 France No
Varvara P. Mey Varvara P. Mey 1912 1995 Russia No
Galina Mezentseva Galina Mezentseva 1952 Russia No
Yvonne Mounsey Yvonne Mounsey 1919 2012 South Africa No
Gillian Murphy Gillian Murphy 1979 United Kingdom Yes[2]
Nadia Nerina Nadia Nerina 1927 2008 South Africa No
Bronislava Nijinska Bronislava Nijinska 1891 1972 Poland No
Irma Nioradze Irma Nioradze 1969 Georgia Yes
Nathalie Nordquist Nathalie Nordquist 1979 Sweden Yes
Marianela Núñez Marianela Núñez 1982 Argentina Yes[3]
Evgenia Obraztsova Evgenia Obraztsova 1984 Russia Yes
Alla Osipenko Alla Osipenko 1932 Russia No
Natalia Osipova Natalia Osipova 1986 Russia Yes
Annette Page Annette Page 1932 United Kingdom No
Ludmila Pagliero Ludmila Pagliero 1983 Argentina Yes
Merle Park Merle Park 1937 Zimbabwe No
Anna Pavlova Anna Pavlova 1881 1931 Russia No
Nadezhda Pavlova Nadezhda Pavlova 1956 Russia No
Ana Pavlovic[4] Ana Pavlovic 1973 Serbia Yes
Tiler Peck Tiler Peck 1989 United States of America Yes
Marie-Claude Pietragalla Marie-Claude Pietragalla 1963 France No
Élisabeth Platel Élisabeth Platel 1959 France No
Olga Preobrajenska Olga Preobrajenska 1871 1962 Russia No
Ellen Price Ellen Price 1878 1968 Denmark No
Roma Pryma-Bohachevsky Roma Pryma-Bohachevsky 1927 2004 Ukraine No
Marie Rambert Marie Rambert 1888 1982 Poland No
Tatiana Riabouchinska Tatiana Riabouchinska 1917 2000 Russia No
Tamara Rojo Tamara Rojo 1974 Spain Yes
Ida Rubinstein Ida Rubinstein 1883 1960 Russia No
Ekaterina Sankovskaya Ekaterina Sankovskaya 1816 1878 Russia No
Luciana Savignano Luciana Savignano 1943 Italy No
Ludmila Semenyaka Ludmila Semenyaka 1952 Russia No
Polina Semionova Polina Semionova 1984 Russia Yes
Marina Semyonova Marina Semyonova 1908 2010 Russia No
Lynn Seymour Lynn Seymour 1939 Canada No
Moira Shearer Moira Shearer 1926 2006 United Kingdom No
Antoinette Sibley Antoinette Sibley 1939 United Kingdom No
Alla Sizova Alla Sizova 1939 2014 Russia No
Mia Slavenska Mia Slavenska 1916 2002 United States of America No
Alina Somova Alina Somova 1985 Russia Yes
Olga Spessivtseva Olga Spessivtseva 1895 1991 Russia No
Ninette de Valois Edris Stannus 1898 2001 Ireland No
Tatiana Stepanova Tatiana Stepanova 1962 Ukraine No
Mariia Surovshchikova-Petipa Mariia Surovshchikova-Petipa 1836 1882 Russia No
Marie Taglioni Marie Taglioni 1804 1884 Sweden No
Maria Tallchief Maria Tallchief 1925 2013 United States of America No
Marjorie Tallchief Marjorie Tallchief 1926 United States of America No
Yuanyuan Tan Yuanyuan Tan 1977 China Yes
Ludmilla Tchérina Ludmilla Tchérina 1924 2004 France No
Veronica Tennant Veronica Tennant 1946 United Kingdom No
Ghislaine Thesmar Ghislaine Thesmar 1943 China No
Tamara Toumanova Tamara Toumanova 1919 1996 Russia No
Vera Trefilova Vera Trefilova 1875 1943 Russia No
Viengsay Valdés Viengsay Valdés 1976 Cuba Yes
Ambra Vallo Ambra Vallo Italy Yes
Ekaterina Vazem Ekaterina Vazem 1848 1937 Russia No
Noralma Vera Arrata Noralma Vera Arrata 1936 Ecuador No
Violette Verdy Violette Verdy 1933 France No
Diana Vishneva Diana Vishneva 1976 Russia Yes[5]
Jocelyn Vollmar Jocelyn Vollmar 1925 United States of America No
Anastasia Volochkova Anastasia Volochkova 1976 Russia Yes
Qimin Wang Qimin Wang 1981 China Yes
Doreen Wells Doreen Wells 1937 United Kingdom No
Wendy Whelan Wendy Whelan 1967 United States of America No
Belinda Wright Belinda Wright 1929 2007 United Kingdom No
Zenaida Yanowsky Zenaida Yanowsky 1975 France Yes
Miyako Yoshida Miyako Yoshida 1965 Japan No
Svetlana Zakharova[6] Svetlana Zakharova 1979 Ukraine Yes
Pauline Derie Pauline Derie 1996 Belgium Yes

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