List of post-nominal letters

Post-nominal letters are letters placed after the name of a person to indicate that the individual holds a position, office, or honour.

An individual may use several different sets of post-nominal letters. Honours are listed first in descending order of precedence, followed by degrees and memberships of learned societies in ascending order.

Some obsolete positions are not listed unless recipients who continue to use the post-nominals even after the order becomes obsolete are still living.

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Post-nominal letters of the Federal Authority and Federal Territories:

Post-nominal letters of sultanates:

Post-nominal letters of non-sultanal states:



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The Order of Saint Lucia comprises seven classes:

  • Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Lucia (GCSL)
  • Saint Lucia Cross (SLC)
  • Saint Lucia Medal of Honour (SLMH)
  • Saint Lucia Medal of Merit (SLMM)
  • Saint Lucia Les Pitons Medal (SLPM)
  • National Service Cross (NSC)
  • National Service Medal(NSM)

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The following are abbreviations, but in Sweden rather used as prenominals, after the professional title in definite form followed by comma and before the full name.

  • Royal Order of the Seraphim
    • RoKavKMO/LoKavKMO - Knight/Member (of the cloth) and Commander of His Majesty's Orders (=Knight/Member (of the cloth) of the Order of Seraphim and Commander Grand Cross or Commander 1st Class of one of the orders Sword, Polar Star or Vasa, i.e. Swedish citizens)
    • RSerafO/LSerafO - Knight/Member (of the cloth) of the Royal Order of the Seraphim (=have only received the Order of the Seraphim, i.e. foreign heads of state)
  • Order of Sword:
    • Commander Grand Cross (KmstkSO)
    • Knight Grand Cross 1st Class (RmstkSO1kl) (special class, in wartimes only)
    • Knight Grand Cross 2nd Class (RmstkSO2kl) (special class, in wartimes only)
    • Commander 1st Class (KSO1kl)
    • Commander 2nd Class (KSO2kl)
    • Knight 1st Class (RSO1kl)
    • Knight (RSO)
    • Cross of Merit (Svm)
  • Order of the Polar Star:
    • Commander Grand Cross (KmstkNO)
    • Commander 1st Class (KNO1kl)
    • Commander 2nd Class (KNO2kl)
    • Knight/Member (of the cloth) 1st Class (RNO1kl/LNO1kl)
    • Knight/Member (RNO/LNO)
  • Order of Vasa:
    • Commander Grand Cross (KmstkVO)
    • Commander 1st Class (KVO1kl)
    • Commander 2nd Class (KVO2kl)
    • Knight/Member 1st Class (RVO1kl/LVO1kl)
    • Knight/Member (RVO/LVO)
    • Cross of Merit (Vt)
  • Order of Charles XIII:
    • Knight (RCXIII:sO) (insignia and rank as Commander 1st Class)
  • Order of St. John in Sweden:
    • Knight of Justice (R-RJohO)
    • Knight (RJohO)
  • the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences:
    • Fellow (LVA)


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