List of companies of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east. With a territory of 110,994 square kilometres (42,855 sq mi), Bulgaria is Europe's 16th-largest country. Bulgaria's population of 7.4 million people is predominantly urbanised and mainly concentrated in the administrative centres of its 28 provinces. Most commercial and cultural activities are centred on the capital and largest city, Sofia. The strongest sectors of the economy are heavy industry, power engineering, and agriculture, all of which rely on local natural resources.

Location of Bulgaria

For further information on the types of business entities in this country and their abbreviations, see "Business entities in Bulgaria".

Notable firmsEdit

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Air VIA Consumer services Airlines Sofia 1990 Charter airline
Ariana Brewery Consumer goods Brewers Sofia 1884 Brewery, defunct 2004
Armimex Industrials Defense Sofia 1992 Arms and weaponry export, defunct 2003
Arsenal AD Industrials Defense Kazanlak 1878 Military equipment manufacture
Asarel Medet Basic materials Nonferrous metals Panagyurishte 1964 Copper extraction and processing
Astika Brewery Consumer goods Brewers Pazardzhik 1980 Brewery Consumer services Broadline retailers Sofia 2007 Online shopping, defunct 2013
Balkanstroy Industrials Construction & materials Sofia 1994 Engineering and construction
Balkantourist Consumer services Travel & tourism Sofia 1948 Travel services
Balkanton Consumer services Record label Sofia 1952 Record label
BH Air Consumer services Airlines Sofia 2001 Passenger air transport
Black Sea Studios Technology Software Sofia 2001 Video and computer games development, defunct 2016
Blizoo Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Sofia 2010 Cable operator
Bulgaria Air Consumer services Airlines Sofia 2002 Passenger and freight air transport
Bulgarian Agricultural and Commercial Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1969 Former state bank, rejoined central bank in 1971
Bulgarian Air Charter Consumer services Airlines Sofia 2000 Charter airline
Bulgarian Development Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1999 Commercial bank
Bulgarian Energy Holding Oil & gas Exploration & production Sofia 2008 Energy, gas and nuclear power
Bulgarian National Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1879 Central bank
Bulgarian Postbank Financials Banks Sofia 1991 Universal bank
Bulgarian Posts Industrials Delivery services Sofia 1879 Postal and courier services
Bulgarian State Railways Industrials Railroads Sofia 1885 Passenger and freight rail transport
Bulgartabac Consumer goods Tobacco Sofia 1947 Tobacco holding firm
Cargoair Industrials Delivery services Sofia 2007 Cargo airline
Central Cooperative Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1991 Universal commercial bank
Chimimport Conglomerates - Sofia 1947 Chemicals, oil & gas, financials
Corecom Consumer services Specialty retailers Sofia 1960 Hard-currency retail
Cumerio Med Basic materials Nonferrous metals Pirdop 1932 Copper smelting
Diema Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Sofia 1999 Television
DSK Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1951 Bank, part of OTP Bank (Hungary)
DZI Financials Full line insurance Sofia 1946 Insurance
Economedia Consumer services Publishing Sofia[1] 1993[1] Media and publishing
Egmont Bulgaria Consumer services Publishing Sofia 1991 Publisher, part of Egmont Group (Denmark)
Era Consumer services Publishing Sofia 1996 Publisher
Eurofootball Consumer services Gambling Sofia 1990 Sports betting and bookmaking
Fantastico Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Sofia 1991 Supermarket
First Investment Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1993 Banking
Girdap Financials Banks Ruse 1881 Private bank, defunct 1925
Haemimont Games Technology Software Sofia 1997 Video and computer games development
Heli Air Services Consumer services Airlines Sofia 1990 Charter airline
Hotel Rodina Consumer services Hotels Sofia 1979 Hotel
HVB Bank Biochim Financials Banks Sofia 1986 Bank, defunct 2007
Kamenitza Consumer goods Brewers Plovdiv 1881 Brewery
Karlsberg Bulgaria AD Consumer goods Brewers Shumen 2002 Brewery
Kino Nova Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Sofia 2011 movie channel
Kintex Industrials Defense Sofia 1966 Arms and weaponry export
Kremikovtzi AD Basic materials Iron & steel Sofia 1963 Metal and steelworks
M3 Communications Group, Inc Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Sofia 1994 Media consulting
Maxeurope Consumer goods Recreational products Plovdiv 1996 Bicycles
Mtel (Mobiltel) Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Sofia 1994 Mobile phones, part of Telekom Austria
Multigroup Conglomerates - Sofia 1989[2]
Navibulgar Industrials Marine transportation Varna 1892 Shipping company
LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas Oil & gas Exploration & production Burgas 1961[3] Refining, petrochemicals, part of Lukoil (Russia)
NEK EAD Utilities Conventional electricity Sofia 1991 Energy distribution
Neterra Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Sofia 1996 IPTV and satellite broadcasting
Nimero Technology Software Sofia 2009 Information technology
Ontotext Technology Software Sofia 2000 Software development
Overgas Oil & gas Pipelines Sofia 1991 Gas distribution
Petrol AD Oil & gas Pipelines Sofia 1932 Oil distribution
Pirinsko Pivo Consumer goods Brewers Blagoevgrad 1969 Brewery
Prista Oil Basic materials Specialty chemicals Ruse 1993 Motor oils and industrial lubricants
Prosveta Publishing House Consumer services Publishing Sofia 1945 Publishing
Raiffeisen Bulgaria Financials Banks Sofia 1994 Universal bank
Sofia Mel Consumer goods Food products Sofia 1986[4] Bread
Sucreries Raffineries Bulgares Consumer goods Food products Sofia 1897 Sugar refinery, defunct 1916
Technomarket Consumer services Consumer electronics Sofia[5] 1992 Retail, consumer electronics
Telenor Bulgaria Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Sofia 2001 Mobile network, part of Telenor (Norway)
TEREM Industrials Defense Sofia 1963[6] Arms and weaponry manufacture
Texim Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1992 Private bank
UniCredit Bulbank Financials Banks Sofia 1964 Bank
Unionbank Financials Banks Sofia 1991 Retail and commercial bank
United Bulgarian Bank Financials Banks Sofia 1992 Commercial bank
Varna shipyard Industrials Shipbuilding Varna 1907 Shipyard
Vitta Foods Consumer goods Food products Svilengrad 2006 Frozen food and pastries
Vivacom Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Sofia 1992 Telecom
VRZ Karlovo Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Karlovo 1964 Railway cars and equipment

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