List of active separatist movements in South America

This is a list of currently active separatist movements in South America. Separatism includes autonomism and secessionism. What is and is not considered an autonomist or secessionist movement is sometimes contentious. Entries on this list must meet three criteria:

  1. They are active movements with living, active members.
  2. They are seeking greater autonomy or self-determination for a geographic region.
  3. They are citizens/peoples of the conflict area and not from another country.

Under each region listed is one or more of the following:






  • Proposed state:   São Paulo
    • Pressure Groups: Free São Paulo (São Paulo Livre), Movimento República de São Paulo, Movimento São Paulo Independente.
    • Proposition: To separate the São Paulo state from Brazil, creating the Republic of São Paulo. To organize and promote free debate and studies on the degree of autonomy of the State of São Paulo in the Brazilian federation and the current model of federalism in Brazil, as well as on the implementation of a new model of the Confederate States, and discuss foster actions aimed at bringing the public discussion of the federation, to foster growth stock elements of the typical culture of São Paulo, to organize debates and events on the political representation of the State of São Paulo in the current model of federation, among other actions.[2]
  • Proposed state:   Sul



  • Proposed state:   San Andrés y Providencia
    • Pressure groups: Archipielago Movement For Ethnic Native Self Determination (AMEN-SD)[3]
    • Proposition: Self determination for the Raizal people.



Autonomous or Secessionist movements


  • Proposed state:   Zulia
    • Pressure groups: Rumbo Propio
    • Proposition: A high degree of autonomy for the Zulia State. Considered as a secessionist group by Venezuelan government.[4]

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