List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 109

This is a list of cases reported in volume 109 of United States Reports, decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1883 and 1884.

Supreme Court of the United States
38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W / 38.89056°N 77.00444°W / 38.89056; -77.00444
EstablishedMarch 4, 1789; 235 years ago (1789-03-04)
LocationWashington, D.C.
Coordinates38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W / 38.89056°N 77.00444°W / 38.89056; -77.00444
Composition methodPresidential nomination with Senate confirmation
Authorized byConstitution of the United States, Art. III, § 1
Judge term lengthlife tenure, subject to impeachment and removal
Number of positions9 (by statute)

Justices of the Supreme Court at the time of volume 109 U.S. edit

The Supreme Court is established by Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States, which says: "The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court . . .". The size of the Court is not specified; the Constitution leaves it to Congress to set the number of justices. Under the Judiciary Act of 1789 Congress originally fixed the number of justices at six (one chief justice and five associate justices).[1] Since 1789 Congress has varied the size of the Court from six to seven, nine, ten, and back to nine justices (always including one chief justice).

When the cases in volume 109 U.S. were decided the Court comprised the following nine members:

Portrait Justice Office Home State Succeeded Date confirmed by the Senate
Tenure on Supreme Court
  Morrison Waite Chief Justice Ohio Salmon P. Chase January 21, 1874
March 4, 1874

March 23, 1888
  Samuel Freeman Miller Associate Justice Iowa Peter Vivian Daniel July 16, 1862
July 21, 1862

October 13, 1890
  Stephen Johnson Field Associate Justice California newly-created seat March 10, 1863
May 10, 1863

December 1, 1897
  Joseph P. Bradley Associate Justice New Jersey newly-created seat March 21, 1870
March 23, 1870

January 22, 1892
  John Marshall Harlan Associate Justice Kentucky David Davis November 29, 1877
December 10, 1877

October 14, 1911
  William Burnham Woods Associate Justice Georgia William Strong December 21, 1880
January 5, 1881

May 14, 1887
  Stanley Matthews Associate Justice Ohio Noah Haynes Swayne May 12, 1881
May 17, 1881

March 22, 1889
  Horace Gray Associate Justice Massachusetts Nathan Clifford December 20, 1881
January 9, 1882

September 15, 1902
  Samuel Blatchford Associate Justice New York Ward Hunt March 22, 1882
April 3, 1882

July 7, 1893

Notable Cases in 109 U.S. edit

Civil Rights Cases edit

The Civil Rights Cases, 3 (1883), were a group of five cases in which the Supreme Court held that the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments did not empower Congress to outlaw racial discrimination by private individuals. The holding regarding the 13th Amendment was overturned by the Court in the 1968 case Jones v. Alfred H. Mayer Co. The holding regarding the 14th Amendment not applying to private entities is still valid precedent, but in the 1964 case Heart of Atlanta Motel, Inc. v. United States, the Supreme Court held that Congress could prohibit racial discrimination by private actors via another part of the Constitution, the Commerce Clause.

The only dissenting justice in the Civil Rights Cases, John Marshall Harlan, correctly predicted the decision's negative long-term consequences: it put an end to the attempts by Radical Republicans to ensure the civil rights of blacks, and triggered widespread segregation in housing, employment, and public life that confined them to second-class citizenship throughout much of the United States until the passage of civil rights legislation in the 1960s in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement.

Chief Crow Dog

Ex Parte Crow Dog edit

Ex parte Crow Dog, 556 (1883), was a Supreme Court decision that followed the death of one member of a Native American tribe at the hands of another on reservation land. Crow Dog was a member of the Brulé band of the Lakota Sioux. On August 5, 1881 he shot and killed Spotted Tail, a Lakota chief. The tribal council dealt with the incident according to Sioux tradition, and Crow Dog paid restitution to the dead man's family. However, the U.S. authorities then prosecuted Crow Dog for murder in a federal court. He was found guilty and sentenced to hang. He petitioned the Supreme Court for a writ of habeas corpus, arguing that the federal court had no jurisdiction to try cases when the offense had already been tried by the tribal council. The Court found in his favor and Crow Dog was released. The case led to the Major Crimes Act in 1885, which placed some major crimes (initially seven, now 15) under federal jurisdiction if committed by a Native American against another Native American on a reservation or on tribal land.

Citation style edit

Under the Judiciary Act of 1789 the federal court structure at the time comprised District Courts, which had general trial jurisdiction; Circuit Courts, which had mixed trial and appellate (from the US District Courts) jurisdiction; and the United States Supreme Court, which had appellate jurisdiction over the federal District and Circuit courts—and for certain issues over state courts. The Supreme Court also had limited original jurisdiction (i.e., in which cases could be filed directly with the Supreme Court without first having been heard by a lower federal or state court). There were one or more federal District Courts and/or Circuit Courts in each state, territory, or other geographical region.

Bluebook citation style is used for case names, citations, and jurisdictions.

List of cases in volume 109 U.S. edit

Case Name Page and year Opinion of the Court Concurring opinion(s) Dissenting opinion(s) Lower Court Disposition
Osborne v. Adams County 1 (1883) Harlan none none C.C.D. Neb. rehearing denied
Civil Rights Cases 3 (1883) Bradley none Harlan C.C.D. Kan. certification
Poindexter v. Greenhow 63 (1883) Waite none none Va. Hustings Ct. advancement denied
United States v. Hamilton 63 (1883) Bradley none none C.C.M.D. Tenn. dismissed
United States v. Gale 65 (1883) Bradley none none C.C.N.D. Fla. certification
Steever v. Rickman 74 (1883) Waite none none not indicated conditional dismissal
Oliver, F. and Company v. Rumford Chemical Works 75 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.W.D. Tenn. reversed
Porter v. Lazear 84 (1883) Gray none none Pa. affirmed
Laver v. Dennett 90 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.D. Cal. affirmed
King v. Gallun 99 (1883) Woods none none C.C.E.D. Wis. affirmed
Hewitt v. Campbell 103 (1883) Harlan none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Green (sic) County v. Conness 104 (1883) Bradley none none C.C.W.D. Mo. affirmed
Haskins v. St. Louis and Southeastern Railway 106 (1883) Waite none none C.C.M.D. Tenn. dismissed
City of Opelika v. Daniel 108 (1883) Waite none none C.C.M.D. Ala. dismissed
The Tornado 110 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.D. La. affirmed
Double Pointed Tack Company v. Two Rivers Manufacturing Company 117 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.E.D. Wis. affirmed
Manhattan Life Insurance Company v. Broughton 121 (1883) Gray none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
Newman v. Arthur 132 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
Arthur v. Pastor 139 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
United States v. Fisher 143 (1883) Woods none none Ct. Cl. reversed
United States v. Mitchell 146 (1883) Woods none none Ct. Cl. reversed
Hovey v. McDonald 150 (1883) Bradley none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Louis v. Brown Township 162 (1883) Miller none none C.C.N.D. Ohio affirmed
Indiana Southern Railroad Company v. Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Company 168 (1883) Waite none none C.C.D. Ind. affirmed
Guion v. Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Company 173 (1883) Waite none none C.C.D. Ind. dismissed
Ex parte Pennsylvania 174 (1883) Waite none none E.D. Pa. prohibition denied
Hunt v. Oliver 177 (1883) Waite none none C.C.E.D. Mich. supersedeas granted
Evans v. Brown 180 (1883) Waite none none C.C.E.D. Nev. affirmed
Winthrop Iron Company v. Meeker 180 (1883) Waite none none C.C.W.D. Mich. dismissal denied
Retzer v. Wood 185 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. reversed
Snyder v. Marks 189 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.D. La. affirmed
Cragin v. Lovell 194 (1883) Gray none none C.C.D. La. reversed
United States v. Gibbons 200 (1883) Matthews none none Ct. Cl. affirmed
Booth v. Tiernan 205 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
New Orleans National Banking Association v. Adams and Company 211 (1883) Woods none none C.C.D. La. affirmed
Matthews v. Densmore 216 (1883) Miller none none Mich. reversed
City of New Orleans v. Louisville and Nashville Railroad 221 (1883) Waite none none C.C.E.D. La. affirmed
Knox County v. United States ex rel. Harshman 229 (1883) Waite none none C.C.E.D. Mo. affirmed
Ex parte Mead 230 (1883) Waite none none not indicated mandamus denied
Alabama Gold Life Insurance Company v. Nichols 232 (1883) Waite none none C.C.E.D. Tex. dismissed
Lamar v. McCay 235 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. reversed
Arnson v. Murphy 238 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. reversed
Louisville and Nashville Railroad v. Palmes 244 (1883) Matthews none none Fla. affirmed
United States ex rel. Wilson v. Walker 258 (1883) Woods none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Meath v. Levee Commissioners of Mississippi 268 (1883) Woods none none C.C.S.D. Miss. affirmed
Monongahela National Bank v. Jacobus 275 (1883) Harlan none none C.C.W.D. Pa. affirmed
W. R. Grace and Company v. American Central Insurance Company 278 (1883) Harlan none none C.C.E.D.N.Y. reversed
Louisiana ex rel. Folsom v. City of New Orleans 285 (1883) Field Bradley Harlan La. affirmed
Walsh v. Preston 297 (1883) Miller none Harlan C.C.W.D. Tex. reversed
Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad Company v. Des Moines Valley Railroad Company 329 (1883) Waite none none Iowa affirmed
Keyes v. United States 336 (1883) Blatchford none none Ct. Cl. affirmed
Bernards Township v. Stebbins 341 (1883) Gray none none C.C.D.N.J. reversed
Warner v. Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company 357 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
Flash v. Conn 371 (1883) Woods none none C.C.N.D. Fla. reversed
Terre Haute and Indiana Railway Company v. Struble 381 (1883) Harlan none none C.C.E.D. Mo. affirmed
Miller v. City of New York 385 (1883) Field none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
Memphis Gas Light Co v. Shelby County 398 (1883) Miller none none Tenn. affirmed
Gilfillan v. Union Canal Company 401 (1883) Waite none none Pa. affirmed
J.A. Fay and Company v. Cordesman 408 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.S.D. Ohio affirmed
Feibelman v. Packard 421 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.D. La. affirmed
Smith v. McNeal 426 (1883) Woods none none C.C.W.D. Tenn. reversed
Bailey v. United States 432 (1883) Harlan none none Ct. Cl. affirmed
Jackson v. Roby 440 (1883) Field none none C.C.D. Colo. affirmed
Cunningham v. Macon and Brunswick Railroad Company 446 (1883) Miller none Harlan C.C.S.D. Ga. affirmed
J. Leroux and Company v. Hudson 468 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.E.D. Mich. reversed
Schott v. Hudson 477 (1883) Blatchford none none C.C.E.D. Mich. reversed
Randall v. Baltimore and O. Railroad Company 478 (1883) Gray none none C.C.D.W. Va. affirmed
Ellis v. Davis 485 (1883) Matthews none none C.C.D. La. affirmed
Townsend v. Little 504 (1883) Woods none none Sup. Ct. Terr. Utah affirmed
United States v. Jones 513 (1883) Field none none Wis. affirmed
Thomas v. Brownville, Fort Kearney and Pacific Railroad Company 522 (1883) Miller none none C.C.D. Neb. reversed
Canada Southern Railway Company v. Gebhard 527 (1883) Waite none Harlan C.C.S.D.N.Y. reversed
Sullivan v. Iron Silver Mining Company 550 (1883) Gray none none C.C.D. Colo. reversed
Ex parte Crow Dog 556 (1883) Matthews none none D. Terr. Dakota habeas corpus granted
Young v. Duvall 573 (1883) Harlan none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Providence and New York Steamship Company v. Hill Manufacturing Company 578 (1883) Bradley none Field Mass. reversed
Robertson v. Pickrell 608 (1883) Field none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Sweeney v. United States 618 (1884) Waite none none Ct. Cl. affirmed
Cherokee County v. Wilson 621 (1884) Waite none none C.C.D. Kan. affirmed
Salamanca Township v. Wilson 627 (1884) Waite none none C.C.D. Kan. affirmed
Ex parte Boyer 629 (1884) Blatchford none none N.D. Ill. prohibition denied
Estey v. Burdett 633 (1884) Blatchford none none C.C.D. Vt. reversed
Clements v. Odorless Excavating Apparatus Company 641 (1884) Blatchford none none C.C.D. Md. reversed
Albright v. Emery 650 (1884) Blatchford none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Winchester and Partridge Manufacturing Company v. Funge 651 (1884) Blatchford none none Sup. Ct. Terr. Utah reversed
Wyman v. Halstead 654 (1884) Gray none none Sup. Ct. D.C. reversed
Bachman v. Lawson 659 (1884) Gray none none N.Y. Super. Ct. affirmed
Bendey v. Townsend 665 (1884) Gray none none C.C.W.D. Mich. reversed
Smith v. Greenhow 669 (1884) Matthews none none C.C.E.D. Va. reversed
Potomac Steamboat Company v. Upper Potomac Steamboat Company 672 (1884) Matthews none Miller Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Chicago and Alton Railroad Company v. Union Rolling Mill Company 702 (1884) Woods none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
Howard v. Carusi 725 (1884) Woods none none Sup. Ct. D.C. affirmed
Sherman County v. Simons 735 (1884) Woods none none C.C.D. Neb. affirmed

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