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List of Speakers of the Michigan House of Representatives

This is a complete list of the Speakers of the Michigan House of Representatives. Elected by the Members of the House, the Speaker is the presiding officer of that body. In addition to duties as chair, the adopted rules of the House of Representatives specify other powers and duties of the post. The Speaker is currently elected for a two-year term in the odd-numbered years in which the Legislature convenes.[1]

Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives
Chatfield testimony.jpg
Lee Chatfield

since January 9, 2019
StyleThe Honorable
AppointerElected by the Michigan House of Representatives
Inaugural holderEzra Convis

Several Speakers have gone on to pursue and achieve higher office, including as a member of Congress or as Governor of Michigan.

Representative County of residence District Session years
Ezra Convis Calhoun Calhoun 1835–1836
Charles W. Whipple Wayne Wayne 1837
Kinsley S. Bingham Livingston Livingston 1838–1839
Henry Acker Jackson Jackson 1840
Philo C. Fuller[2] Lenawee Lenawee 1841
John Biddle Wayne Wayne 1841
Kinsley S. Bingham Livingston Livingston 1842
Robert McClelland Monroe Monroe 1843
Edwin H. Lothrop Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 1844
Alfred H. Hanscom Oakland Oakland 1845
Isaac E. Crary Calhoun Calhoun 1846
George W. Peck Livingston Livingston 1847
Alexander W. Buel Wayne Wayne 1848
Leander Chapman Jackson Jackson 1849
Silas G. Harris Ottawa Ottawa/Kent 1850
Jefferson G. Thurber Monroe Monroe 1851
Daniel G. Quackenboss Lenawee 1st Lenawee 1853
Cyrus Lovell Ionia Ionia 1855
Byron G. Stout Oakland 1st Oakland 1857–1858
Henry A. Shaw Eaton 1st Eaton 1859
Dexter Mussey Macomb 3rd Macomb 1861–1862
Sullivan M. Cutcheon Washtenaw 1st Washtenaw 1863–1864
Gilbert E. Read Kalamazoo 1st Kalamazoo 1865
P. Dean Warner Oakland 3rd Oakland 1867
Jonathan J. Woodman Van Buren 1st Van Buren 1869–1872
Charles M. Croswell Lenawee 4th Lenawee 1873–1874
John P. Hoyt Tuscola Tuscola 1875
John T. Rich Lapeer 1st Lapeer 1877–1879
Seth C. Moffatt Grand Traverse Gd. Traverse/Wexford 1881–1882
Sumner Howard Genesee 1st Genesee 1883
Newcomb Clark Bay 2nd Bay 1885
Daniel P. Markey Ogemaw Ogemaw 1887
Gerrit J. Diekema Ottawa 1st Ottawa 1889
Philip B. Wachtel Cheboygan Cheboygan 1891–1892
William A. Tateum Kent 1st Kent 1893
William D. Gordon Midland Midland 1895–1898
Edgar J. Adams Kent 1st Kent 1899–1900
John J. Carton Genesee 2nd Genesee 1901–1903
Sheridan F. Master Kalamazoo 1st Kalamazoo 1905
Nicholas J. Whelan Ottawa 1st Ottawa 1907
Colin P. Campbell Kent 3rd Kent 1909
Herbert F. Baker Cheboygan Cheboygan 1911–1912
Gilbert A. Currie Midland Midland 1913
Charles W. Smith Lapeer Lapeer 1915
Wayne R. Rice Newaygo Newaygo 1917
Thomas Read Oceana Oceana 1919
Fred L. Warner Ionia Ionia 1921–1922
George W. Welsh Kent 1st Kent 1923
Fred B. Wells Cass Cass 1925–1926
Lynn C. Gardner Livingston Livingston 1927
Fred R. Ming Cheboygan Cheboygan 1929–1932
Martin R. Bradley Menominee Menominee 1933–1934
George A. Schroeder Wayne 1st Wayne 1935–1938
Howard Nugent Huron Huron 1939–1946
Victor A. Knox Chippewa Chippewa 1947–1952
Wade Van Valkenburg Kalamazoo 1st Kalamazoo 1953–1956
George Van Peursem Ottawa Ottawa 1957–1958
Don R. Pears Berrien 1st Berrien 1959–1962
Allison Green Tuscola Tuscola 1963–1964
Joseph J. Kowalski Wayne 19[3] 1965–1966
Robert E. Waldron Wayne 1 1967–1968
William A. Ryan Wayne 3 1969–1974
Bobby Crim Genesee 82 1975–1982
Gary Owen Washtenaw 22 1983–1988
Lewis N. Dodak Saginaw 86 1989–1992
Curtis Hertel[4] Wayne 2 1993–1994
Paul Hillegonds[4][5] Allegan 88 1993–1996
Curtis Hertel Wayne 2 1997–1998
Charles R. Perricone Kalamazoo 61 1999–2000
Rick Johnson Osceola 102 2001–2004
Craig DeRoche Oakland 38 2005–2006
Andy Dillon Wayne 17 2007–2010
James "Jase" Bolger Calhoun 63 2011–2014
Kevin Cotter Isabella 99 2015–2017
Tom Leonard Clinton 93 2017–2019
Lee Chatfield Emmet 107 2019–present


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  2. ^ Resigned April 3, 1841; succeeded by John Biddle
  3. ^ The Apportionment and Districting Plan of 1964 changed the method of naming legislative districts by counties to a numbering system . Under the previous system, the county was the basis for the district name, and each county, if qualified, had numbered districts within its borders . See Const . 1835, art . 4, §§3, 4; Const . 1850, art . 4, §§3, 4; Const . 1963, art . 4, §3.
  4. ^ a b Elected co-speaker of the house January 13, 1993 . Pursuant to the Standing Rules of the House of Representatives and the Democratic/Republican Leadership Agreement re Organization of the Michigan House of Representatives, both ratified by resolutions adopted January 13, 1993, Democratic and Republican co-speakers were elected by the Michigan House of Representatives and authorized to act as presiding officer of the house during alternating months until the election of a speaker by at least 56 votes or the conclusion of the 87th Legislature on December 31, 1994 . See 1993 Journal of the House (No . 1, January 13, 1993)
  5. ^ Elected Speaker of the House January 11, 1995