List of Shinto shrines in Japan

This is a list of notable Shinto shrines in Japan. There are tens of thousands of shrines in Japan. Shrines with structures that are National Treasures of Japan are covered by the List of National Treasures of Japan (shrines). For Shinto shrines in other countries, scroll down to the See also section.

This list includes all Beppyo shrines and provincial Sōja Shrines and Ichinomiya

Shinto shrines from specific sects or new churches are not included in this list.

Hokkaidō and Tōhoku edit

Hokkaidō edit

Aomori edit

Iwate edit

Miyagi edit

Akita edit

Yamagata edit

Fukushima edit

Kantō edit

Tochigi edit

Ibaraki edit

Gunma edit

Saitama edit

Chiba edit

Tokyo edit

Kanagawa edit

Shin'etsu and Hokuriku edit

Niigata edit

Toyama edit

Ishikawa edit

Fukui edit

Tōkai edit

Yamanashi edit

Nagano edit

Gifu edit

Shizuoka edit

Aichi edit

Kinki edit

Mie edit

Shiga edit

Kyoto edit

Osaka edit

Hyōgo edit

Nara edit

Wakayama edit

Chūgoku edit

Tottori edit

Shimane edit

Okayama edit

Hiroshima edit

Yamaguchi edit

Shikoku edit

Tokushima edit

Kagawa edit

Ehime edit

Kōchi edit

Kyūshū and Okinawa edit

Fukuoka edit

Saga edit

Nagasaki edit

Kumamoto edit

Ōita edit

Miyazaki edit

Kagoshima edit

Okinawa edit

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