List of Roman triumphal arches

This is a list of Roman triumphal arches. Triumphal arches were constructed across the Roman Empire and are an archetypal example of Roman architecture. All currently surviving Roman arches date from the Imperial period (1st century BC onwards). They were preceded by honorific arches set up under the Roman Republic, none of which survive.

Existing archesEdit

Image Name Date Modern city Modern country Ancient name
  Arch of Caracalla 216 216 AD Djémila Algeria Cuicul, Curculum
  Arch of Caracalla 211 211–214 AD Tébessa Algeria Theveste
  Arch of Trajan 150 c. 2nd or 3rd centuries AD Timgad Algeria Marciana Traiana Thamugadi
  Arch of Marcus Aurelius (Markouna) [fr] 150 c. 2nd AD Tazoult Algeria Verecunda
  Heidentor 354 354–361 AD Petronell-Carnuntum Austria Carnuntum
  Arch of the Sergii !9971 29–27 BC Pula Croatia Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola Pollentia Herculanea
  Arch of Campanus 099 1st century AD Aix-les-Bains France Aquae Gratianae
  Porte Noire [fr] 171 c. 171–175 AD Besançon France Vesontio
  Arch of Carpentras 018 18–19 AD Carpentras France Carpentoracte Meminorum, Forum Neronis
  Triumphal Arch of Orange 020 c. 20–27 AD Orange France Colonia Julia Firma Secundanorum Arausio
  Porte de Mars 200 3rd century AD Reims France Durocortorum
  Pont Flavien !9988 c. 12 BC Saint-Chamas France n/a
  Arch of Glanum 010 10–25 AD Saint-Rémy-de-Provence France Glanum
  Arch of Germanicus 018 18–19 AD Saintes France Mediolanum Santonum
  Arch of Hadrian 131 131–132 AD Athens Greece Athína, Athenae
  Arch of Galerius 298 298–299 AD Thessaloniki Greece Thessaloníkē
  Arch of Trajan 113 113 AD Ancona Italy Ancona
  Arch of Augustus !9965 25 BC Aosta Italy Augusta Praetoria Salassorum
  Arch of Mark Antony [it] 113 113 AD Aquino Italy Aquinum
  Arch of Trajan 114 114–117 AD Benevento Italy Maleventum, Beneventum
  Arch of Trajan 109 c. 109 AD Canosa di Puglia Italy Canusium
  Arch of Hadrian 050 c. 1st or 2nd centuries AD Capua Italy Capuae
  Arch of Augustus 009 9 AD Fano Italy Fanum Fortunae
  Triumphal Arch 018 18–19 AD Pompei Italy Pompeii
  Arch of Augustus Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Constantine 312 312–315 AD Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Drusus !9991 9 BC Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Gallienus 262 262 AD Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Janus 300 4th century AD Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Septimius Severus 203 203 AD Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Titus 082 82 AD Rome Italy Roma
  Arch of Drusus 014 14–37 AD Spoleto Italy Spoletium
  Arch of Augustus !9992 8 BC Susa Italy Segusio
  Arco di Riccardo [it] !9967 33 BC Trieste Italy Tergeste, Tergestum
  Arco dei Gavi 050 c. 50 AD Verona Italy Verona
  Arch of Hadrian 129 129–130 AD Jerash Jordan Gerasa
  Triumphal Arch Tyre Lebanon Tyros, Tyrus
Arch of Tiberius 035 35 AD Khoms Libya Leptis Magna
Arch of Trajan 035 109–110 AD Khoms Libya Leptis Magna
  Arch of Septimius Severus 146 146–211 AD Khoms Libya Leptis Magna
  Arch of Marcus Aurelius 165 165 AD Tripoli Libya Oea
  Arch of Caracalla 217 217 AD Volubilis Morocco Volubilis
  Arch of Cabanes 100 c. 2nd century AD Castellón de la Plana Spain n/a
  Arco de Medinaceli !9970 c. 1st century BC Medinaceli Spain Occilis, Okilis
  Arc de Berà !9987 c. 13 BC Roda de Berà Spain n/a
  Latakia Tetraporticus (Arch of Septimius Severus) 183 183 AD Latakia Syria Laodicea ad Mare
  Arch of Alexander Severus 228 228 AD Dougga Tunisia Colonia Licinia Septimia Aurelia Alexandriana Thuggensis
  Arch of Septimius Severus 205 205 AD Dougga Tunisia Colonia Licinia Septimia Aurelia Alexandriana Thuggensis
  Triumphal Arch of the Tetrarchy 300 ~300 AD Sbeitla Tunisia Sufetula
  South Gate Anazarbus Turkey Anazarbos
  Hadrian's Gate 130 2nd century AD Antalya Turkey Attaleia
  Ecce Homo arch 130 2nd century AD Jerusalem Israel Aelia Capitolina

Destroyed archesEdit

Note: MUR stands for the 12th century Mirabilia Urbis Romae

Image Name Date of construction Date destroyed Modern city Modern country Notes Citation
Arch of Arcadius, Honorius and Theodosius 405 405 AD 1362–1370 Rome Italy MUR, p. 10.
  Arch of Augustus !9971 29 BC Rome Italy Some fragments survive
  Arch of Claudius 051 51–52 AD Rome Italy Some fragments survive MUR, p. 12.
Arch of Faustinus 1140 After 12th century Rome Italy MUR, p. 13.
Arch of Gratian, Valentinian and Theodosius 379 379–383 AD 1300 c. 13th century Rome Italy MUR, p. 10.
Arch of Lentulus and Crispinus 100 2nd century AD 1450 15th century Rome Italy
Arch Manus Carnae (Hand of Flesh) 1140 After 12th century Rome Italy MUR, p. 13.
  Arch of Nero 058 58–62 AD 0068 c. 1st century AD Rome Italy
Arcus Novus 293 293–304 AD 1491 1491 Rome Italy Some reliefs survive
Arch of Octavian or Marcus Aurelius 1140 After 12th century Rome Italy MUR, p. 12.
Arch of Octavius !9972 c. 28 BC Rome Italy
Arch Panis Aurei or Aureus (Golden) 1140 After 12th century Rome Italy MUR, p. 13.
Arch of Pietas 1140 After 12th century Rome Italy MUR, p. 13.
  Arch of Portugal [it] 270 c. 3rd century AD 1662 Rome Italy Some reliefs preserved at the Capitoline Museums MUR, p. 10.
Arch of Tiberius 016 16 AD Rome Italy Some foundations still survive
Arch of Titus 081 81 AD 1400 After 15th century Rome Italy Some fragments still survive MUR, p. 11.
  Monumental Arch 200 3rd century AD 2015 October 2015 Palmyra Syria Most of the stonework is still intact
  Arch of Theodosius 393 393 AD 0558 6th–8th centuries Istanbul Turkey Some fragments still survive
Arch at Richborough Castle 043 c. 1st century AD Richborough United Kingdom Foundations and mound still visible


Arch of Germanicus in Castellum Matticorum between 18 and 43 AD Mainz-Kastel Germany

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  • Mirabilia Urbis Romae [Marvels of Rome or a Picture of the Golden City]. Translated by Francis Morgan Nichols. London; Rome: Ellis and Elvey, Spithoever. 1889.