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This is a list of Mazda automobile models. Most Mazda vehicles have a different name for the Japan home market than is used in the rest of the world. Both names are included below, though the (often more consistent) Japanese names are often primary.

Mazda has used a number of different marques in the Japan market, including Autozam, Eunos, and Efini, although they have been phased out. In the early 1990s Mazda almost created a luxury marque, Amati, to challenge Acura, Infiniti, and Lexus in North America, but this never happened, leaving the near-luxury Millenia to the Mazda brand.

Many Mazda vehicles have been rebadged and sold as Fords. Most are noted in the pages of individual vehicles.

Current sports models of Mazda's regular vehicles go by the Mazdaspeed name. Mazdaspeed is Mazda's in-house race and street car tuning arm and is highly involved in both amateur and professional motorsports.


Current productsEdit

This is the current Mazda automobile listing internationally.

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  • CX-3 — subcompact crossover SUV
  • CX-30 — compact crossover SUV
  • CX-4 — compact crossover SUV (China)
  • CX-5 — compact crossover SUV
  • CX-8 — lengthened compact crossover SUV (Japan, Australia, and Malaysia)
  • CX-9 — mid-size SUV

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