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Autozam (オートザム, Ōtozamu) was a marque of Japanese automaker Mazda, specializing in small cars and Kei cars; many of which were rebadged Suzuki models.

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Autozam sign

In the late 1980s, Mazda diversified in the Japanese market with the launch of three new marques. The company created Autozam, Eunos, and ɛ̃fini, in addition to the Mazda and Ford brands already marketed there. This selective marketing experiment was ended in the mid-1990s due to economic conditions, largely attributed to the collapse of the Japanese asset price bubble in 1991. The Autozam dealership channel is still in operation in some Japanese locations, but sell all current Mazda products.

Autozam modelsEdit

The following vehicles were part of the Autozam brand. Those that were rebadged versions are noted in parentheses.

Lancia importsEdit

Autozam locations also briefly sold Lancia products to Japanese buyers. The vehicles sold are listed below. Of the Lancia products sold, only the top level Thema didn't comply with Japanese Government exterior and engine displacement regulations to encourage sales, giving Japanese buyers who visited Autozam locations an alternative to the Autozam Clef, which also exceeded width dimensions.

Lancia modelsEdit