List of MPs elected in the December 1910 United Kingdom general election in Ireland

This is a list of the 103 MPs who were elected for Irish seats at the 1910 United Kingdom general election (December).

Election result (Ireland only)Edit

Graph of Irish UK MPs 1885-1918 in numbers
Party Seats
Irish Parliamentary 73
Irish Unionist 18
All-for-Ireland 8
Independent Nationalist 2
Liberal Unionist 1
Liberal 1

Members by constituencyEdit

Irish Members of the House of Commons
Constituency Name Party
Antrim East James Martin McCalmont Irish Unionist
Antrim Mid Arthur O'Neill Irish Unionist
Antrim North Peter Kerr-Smiley Irish Unionist
Antrim South Charles Curtis Craig Irish Unionist
Armagh Mid John Lonsdale Irish Unionist
Armagh North William Moore Irish Unionist
Armagh South Charles O'Neill Irish Parliamentary
Belfast East Robert James McMordie Irish Unionist
Belfast North Robert Thompson Irish Unionist
Belfast South James Chambers Irish Unionist
Belfast West Joseph Devlin Irish Parliamentary
Carlow County Michael Molloy Irish Parliamentary
Cavan East Samuel Young Irish Parliamentary
Cavan West Vincent Kennedy Irish Parliamentary
Clare East Willie Redmond Irish Parliamentary
Clare West Arthur Alfred Lynch Irish Parliamentary
Cork City Maurice Healy All-for-Ireland
Cork City William O'Brien All-for-Ireland
Cork East Anthony Donelan Irish Parliamentary
Cork Mid D. D. Sheehan All-for-Ireland
Cork North Patrick Guiney All-for-Ireland
Cork North East Moreton Frewen All-for-Ireland
Cork South John P. Walsh All-for-Ireland
Cork South East Eugene Crean All-for-Ireland
Cork West James Gilhooly All-for-Ireland
Donegal East Edward Kelly Irish Parliamentary
Donegal North Philip O'Doherty Irish Parliamentary
Donegal South J. G. Swift MacNeill Irish Parliamentary
Donegal West Hugh Law Irish Parliamentary
Down East James Craig Irish Unionist
Down North William Mitchell-Thomson Irish Unionist
Down South Jeremiah McVeagh Irish Parliamentary
Down West William MacCaw Irish Unionist
Dublin College Green Joseph Nannetti Irish Parliamentary
Dublin County North J. J. Clancy Irish Parliamentary
Dublin County South William Francis Cotton Irish Parliamentary
Dublin Harbour William Abraham Irish Parliamentary
Dublin St Patrick's William Field Irish Parliamentary
Dublin St Stephen's Green P. J. Brady Irish Parliamentary
Dublin University James Campbell Irish Unionist
Dublin University Edward Carson Irish Unionist
Fermanagh North Godfrey Fetherstonhaugh Irish Unionist
Fermanagh South Patrick Crumley Irish Parliamentary
Galway Borough Stephen Gwynn Irish Parliamentary
Galway Connemara William O'Malley Irish Parliamentary
Galway East John Roche Irish Parliamentary
Galway North Richard Hazleton Irish Parliamentary
Galway South William Duffy Irish Parliamentary
Kerry East Timothy O'Sullivan Irish Parliamentary
Kerry North Michael Joseph Flavin Irish Parliamentary
Kerry South John Pius Boland Irish Parliamentary
Kerry West Thomas O'Donnell Irish Parliamentary
Kildare North John O'Connor Irish Parliamentary
Kildare South Denis Kilbride Irish Parliamentary
Kilkenny City Pat O'Brien Irish Parliamentary
Kilkenny North Michael Meagher Irish Parliamentary
Kilkenny South Matthew Keating Irish Parliamentary
Birr Michael Reddy Irish Parliamentary
Tullamore Edmund Haviland-Burke Irish Parliamentary
Leitrim North Francis Meehan Irish Parliamentary
Leitrim South Thomas Francis Smyth Irish Parliamentary
Limerick City Michael Joyce Irish Parliamentary
Limerick East Thomas Lundon Irish Parliamentary
Limerick West Patrick O'Shaughnessy Irish Parliamentary
Londonderry City The Marquess of Hamilton Irish Unionist
Londonderry North Hugh T. Barrie Irish Unionist
Londonderry South John Gordon Liberal Unionist
Longford North James Patrick Farrell Irish Parliamentary
Longford South John Phillips Irish Parliamentary
Louth North Richard Hazleton Irish Parliamentary
Louth South Joseph Nolan Irish Parliamentary
Mayo East John Dillon Irish Parliamentary
Mayo North Daniel Boyle Irish Parliamentary
Mayo South John Fitzgibbon Irish Parliamentary
Mayo West William Doris Irish Parliamentary
Meath North Patrick White Irish Parliamentary
Meath South David Sheehy Irish Parliamentary
Monaghan North James Carrige Rushe Lardner Irish Parliamentary
Monaghan South John McKean Independent Nationalist
Newry John Joseph Mooney Irish Parliamentary
Queen's County Leix Patrick Aloysius Meehan Irish Parliamentary
Queen's County Ossory William Delany Irish Parliamentary
Roscommon North James Joseph O'Kelly Irish Parliamentary
Roscommon South John Patrick Hayden Irish Parliamentary
Sligo North Thomas Scanlan Irish Parliamentary
Sligo South John O'Dowd Irish Parliamentary
Tipperary East Thomas Joseph Condon Irish Parliamentary
Tipperary Mid John Hackett Irish Parliamentary
Tipperary North John Joseph Esmonde Irish Parliamentary
Tipperary South John Cullinan Irish Parliamentary
Tyrone East William Redmond Irish Parliamentary
Tyrone Mid Richard McGhee Irish Parliamentary
Tyrone North Redmond Barry Liberal
Tyrone South Andrew Horner Irish Unionist
Waterford City John Redmond Irish Parliamentary
Waterford East Patrick Joseph Power Irish Parliamentary
Waterford West J. J. O'Shee Irish Parliamentary
Westmeath North Laurence Ginnell Independent Nationalist
Westmeath South Sir Walter Nugent Irish Parliamentary
Wexford North Sir Thomas Esmonde Irish Parliamentary
Wexford South Peter Ffrench Irish Parliamentary
Wicklow East John Muldoon Irish Parliamentary
Wicklow West Edward Peter O'Kelly Irish Parliamentary

Membership changesEdit

Below is a list of seats which changed parties in by-elections held between this general election and the next.

Winner Party Constituency Date Parliament Outgoing Party Reason for vacancy
Augustine Roche IPP North Louth 15 March 1911   Richard Hazleton IPP Void Election
Anthony Donelan IPP East Wicklow 13 July 1911   John Muldoon IPP Resignation
Timothy Healy AFI North East Cork 15 July 1911   Moreton Frewen AFI Resignation ‡‡
John Muldoon IPP East Cork 15 July 1911   Anthony Donelan IPP Void Election
Thomas Russell Lib North Tyrone 6 October 1911   Redmond Barry Lib Appointed
Lord Chancellor
David Hogg Lib Londonderry City 30 January 1913   James Hamilton U Hamilton
succeeds as Duke of Abercorn ‡‡
Martin Joseph Murphy IPP East Waterford 15 February 1913   Patrick Power IPP
Robert McCalmont U East Antrim 19 February 1913   James McCalmont U
Patrick Meehan IPP Queen's County Leix 9 June 1913   Patrick Meehan IPP
John Guiney AFI North Cork 4 November 1913   Patrick Guiney AFI
William O'Brien AFI Cork City 18 February 1914   William O'Brien AFI Resigned to re-contest
Robert Sharman-Crawford U Belfast East 6 April 1914   Robert McMordie U
Richard Hazleton IPP North Galway 21 July 1914   Richard Hazleton IPP Resigned to re-contest
John Donovan IPP West Wicklow 20 August 1914   Edward O'Kelly IPP
Sir James Dougherty Lib Londonderry City 30 November 1914   David Hogg Lib
James Cosgrave IPP East Galway 4 December 1914   John Roche IPP
Edward Graham IPP Tullamore 8 December 1914   Edmund Haviland-Burke IPP
Hugh O'Neill U Mid Antrim 19 February 1915   Arthur O'Neill U
John Nugent IPP Dublin College Green 11 June 1915   Joseph Nannetti IPP
John Esmonde IPP North Tipperary 17 June 1915   John Esmonde IPP
Alfie Byrne IPP Dublin Harbour 1 October 1915   William Abraham IPP
Patrick Whitty IPP North Louth 24 February 1916   Augustine Roche IPP
William Coote U South Tyrone 28 February 1916   Andrew Horner U
James Campbell U Dublin University 25 April 1916   James Campbell U Appointed
John Fitzpatrick IPP Queen's County Ossory 28 April 1916   William Delany IPP
Denis Henry U South Londonderry 22 May 1916   John Gordon U Resignation
Edward Archdale U North Fermanagh 27 October 1916   Godfrey Fetherstonhaugh U Resignation ‡‡
Daniel O'Leary IPP West Cork 15 November 1916   James Gilhooly AFI
George Noble Plunkett SF North Roscommon 3 February 1917   James Joseph O'Kelly IPP
Arthur Samuels U Dublin University 5 February 1917   James Campbell U Appointed
Lord Chief Justice
William Lindsay U South Belfast 9 April 1917   James Chambers U Appointed
Joseph McGuinness SF South Longford 10 May 1917   John Phillips IPP
Michael Hearn IPP South County Dublin 6 July 1917   William Cotton IPP
Éamon de Valera SF East Clare 10 July 1917   Willie Redmond IPP
W. T. Cosgrave SF Kilkenny City 10 August 1917   Pat O'Brien IPP
Arthur Samuels U Dublin University 5 October 1917   Arthur Samuels U Appointed
Sir William Allen U North Armagh 5 October 1917   Sir William Moore U Appointed
Judge of the High Court of Ireland
James Lonsdale U Mid Armagh 23 January 1918   Sir John Lonsdale U Resignation
Patrick Donnelly IPP South Armagh 2 February 1918   Charles O'Neill IPP
William Redmond IPP Waterford City 22 March 1918   John Redmond IPP
Thomas Harbison IPP East Tyrone 3 April 1918   William Redmond IPP Resignation
Patrick McCartan SF Tullamore 19 April 1918   Edward John Graham IPP
Arthur Griffith SF East Cavan 20 June 1918   Samuel Young IPP

Denotes members who Died in Office.

Denotes members who was appointed to the office of the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham.

‡‡Denotes members who was appointed to the office of the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead.