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Liang (Romanization used in China, Chinese: ) is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin. Meaning "a beam", "a bridge", or "an elevation", or "a mast",[1] the surname is often transliterated as Leung (in Hong Kong) or Leong (in Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore) according to its Cantonese and Hakka pronunciation, Neo / Nio / Niu (Hokkien, Teochew, Hainan), or Liong (Foochow). To Indonesia, it is known as Liang or Nio. It is also common in Korea, where it is written Ryang 량 . In Vietnam, it's pronounced as Lương.

Liáng (梁)
Leung Writing.svg
Meaning"a beam", "a bridge", "an elevation", or "a mast"
Other names
Variant form(s)Leung, Leong, Lyang, Nio
Transliteration Regions
Liang China, Indonesia, Malaysia
Leung Hong Kong
Leong Macau, Malaysia, Singapore
Liong Indonesia, Foochow
Neo/Nio/Niu Hokkien, Teochew, Hainan
Yang(양) Korea
Lương Vietnam
Leang Cambodia
Diang(son, zon) Philippines


The first Liang was Liang Kang (梁康)and was conferred the title "Bo" or "伯" (third ranking noble- equivalent to a Count or Earl) who was the ruler of the State of Liang, in what is now Shaanxi Province in the northwestern part of China. He was a younger son of Qin Zhong (秦仲- ancestor to the Qin Duchy and subsequent Qin Dynasty)who was killed in battle against barbarians to the west (西戎)in the service of the Zhou emperor. Liang Kang, amongst the five sons of Qin Zhong requested assistance from the Zhou emperor to retaliate and triumphed. The eldest son inherited the Qin state with the younger son being conferred the State of Liang and became the first Liang- henceforth also known as Liang Bo (梁伯 Count of Liang).

Notable people with the surname 梁Edit


  • Liang, fang zhong ( 梁方仲): economist, his academic publishing’s include: Stastics of households, agricultural taxes of China( from ancient time to Qing dynasty), Agricultural taxes during Ming dynasty
  • Liang, cheng ye ( 梁承鄴): son of Liang, fang zhong, Liang is a botanist
  • Leung,bing wah( 梁炳華),a Hong Kong historian, his publishing include: history and cultural heritage of northern district ( < 北區風物志》, published in 1994 ), heritage of the central and western district ( < 中西區風物志》,published in September 1998 ), heritage of outlying islands ( < 離島區風物志》published one 2007 ), heritage of Sham shut po district ( < 深水埗區風物志》 published one 2011 ) and many others
  • Leong,chun chee ( 梁振慈): executive director of Citibank, Hong Kong, at November 12, 2019, Mr Leong was illegally arrested by Hong Kong police, Mr Leong now raised legal action against Hong Kong police
  • Jack Neo, Chinese name: 梁智強, film director.
  • Lily Neo, Singapore politician.
  • Neo Ao Tiew, businessman, philanthropist and sheriff.
  • Neo Beng Siang, professional basketball coach from Singapore.
  • Alan Leong( Chinese name; 梁家傑), Senior Counsel and former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
  • Andrew Leung, President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
  • Antony Leung, banker and former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong
  • Bryan Leung Hong Kong martial arts actor and director
  • Liang Chen, professional tennis player
  • Liang Cheng, Qing dynasty ambassador to the United States
  • Christine Liang, Taiwanese-born president and founder of ASI Corp., Fremont, California
  • CY Leung The third Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Edmond Leung 梁漢文, Hong Kong Singer, actor and a quarter of Big Four and a finalist of the 8th annual New Talent Singing Awards
  • Edwaard Liang, Taiwanese-born American choreographer, ballet dancer with Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company and former soloist with New York City Ballet
  • Edwin Leong, Hong Kong billionaire businessman
  • Elsie Leung, solicitor and former Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong
  • Leung Foon, Student of Wong Fei-Hung
  • Gigi Leung, Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress
  • Fish Leong, Malaysian-born Mandopop singer
  • Isabella Leong, Hong Kong-based Macanese actress and former singer
  • Katie Leung, Scottish film, television and stage actress
  • Ken Leung, American film and television actor
  • Lawrence Leung, Australian comedian, writer and director
  • Lawrence Liang, Indian legal researcher and lawyer
  • Lei Liang, Chinese-born American composer
  • Martin Leung, American pianist
  • Matthew H. Liang, American physician scientist
  • Leung Jan, Wing Chun practitioner and Chinese herbal doctor from Foshan
  • Leung Kwok-hung, Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
  • Liang Guanglie, Minister of National Defense in the People's Republic of China and serves as a general in the People's Liberation Army of China
  • Liang May Seen, first woman of Chinese descent to live in Minnesota, community leader in Minneapolis
  • Liang Qichao, Chinese scholar, philosopher, journalist and reformist
  • Liang Shih-Chiu, (1903–1987), Chinese educator, writer, translator, literary theorist and lexicographer
  • Liang Wenbo, snooker player
  • Liang Wengen, founder and main shareholder of Sany Group and one of the wealthiest men in China
  • Roseanne Liang, Chinese-New Zealand film director
  • Toby Leung, Hong Kong television actress
  • Tony Leung (Leung Chiu Wai), Hong Kong actor and singer
  • Tony Leung (Leung Ka Fai), Hong Kong actor
  • Liang Xiaosheng, Chinese novelist and screenwriter
  • Liang Xueming, footballer
  • Liang Xueqing, Chinese painter, magazine editor
  • Leung,chek kwong ( 梁澤岡):male journalist of apple daily newspaper, Hong Kong




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