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Licinius of Angers

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Licinius of Angers (also known as Saint Lezin, or Lésin) (c.540–c.610) was a Frankish nobleman and bishop of Angers, celebrated as Catholic saint on 13 February.[1]

Lucinius was born about 540 and sent to the court of King Chlothar I when about 20. Chlothar's son King Chilperic I made him governor of Angers. Upon the death of Bishop Audouin in about 600, he was also made bishop of Angers by King Chlothar II.[2]

He founded a monastery and a Church both dedicated to St John the Baptist, and was buried there. His age at death was said to be 64 and the date 618 by one source,[2] but others state earlier.[1][3]


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