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Les Jumo

Les Jumo (a phonetic way of writing Les Jumeaux in French, meaning The Twins) is a French singing and dancing duo with strong African influences formed in 2008 by the twin brothers known as Docta Lova La Friandiz and Linho De Gaucho L'International born on 16 October 1985.

Les Jumo
Les Jumo.jpg
Les Jumo
(Linho DeGaucho on left,
Docta Lova on right)
Background information
Origin France
Genres Pop, dance, zouk, coupé décalé, kuduro, hip hop, electro, reggaeton
Years active 2008 – present
Associated acts Jessy Matador, La Selesao, Mohombi
  • Docta Lova La Friandiz
  • Linho De Gaucho L'International


With SelesaoEdit

In 2005, Jessy Matador created a music and dance group called La Sélésao, which was composed of Matador, Docta Love, Linho and Benkoff.

In late 2007, they signed with Oyas Records before signing with Wagram Records in spring 2008. They released their début single "Décalé Gwada" in June 2008, thus becoming one of the hits of that summer. On 24 November 2008, the group released the album Afrikan New Style, a musical hybrid of African and Caribbean influences with more urban sounds. The style is influenced by zouk, dancehall, reggae, hip hop, coupé-décalé, ndombolo and kuduro. In December 2008, they released their second single "Mini Kawoulé".

As the duo Les JumoEdit

After forming the duo Les Jumo (a phonetic way of writing Les Jumeaux in French, meaning The Twins), they found fame on the dancefloor in the summer of 2009, mixing lively zouk (coupé-décalé) with dancehall, hip hop, reggaeton and electro influences as well as a beat rhythm influenced by Culture Beat. Also known as Les Jumo Selesao,[1][2] their greatest success was the single "Zoomer", produced by Junior Caldera and promoted further by a dance music video. They have had collaborations with many dance acts including Jessy Matador, Willy William, Mohombi and others.



Year Title Peak chart positions Track listing
2012 Cartes sur table
  1. "Zoomer" (3:31)
  2. "Elle me donne chaud" (feat. Maradja) (3:20)
  3. "C Show" (feat. Willy William & Vybrate) (3:00)
  4. "Sexy" (feat. Mohombi) (3:07)
  5. "On dit koi?" (feat. Linda William) (3:01)
  6. "Boo G" (3:19)
  7. "DéKoné" (3:33): phonetically identical to [j'ai] déconné (I've messed up).
  8. "Reine de Saba" (3:14)
  9. "Tchouké Tchouké" (2:58)
  10. "Tok Tok Tok" (3:00)
  11. "Décalé 2.0" (3:33)
  12. "36000 questions" (feat. Mello Mello) (3:14)
  13. "Zoomer Remix" (feat. Admiral T) (3:39)
  14. "Sexy" (Remix Sexy by DJ Kuba & Ne!tan) (5:35)
  15. "Bouteille de Jack" (feat. Mello Mello) (3:55)


  • 2008: "Mama Sima"
  • 2009: "Zoomer" [1] (credited as Les Jumo Sélésao, reached #5 in the French Singles Chart)[3]
  • 2010: "Boo G". The title is phonetically identical to bouger (move)
  • 2010: "C Show" featuring Willy William and Vybrate [2]. The title is a play on words: phonetically identical to C'est chaud (It's hot).
  • 2010: "Tok Tok Tok"
  • 2011: "Sexy" featuring Mohombi [3]
  • 2012: "Elle me donne chaud" (feat. Maradja) [4]


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