Leprechaun (film series)

Leprechaun is a series of horror comedy films consisting of eight films. Beginning with 1993's Leprechaun (filmed in 1991) the series centers on a malevolent and murderous leprechaun referred to as Lubdan, who, when his gold is taken from him, resorts to any means necessary to reclaim it. None of the films in the series are presented in chronological order. Warwick Davis plays the title role in every film except for the 2014 film Leprechaun: Origins, and the 2018 film Leprechaun Returns, in which the character is respectively portrayed by Dylan Postl and Linden Porco.

The Leprechaun as depicted on the cover of the DVD box Leprechaun Pot of Gore Collection
Created byMark Jones
Original workLeprechaun (1993)
Owned byTrimark Pictures (1–5)
Lionsgate (6–present)
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ComicsList of Comics
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Film(s)List of Films
Release dateJanuary 8, 1993 – present
DistributorTrimark Pictures (1–5)
Lionsgate Films (6–present)
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Film Director Writer(s) Producer(s)
Leprechaun (1993) Mark Jones Mark Amin, Jeffrey B. Mallian
Leprechaun 2 (1994) Rodman Flender Turi Meyer, Al Septien Donald P. Borchers, Mark Jones
Leprechaun 3 (1995) Brian Trenchard-Smith David DuBos Mark Amin, Jeff Geoffray, Walter Josten, Henry Seggerman
Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997) Dennis A. Pratt, Scott Atkins Mark Amin, Jeff Geoffray, Walter Josten
Leprechaun in the Hood (2000) Rob Spera Doug Hall, John Huffman, Alan Reynolds, Rob Spera, William Wells Bruce David Risen, Darin Spillman, Mike Upton
Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003) Steven Ayromlooi Steven Ayromlooi Mike Upton
Leprechaun: Origins (2014) Zach Lipovsky Harris Wilkinson Chris Foss, Michael Luisi
Leprechaun Returns (2018) Steven Kostanski Suzanne Keilly Adam Friedlander, Darren Cameron

The first two films were theatrically released. After a disappointing gross from Leprechaun 2, Vidmark released the following sequels direct-to-video.[1]

It was revealed in March 2012 that Lionsgate and WWE Studios (who worked together on See No Evil and The Condemned) were teaming up to reboot the film series.[2] Two weeks later, WWE.com unveiled a new video depicting Dylan Post (who works under a leprechaun gimmick in WWE as Hornswoggle) starring in the role as Lubdan.[3] He announced via Twitter that it would come out in March 2013.[4] Until May 2013, there were no updates on the film's progress. However, on May 28, 2013, it was reported that Zach Lipovsky, a visual effects supervisor and a finalist on the reality game show On the Lot was contracted to direct the reboot, now scheduled for screening in August 2014.[5]

The film was released under a VOD/Digital HD format on August 26, 2014 (following a limited release on August 22), with the DVD/Blu-ray released on September 30, 2014.

Leprechaun Returns takes place 25 years after the original film. Linden Porco plays the title role, while Mark Holton reprises his role of Ozzie Jones from the first film.[6]

On November 16, 2018, Lionsgate announced the film would be released through digital and on demand on December 11.[7]

On March 17, 2019, Syfy premiered Leprechaun Returns along with their All-Day Leprechaun Marathon for St. Patrick's Day.[8]

Leprechaun Returns is available on Blu-ray and DVD as of June 11, 2019.


A crossover film with the Candyman film series was in development following the release and subsequent box office success of Freddy vs. Jason, tentatively entitled Candyman vs. Leprechaun, with a script treatment written and Davis set to reprise his role. However, the project stalled after Tony Todd immediately flat out refused to participate in such a project, stating that he had too much respect for his character to see him used for such a purpose.[9]

In explaining why he didn't reprise his role in Leprechaun Returns, Davis said he stopped appearing in horror films after the birth of his children. "You know what, we did six ‘Leprechaun’ films, and around Halloween people always watch them and love them,” Davis told Bloody Disgusting. “Horror is an interesting medium. I think it’s different when you have kids; you look at horror in a slightly different way. Since I finished the ‘Leprechaun’ films I had kids and I see the world through their eyes, and to be in a horror movie right now is probably not quite right.” Davis did leave open the possibility of returning to the franchise, remarking “I will wait until my son turns 18 and then I’ll do some horror again".[10]

In March 2019, Darren Lynn Bousman, director of four films in the Saw franchise, expressed interest in a Leprechaun reboot with Davis starring. Bousman announced his intentions on Twitter, detailing a plot that would send the Leprechaun back to the Colorado Gold Rush.[11]

Cast and charactersEdit

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  • A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film, or that the character's presence in the film has not yet been announced.
  • A Y indicates an appearance as a younger version of a pre-existing character.
  • A P indicates a photographic appearance only.
  • A V indicates a vocal appearance only.
Characters Leprechaun Leprechaun 2 Leprechaun 3 Leprechaun 4:
In Space
Leprechaun in the Hood Leprechaun:
Back 2 tha Hood
Leprechaun Returns
1993 1994 1995 1997 2000 2001 2014 2018
Main characters
The Leprechaun
Warwick Davis Dylan Postl Linden Porco
Ozzie Jones Mark Holton Mark Holton
Tory Redding Jennifer Aniston Jennifer AnistonP
Heather McDonaldV
Jackie Dee Redding John Sanderford Dan Martin
Daniel "Danny" O'Grady Shay Duffin Mike Cannizzo
Mrs. O'Grady
The Housewife
Pamela Mant Linda Hopkins
Ian Joyce Adam Biesk Bruce Blain
Black Leprechaun Tony Cox Mentioned
Cody Ingalls Charlie Heath
Bridget Callum Shevonne Durkin
William O'Day James Lancaster
Scott McCoy John Gatins
Tammy Larsen Lee Armstrong
Princess Zarina Rebekah Carlton
SSgt. Books Malloy Brent Jasmer
Dr. Tina Reeves Jessica Collins
Sticks Miguel A. Nunez Jr.
Priv. Delores Costello Debbe Dunning
Dr. Mittenhand
The Mittenspider
Guy Siner
Mack Daddy O'Nassas Ice-T
Postmaster P. Smith Anthony Montgomery
Emily Woodrow Tangi Miller
Rory Jackson Laz Alonso
Sophie Roberts Stephanie Bennett
Catherine "Katie" Emilie Ullerup Pepi Sonuga
Lila Redding Taylor Spreitler
Other characters
Nathan Murphy Ken Olandt
Alex Murphy Robert Hy Gorman
Sheriff Roy Cronin William Newman
Joe John Voldstad
Deputy Tripet David Permenter
Morty Ingalls Sandy Baron
Tourist's Girlfriend Kimmy Robertson
The Tourist Clint Howard
Homeless Man Billy Beck
Sgt Kelly Al White
Detective Martha Hackett
Tim Streer Mark Kiely
Waiter Michael McDonald
Guard Warren A. Stevens
Pub Drunk Arturo Gil
Loretta Caroline Williams
Fazio John DeMita
Mitch Michael Callan
Art Tom Dugan
Gupta Marcelo Tubert
Tony Roger Hewlett
The Fantasy Girl Heidi Staley
The Mouse
Melissa Franklin
Merle Kennedy
Father Bob Rod McCary
Shirley Finnerty Zoe Trilling
Elvis Presley Terry Lee Crisp
Harold Gary Grossman
MSgt. Metal Head Hooker Tim Colceri
Mooch Rick Peters
Kowalski Geoff Meed
Lucky Ladd York
Stray Bullet Rashaan Nall
Butch Red Grant
Coolio Himself
Chow Yung Pi Jack Ong
Fontaine Rivera Lobo Sebastian
Reverend Hanson Ivory Ocean
Slug Barima McKnight
Mack Daddy's Bodyguard Eric Mansker
Berry O'Grady Steven M. Porter
Jamie Davis Page Kennedy
Esmeralda Donzaleigh Abernathy
Cedric Sticky Fingaz
Chanel Keesha Sharp
Yolanda Sonya Eddy
Officer Thompson Beau Billingslea
Officer Whitaker Chris Murray
Doria Vickilyn Reynolds
Father Jacob Willie C. Carpenter
Lisa Duncan Sherrie Jackson
Bryn Lee Watson Shiek Mahmud-Bey
Jeni Melissa Roxburgh
David Brendan Fletcher
Hamish McConville Garry Chalk
Mary Black Herself
Sean McConville Teach Grant
Francois Adam Boys
Ben Andrew Dunbar
Irish Farmer Gary Peterman
Rose Sai Bennett
Meredith Emily Reid
Andy Ben McGregor
Matthew Oliver Llewellyn Jenkins

Plot SummariesEdit

In the original Leprechaun (1993), Daniel O'Grady (Shay Duffin) captures the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) while in Ireland, takes his gold and smuggles it back to his home in North Dakota, unaware the Leprechaun has followed him. Confronting O'Grady and demanding his gold the Leprechaun is injured by O'Grady and sealed in a crate with a four-leaf clover, though before O'Grady can kill the creature he suffers a stroke. Ten years later the Leprechaun is accidentally released by Tory Redding (a then-unknown Jennifer Aniston) and her new friends, and goes on a killing spree in search of his gold, which Alex Murphy (Robert Gorman) and Ozzie (Mark Holton) had discovered. After the Leprechaun reclaims the bulk of his gold he is defeated when Alex shoots a four-leaf clover down his throat with a slingshot and Alex's older brother Nathan (Ken Olandt) blows up the well the Leprechaun falls into.[12]

In Leprechaun 2 (1994) the Leprechaun seeks out a new bride in modern-day Los Angeles, one thousand years after an earlier attempt to claim a bride was foiled. Claiming a fussy teenage girl named Bridget (Shevonne Durkin), the descendant of his original choice of a wife, the Leprechaun holds her captive in his lair and terrorizes her boyfriend Cody (Charlie Heath), who had taken one of his gold coins. In the end Cody saves Bridget and defeats the Leprechaun by impaling him with a spike made of wrought iron, one of the few substances that can harm a Leprechaun.[13]

Leprechaun 3 (1995) begins with the Leprechaun, having been changed into a statue by a magical medallion, being sold to a Las Vegas pawn shop. Assuming his original form when the clerk removes the medallion, the Leprechaun kills him and goes on a rampage through Las Vegas in search of one of his wish granting coins, which is passed from hand to hand. The Leprechaun is ultimately defeated by college student Scott McCoy (John Gatins) and Scott's new girlfriend Tammy Larsen (Lee Armstrong), who blast his gold with a flamethrower, causing it to vanish and the Leprechaun to burst into flames.[14]

Taking place in the future, Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997) has the Leprechaun abduct and begin courting snobbish alien princess Zarina (Rebekah Carlton), seducing her with promises of wealth. After being blown up by a group of marines who rescue Zarina, the Leprechaun is reborn on the marines' ship via exploding out of the groin of one of an unfortunate man, Kowalski. He then goes off in search of his stolen bride and gold, killing all those who get in his way. After being turned into a giant via an enlargement ray, the Leprechaun is ejected into space by the survivors of the massacre, Tina Reeves (Jessica Collins), Books Malloy (Brent Jasmer) and Sticks (Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.).[15]

Set in Compton, California, Leprechaun in the Hood (2000) has the Leprechaun being turned to stone once more, this time by pimp Mack Daddy O'Nassas (Ice-T), who uses the Leprechaun's mind-controlling magic flute to become a successful music producer. Years later, the Leprechaun is unknowingly changed back to flesh and blood by a trio of wannabe rappers led by Postmaster P. (Anthony Montgomery) who rob Mack Daddy, taking the Leprechaun's gold and the flute from him with the intent of using the objects to become successful. Hunted by both Mack Daddy and the Leprechaun, Postmaster P., after his friends and Mack Daddy are killed, is brainwashed into becoming a servant of the Leprechaun.[16]

Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003) begins with the Leprechaun stalking Father Jacob (Willie C. Carpenter) trying to get his gold back, only to be dragged into the ground by demonic hands when the priest uses four-leaf clover laced holy water against him before dying from a heart attack. One year later the Leprechaun's gold is discovered by eighteen-year-old Emily Woodrow (Tangi Miller) and her friends, who use the gold to fulfill their wildest fantasies, unintentionally releasing the Leprechaun, who goes after Emily and the others to get his gold back, killing everyone who gets in his way. On the rooftop of the abandoned community centre Father Jacob had been building using the Leprechaun's gold Emily and her boyfriend Rory Jackson (Laz Alonso) defeat the Leprechaun by knocking him and his gold off the roof and into a pool of wet cement below, where the Leprechaun sinks and becomes trapped.[17]

Leprechaun: Origins (2014) starts with a young couple, Catherine and Francois, being killed by an unseen force near a symbolised Irish monolith. Later it entirely centers on four American college students touring in Ireland. They come across the monolith from the opening scene, partially intending to study the history symbols but unaware that it is where all hell broke loose for the young couple. Hamish McConville (Garry Chalk), a friendly Irish man they meet at a bar when they stop, tells them the story of history about the village they are seeing - a mining centre that was used for cavern-obtained gold until it ran out, causing the population to decrease. An initially unseen force starts raiding the cabin they are left at by their transport provider, and they eventually realise that they are being sacrificed by Hamish and his son Sean (Teach Grant) to The Leprechaun (Dylan Postl) to atone for the decrease and eventual loss of the gold supply. The deadly and homicidal Leprechaun (Irish: Tuath De Danann) hunts the college students throughout their perilous struggles to survive its onslaught, which ends with it being decapitated by Sophie (Stephanie Bennett), the surviving student, and Hamish being killed by the creature in retribution for double-crossing them as the village's final sacrifice.

Leprechaun Returns (2018) centers on the first leprechaun (played here by Linden Porco) who escapes from the well into which he was barricaded 25 years prior by Tory Redding (Jennifer Aniston), her father and her friends who accompanied her at the O'Grady house, where he originally found them and terrorized them to get his gold back. In the present day, he returns to terrorize Laila Jenkins (Taylor Spreitler) and her sorority sisters as well as two men staying with them. With this storyline, all previous films but the first have been retconned, making it a direct sequel that takes over from Leprechaun 2 (1994) until Leprechaun Origins (2014). Laila, a university student, is bought to her sorority home by Ozzie Jones, which sees actor Mark Holton reprising his role, and Tory is revealed to be Laila's mother who has died of cancer, having lived much of her life fearing the creature's return. After dropping Laila off at the house - the same house from 1993, now branded with the AU sorority symbol - he drops his phone while unloading her luggage, and upon returning to retrieve it, he is spat on from down the well by a splash of green water, some of which he swallows, and during his getaway he begins experiencing stomach pains, leading to the creature rebirthing himself and escaping. He kills Ozzie by tearing out of his torso before appearing at the house, killing two of Laila's sorority sisters and the two men. He is eventually electrocuted and ignited, causing the house to explode, but after Laila and Katie (Pepi Sonuga) escape and are driven back to the university campus, he is revealed to have reanimated and is last shown flagging down a truck for a drive to Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota.


Film Rotten Tomatoes
Leprechaun 23% (13 reviews)[18]
Leprechaun 2 0% (16 reviews)[19]
Leprechaun 3 0% (5 reviews)[20]
Leprechaun 4: In Space 0% (6 reviews)[21]
Leprechaun in the Hood 30% (10 reviews)[22]
Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood 22% (9 reviews)[23]
Leprechaun: Origins 0% (7 reviews)[24]
Leprechaun Returns 44% (8 reviews)[25]

Home mediaEdit

The series has been released on DVD both separate and in collections. On September 30, 2014, the entire film series was released on Blu-ray for the first time in a box set titled ”Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection".

Other mediaEdit

Comic booksEdit

Prior to the release of the original Leprechaun Trimark Pictures released an eight-page comic book prequel to the film. The story presented in the book is contradictory to the events of the film in several regards, such as depicting Daniel O'Grady as a lowly farmer and inhabitant of Ireland (instead of America) who obtains the Leprechaun's gold not by capturing the creature (as was stated in the film) but by following a rainbow.[26][27]

In 2008 publishing company Bluewater Productions announced that it would release a Leprechaun comic book series, which began in May 2009. Written by Zach Hunchar and illustrated by Kris Carter the first arc of the series follows the Leprechaun (who is revealed to be named "Lubdan" and is also the king and last of his species) as he battles rival race the Clurichaun and travels the world in search of his gold, which was stolen and auctioned off online, with the reluctant help of the geeky Ethan Thomas and his friends. With only four issues released, the series was seemingly cancelled, as no new issues have been announced. Micheal Kingston was slated to write the second arc of the series.[28][29]

Plans for a four-issue comic book crossover between the Leprechaun and Warlock series, which would have been written by Nick Lyons and released in late 2009, were made, but did not come to pass.[30]


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