Left Right Left (film)

Left Right Left is a 2013 Indian Malayalam political thriller film directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and written by Murali Gopy.[1][2][3] Their previous venture, Ee Adutha Kaalathu is considered a pathbreaker and won numerous awards including Mohan Raghavan Memorial Award for Best Script and NETPAC Award for Best Malayalam Film.[4][5][6] The title signifies the rhythm of one's walk. Left Right Left revolves around the lives of Jayan (Indrajith), Roy (Murali Gopy), Sahadevan (Hareesh Peradi), Anitha (Lena) and Jennifer (Remya Nambeesan). Murali Gopy's performance won him the 61st Filmfare Awards South for The Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Lena won Kerala State Film Award for the Second Best Actress. The film is set in three periods – the 60s/70s, the 80s/90s and the present.[7] The film was released on 14 June 2013. The film got mostly positive reviews upon release but drew occasional criticism because of the sensitive portrayal of some of the characters resembling some Kerala mainstream political leaders. However the movie gathered a cult status over the years as one of the finest political thrillers ever made in Malayalam.

Left Right Left
Left Right Left movie logo.jpg
Revolution is Home-Made
Directed byArun Kumar Aravind
Produced byM. Renjith
Written byMurali Gopy
Murali Gopy
Remya Nambeesan
Hareesh Peradi
Music byGopi Sunder
CinematographyShehnad Jalaal
Edited byArun Kumar Aravind
Rejaputhra Visual Media
Release date
  • 14 June 2013 (2013-06-14)


The story revolves around P.K. Jayan aka 'Vattu' ('mad') Jayan (Indrajith), Roy Joseph aka Che Guevera Roy (Murali Gopy) and Kaitheri Sahadevan (Hareesh Peradi). Jayan is a corrupt policeman, Roy a Communist who now teaches in a school with his wife, and Sahadevan a megalo-maniacal Communist leader. When Roy and two of his friends expose Sahadevan's corruption, the two friends are mysteriously murdered; Roy is spared, purportedly because of Sahadevan's respect for Roy's father. After Roy dies of a medical condition, Jayan discovers the story of this old friendship. Sahadevan and Roy had once worked together, before Roy's idealism and Sahadevan's use of violence and trickery soured their relationship. In one scene, Sahadevan tells Roy about his painful childhood, claiming that his actions are aimed at ensuring that his children do not suffer as his ancestors did. Jayan finally discovers that Sahadevan had once hired goons to attack Roy, maiming him for life and leading to his death. In his anger, he attacks and stabs Sahadevan, killing him. Jayan is then arrested by the police.



Shooting began on 20 December at Thiruvananthapuram. The main locations were Thiruvananthapuram, Nagercoil and Hyderabad. The official pre-shoot teaser and theatrical trailer of the movie were a hit on YouTube. A character promo video of the movie was released, the first of its kind in a Malayalam film. The video titled 'LRL Anthem', sung by Murali Gopy, gives a glimpse of the incidents that shape the personalities and mindset of the three main characters in the movie.


Critical responseEdit

The Times of India rated the movie (3/5) and stated that "Loads of brilliance goes into each character. Few films have shown more intensity in depicting the effects of politics on individuals than Left Right Left."[8] Jabir Mushthari of The Hindu found the movie to be refreshing and said, "The movie entertainingly refers to a number of issues presently faced by society even while seeking answers to certain key questions such as who is a "real communist" and what their plight is in the changing scenario."[9] Malayala Manorama rated the movie (3/5) and opined that the film is, quintessentially, a feast for discerning film connoisseurs.[10] Deccan Chronicle rated the movie (3.5/5).[11] Suresh Kumar of East Coast Daily compared the movie to the Malayalam Classics of the Golden Era.[12]

Veeyen of Nowrunning.com rated the film (3/5) and said "'Left Right Left' has a rare, melancholic poetic power that is magical in more ways than one. It invites the audience to delve deep beneath the rugged, craggy portrait of the society that we live in. A glorious tale on perseverance, struggles and survival, 'Left Right Left' enters the pantheon of must-see movies with grace."[13] Sify.com rated the movie as Good.[14] Yentha.com rated the movie (3.5/5)and said that "For anyone who is exasperated by the ragbag of 'one time watch' films now-a-days, this film is a relief."[15] Oneindia.in stated that the movie has a hard-hitting tale, which is thought provoking and sure to start serious debate on the topic that it deals with.[16] Webdunia.com called it the best Malayalam movie of recent times.[17] Paresh C Palicha of Rediff.com called it a brilliant movie and said "The film can be described as intense, gritty, real, brave and most of all, honest. It depicts the degradation of politics today and tries to analyse where it all comes from, justifying the tagline 'Revolution is home made."[18] G Krishnamurthy of Movieraga opined that Left Right Left is not a movie, but a mirror image of the political and social set up in Kerala.[19]


Kerala State Film Award
  • Second Best Actress - Lena
61st Filmfare Awards South
3rd South Indian International Movie Awards[20]
  • Best Actor in Supporting Role - Murali Gopy
  • Best Fight Choreographer - Thyagarajan
Asiavision Movie Award[21]
Nana Film Awards[22]
  • Second Best Movie
  • Man of the Year - Murali Gopy
  • Best Makeup Man - Rahim Kodungallur
Thikkurissi Sukumaran Foundation Awards[23]
Jaihind Film Awards[24]


Left Right Left
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
ProducerM. Renjith
Gopi Sundar chronology
Mumbai Police
Left Right Left

All lyrics are written by Rafeeq Ahamed; all music is composed by Gopi Sundar.

1."Kaal Kuzhanju" (Left Right Left Anthem)Murali Gopy 
2."Che Guevara Song"Sachin Warrier, Anna Katharina Valayil 
3."Akale"Gopi Sundar 
4."Mindathe"Sachin Warrier 


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