Lee Chae-kyung

Lee Chae-kyung (Korean: 이채경; born on 22 January 1975)[1] is a South Korean actress.[2] She made her acting debut in 1998 in theater, and since then, she has appeared in a number of plays, films and television series. She got recognition for her supporting roles in Hotel del Luna, The Crowned Clown (2019), Love Scene Number, Jirisan and Moonshine (2021). She has acted in films such as Overman (2015) and #ALIVE (2020) among others.[3]

Lee Chae-kyung
Born (1975-01-22) January 22, 1975 (age 48)
Other namesLee Chae-kyeong
EducationGraduated in Performing Arts
Alma materDankook University, Department of Performing Arts
  • Actress
  • Theater actor
  • Musical actor
Years active1998–present
AgentYK Media Plus
Korean name
Revised RomanizationLee Chaegyeong
McCune–ReischauerLee Ch'aekyŏng


Lee Chae-kyung has had an exclusive contract with artist management company YK Media Plus since August 2021.[4]

She was active as a musical actor in the Seoul Arts Troupe (2000-2007). In 2016, she appeared in the TV series Love in the Moonlight, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Dr. Romantic.[5]

Personal life and educationEdit

Lee Chae-kyung was Born in Sinjeong-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan. She graduated from JoongAng Girls' Middle and High School, University of Ulsan, and then graduated in Performing Arts from Dankook University's graduate school.[5]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2012 Horror Stories Ghost, elder sister Segment: "Don't Answer to the Door" [6]
2015 Overman Psychiatrist
Georgia Mother Short film [7]
2017 Hide and Seek tenant, mother Short film [5]
2020 #ALIVE Zombified wife of the masked man [8]
2022 Mother and Daughter Sang-soon 23rd JIFF [9]

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref(s)
2015 Save the Family Song Woo-sik's wife [6]
She Was Pretty Children's book author
2016 Signal Lee Soon-yeong
Beautiful Gong Shim Joon-pyo's real mother
W Registered nurse
Hello, My Twenties! Cooking professor
Love in the Moonlight Court lady Kim [10]
Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Manager Jang Il-ok
2017 Voice Do Mi-yeong [6]
Tomorrow, with You
Queen of Mystery Lee Myeong-hee
Bad Thief, Good Thief Teacher
Sisters-in-Law Publishing company president
School 2017 Go Hak-joong's mother [11]
Live Up to Your Name Yeon-kyeong's mother
Hospital Ship Head nurse
Girls' Generation 1979 Son Jin's mother
Because This Is My First Life
Witch at Court Hong Seon-hwa [12]
Avengers Social Club [11]
2018 Tempted
A Poem a Day Kim Seong-hee
Life Min-seo's mother
Gangnam Beauty Team leader
100 Days My Prince Court Lady [13]
The Third Charm Civil complaint head of department [14]
2019 The Crowned Clown Head [8]
Her Private Life Choi Eun-hye
Search: WWW Executive Director
Hotel del Luna Hotel CEO
Class of Lies Judge
I Wanna Hear Your Song Kim Soo-in
2020 365: Repeat the Year Kim Soo-yeon
The King: Eternal Monarch Great Democratic Party Member of National Assembly
Stranger Butler Season 2
Lie After Lie Prison guard
Drama Special – "A Jaunt" Season 11, Epi. 7
2021 Love Scene Number President of Guleum Cinema Love Scene #35
Sell Your Haunted House Secretary Choi Sun-mi [15]
Jirisan Il-man's wife [16]
Drama Special – "The Palace" Court Lady Choi Season 12, Epi. 7 [17]
2021–2022 Moonshine Jo Haeng-soo [18]
2023 Our Blooming Youth shaman [19]


Year Title Role Notes
1999 Empress Myeongseong Shaman [20]
2002 Typhoon Aerial
2004 Summer Night's Dream Nanu
2005 Romeo and Juliet Queen of Maps
2006 Country of Wind Ga-hee
2007 Subway Line 1 Golga
2009 Mister Joe Shalala
2010 The Palace Hyejeonggung
2012 When Smoke Gets into Your Eyes Kang Mi-hee

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2020 4th Ulsan Short Film Festival Best Acting Award Georgia Won [21][22]
23rd Short Shorts International Short Film Festival Nangboda Won
2021 4th Jeonju International Short Film Festival Best Actress Won
2022 8th Seoul Webfest Film Festival Best Actress / Actor (shorts) Pending [23][24]


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