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Ledra (Greek: Λήδρα), also spelt Ledrae[1] was an ancient city-kingdom located in the centre of Cyprus where the capital city of Nicosia is today.

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ancient city-Kingdoms of Cyprus
Ledra is located in Cyprus
Shown within Cyprus
RegionNicosia District
Coordinates35°09′45″N 33°21′45″E / 35.16250°N 33.36250°E / 35.16250; 33.36250Coordinates: 35°09′45″N 33°21′45″E / 35.16250°N 33.36250°E / 35.16250; 33.36250

Ledra was established in 1050 BC. It became a city-kingdom by the seventh century BC.[2] At times, it had been subject to Assyrian rule.[3] Ledra was one of ten Cypriot kingdoms listed on the prism (many-sided tablet) of the Assyrian king Esarhaddon (680–669 BC). The only known king of Ledra is Onasagoras, mentioned in this tablet for paying tribute to Esarhaddon.[4]

By Hellenistic times (330 BC) it had dwindled to a small village. An account suggested that it lost its city-kingdom status because it consolidated with other such kingdoms to form stronger territorial units.[5] In 280 BC, Ledra became Leukotheon while the Byzantines started referring to it as Lefkon or "poplar grove".[6] During the fourth century AD, it became a bishopric and was renamed Lefkosia.[2] It eventually became the capital of Nicosia under this name during the 10th century.[2]

Ledra Street in Nicosia is named after Ledra.[7]


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