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Lang'ata is a predominantly middle-class residential suburb of Nairobi in Kenya. The suburb consists of many smaller housing developments, referred to as estates. They include Nairobi Dam, Otiende, Southlands, Ngei, Jambo estate, Onyonka, Madaraka Estate, Kutch Prant, Rubia, NHC Langata, Akiba, Sun Valley, Royal Park and many others. These developments are primarily maisonettes or apartment blocks.

Lang'ata is located in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Coordinates: 01°21′58″S 36°44′17″E / 1.36611°S 36.73806°E / -1.36611; 36.73806
Country Kenya
CountyNairobi County
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)


Langa'ta road

Lang'ata lies southwest of the city's central business district, east of Karen, approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi), by road, from the centre of Nairobi. It lies mainly along the similarly named Langata Road, which runs from the Mombasa Road junction at Nyayo Stadium to Karen Shopping Centre, at the Ngong Road junction. However, the area known as Langata terminates at the Magadi Road Junction at the Galleria Mall. [1] The coordinates of Lang'ata are:1°21'58.0"S, 36°44'17.0"E (Latitude:-1.366111; Longitude:36.738056).[2]


Lang'ata has several attractions such as the Giraffe Centre,[3] the Uhuru (freedom) gardens, and a tourist village Bomas of Kenya. Lang'ata also has the Carnivore Restaurant and adjoining Carnivore grounds, where many concerts are hosted. Wilson Airport, the largest private airport in Kenya, can also be found in Lang'ata.

Lang'ata is also name of the Langata Constituency, which covers affluent estates Karen and Lang'ata, but numerically most its voters come from Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya. Langata Constituency has now been subdivided to two constituencies; namely Langata and Kibera Constituencies.


There are also several primary schools in the area, both public and private. These include;

  • Langata West Primary School, located in Ngei I.
  • Langata Road Primary School found along the similarly named road, right opposite Wilson Airport and adjacent to Weston Hotel.
  • Uhuru Gardens Primary, located opposite the Uhuru Gardens.
  • Ngei Primary School located in Ngei II, next to Southlands Estate.
  • Briar Rose Academy, a private kindergarten and primary school located between Royal Park Estate and Sun Valley Estate.
  • PCEA Langata Junior School, a private school.
  • Langata High School, a public secondary school found in the Southlands Area.

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Coordinates: 01°21′58″S 36°44′17″E / 1.36611°S 36.73806°E / -1.36611; 36.73806