Lake Rossignol is the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia, Canada.[1] It is located in the south-western interior of the province.

Lake Rossignol
Lake Rossignol is located in Nova Scotia
Lake Rossignol
Lake Rossignol
LocationQueens County, Nova Scotia
Coordinates44°10′47″N 65°07′33″W / 44.17972°N 65.12583°W / 44.17972; -65.12583
Basin countriesCanada

History edit

As a reservoir, it was created in 1929 when the Bowater Mersey Paper Company Limited dammed the Mersey River at Indian Gardens to generate electricity for a pulp mill 30 km (19 mi) downstream in Brooklyn.[2] The reservoir includes over a dozen former lakes, including First Lake, Second Lake, Third Lake (also known as Lake Rossignol),[3] Fourth Lake, Fifth Lake, Yeadon Lake, Davis Lake, Kempton Lake, Low Lake, Menchan Lake, Lacey Lake, and Annis Lake.

Geography edit

The size of the lake can allow strong winds to build up fetch, combined with numerous submerged trees and rocks as well as a variable water level (due to fluctuations in water demand at the dam), this can make Rossignol extremely dangerous for canoes and small boats.

Tourism edit

Several canoe guides are available that cover Rossignol and the surrounding area.

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References edit

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