Lake Buloke is a eutrophic lake in the Wimmera region of north-western Victoria, Australia. The lake is fed by the Richardson River and is located adjacent to the township of Donald. Lake Buloke is also one of the most popular duck shooting lakes in Victoria. The Lake Buloke area comprises wetland habitat of high significance for waterbirds, particularly waterfowl and waders.[3] The bull oak casuarina is found in the Shire and around Lake Buloke.[4]

Lake Buloke
Lake Buloke is located in Victoria
Lake Buloke
Lake Buloke
Location in Victoria
LocationWimmera, Victoria
Coordinates36°19′26.5″S 142°55′54.5″E / 36.324028°S 142.931806°E / -36.324028; 142.931806Coordinates: 36°19′26.5″S 142°55′54.5″E / 36.324028°S 142.931806°E / -36.324028; 142.931806
Primary inflowsRichardson River
Primary outflowsEvaporation
Basin countriesAustralia
Surface area4,300 ha (11,000 acres)

In the indigenous Jardwadjali language, the river is named Banyenong, with banye meaning the "burning of roots and stumps" and nong meaning "the past;" and also named Buluk, meaning "lake." In the 1870s, the lake was known as Lake Banyenong, as buloke was a word meaning lake.[5][6][7]

The Shire of Buloke derives its name from the lake.

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