Lady Ye (Korean예씨 부인; Hanja禮氏 夫人) was the first wife of Dongmyeong of Goguryeo and mother of his successor, Yuri of Goguryeo.

Lady Ye
1st Queen consort of Goguryeo
Tenure37 BC – ?
HouseYe (예, 禮)


When Chumo was in Buyeo, he married Lady Ye (Korean예씨; Hanja禮氏) and she became pregnant before he escaped from there due to threats from Daeso (Korean대소; Hanja帶素), the Prince of Buyeo. Later, she gave birth to Yuryu (Korean유류; Hanja儒留) and raised him without her husband.[1]

As Yuryu became older, he questioned Lady Ye about his father. She told Yuryu that his father was not welcomed by Buyeo, thus went to south and became the king of newly founded kingdom. She also said Chumo purposely hid an object under the pine tree supported by the rock with seven angles as a certificate of his son.[1] After Yuryu found the broken sword, in B.C. 19, Lady Ye came to Goguryeo from Buyeo with Yuryu.[2]

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