La Verdad (Murcia)

La Verdad is a Spanish language daily newspaper based in Murcia, Spain. It is the largest newspaper of the Murcia province[1] as well as of the Albacete province. During 53 years it had presence in the Alicante province,[2] being discontinued from the Land of Valencia in 2017.[3]

La Verdad
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Grupo Vocento
PublisherLa Verdad Multimedia, S.A.
Founded1 March 1903; 118 years ago (1903-03-01)
Circulation20,524 (2014)
Sister newspapersABC
El Correo Español
El Diario Vasco
El Diario Montañés
Las Provincias
WebsiteLa Verdad

History and profileEdit

La Verdad was first published on 1 March 1903.[2][4] The paper became part of the Vocento Group in 1988.[4] The company also owns ABC, El Correo Español, El Diario Vasco, El Diario Montañés and Las Provincias, among the others.[5][6] The publisher of La Verdad is La Verdad Multimedia, S.A.[2][7]

The headquarters of La Verdad is in Murcia[5][8] and the paper serves for the provinces of Murcia, Alicante and Albacete.[2] It has editions for Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca and Albacete.[2] The online edition of the paper was launched in 1998.[7]

José María Esteban served as the editor-in-chief of La Verdad.[1]


In 1993 La Verdad sold 46,919 copies.[9] The circulation of the paper was 40,832 copies in 2002.[6] Its 2009 circulation was 35,136 copies.[2] The paper sold 30,500 copies in 2011.[10] The paper had a circulation of 20,524 copies and 197,000 readers in 2014.[4]

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