La Fouine

Laouni Mouhid (Arabic: العوني محيد‎, pronounced [laːwniː muːħiːd]; born December 25, 1981 in Trappes, Île-de-France), commonly known by his stage name La Fouine (/lɑː fwn/, French: [la ˈfwin]; lit. 'The Weasel'), with additional aliases such as Fouiny Babe or just Fouiny (/fwni/), is a French-Moroccan rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is owner of Banlieue Sale and clothing line "Street Swagg".

La Foune
La fouine-10.jpg
La Fouine performing at Le Divan du Monde, 21 March 2011
Laouni Mouhid

(1981-12-25) 25 December 1981 (age 38)
Other namesFouiny Baby, Fouiny Babe, Fouiny, Fouine-La,
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter, Record producer, actor, music executive, entrepreneur
Known forMusical career, Banlieue 13: Ultimatum
Musical career
GenresFrench hip hop
InstrumentsVocals, Keyboard, Piano
Years active2001–present
LabelsSony Music Entertainment, Banlieue Sale
Associated actsAmel Bent, Canardo, DJ Khaled, Game, Rohff, T-Pain, Timati, French Montana, Omarion, Lil Ryder


Born in Trappes in a family of seven children to Moroccan parents from Casablanca, Laouni grew outside Paris in the Yvelines. He stopped his studies at the age of fifteen to devote himself to rap and took his first music lessons. La Fouine, who was called "Forcené" was an active member of the collective "GSP". It was part of the short-lived group "FORS" with DJ RV (Hervé), Le Griffon (Tarek Medimegh) And LaylaD (Layla Melloni Forcé), created mainly to participate at 2 R puissance ART in La Verrière, where he won the second prize.

Since then, Laouni married, then divorced after becoming the father of a little girl, born in 2002, named Fatima, named after La Fouine's mother . The death of his mother in 2005 inspired his song "Je regarde là-haut" He also experienced dark periods in foster homes and prisons. "I was only fifteen when I was expelled from school and placed in foster homes. I became an insomniac for most of the time. But it did not take me to sleep with me, if the cops were looking for me directly. I slept with people in cars, premises, etc.. It was misery", he said to the magazine Planète Rap.

Career as a rapperEdit

2005: Bourré au SonEdit

After releasing his first street-tape Planète Trappes that made him earn an early legitimacy in rap, he released his first album in 2005 called Bourré au Son strongly marked by the California style. The singles "L'unité" and "Quelque chose de spécial" meet critical acclaim and broadcast on many French radio stations.

2007: Aller-RetourEdit

After putting out Planète Trappes Volume 2 on the market launching especially his brother Canardo through three titles, La Fouine released his second album entitled Aller-Retour on March 12, 2007. The first single from this album was "Reste en Chien" with Booba. The second single was titled "Qui peut me stopper", "Banlieue Sale" with Gued'1 & Kennedy and "Tombé pour elle" with Amel Bent. Today, this album is certified gold.

2009: Mes RepèresEdit

After releasing the street-tape Capitale du Crime which highlights the rappers of Yvelines, the third album of the rapper Mes Repères released in February 2009 and received a gold disc certification in October 2009. It included three guest appearances especially with Soprano on "Repartir à zéro" and still with Soprano and Sefyu on "Ca fait mal (Remix)" and Canardo (his younger brother) on "Hamdoulah Moi Ca Va". Today, this album is certified platinum.

2010: Capitale du Crime Volume 2Edit

The disk Capitale du Crime Volume 2 released on January 18, 2010, ranks third in the album sales in France in the first week of its release. On this album are collaborations with Canardo, Green Money, Kennedy, Vincenzo, Chabodo, A2P Rickwell, Gued'1...

In April 2010, La Fouine worked with Admiral T & Medine on the piece "Viser la Victoire", extract the Admiral-T's album entitled L'Instinct Admiral and so on Street Lourd II with the song "Dans nos quartiers" in collaboration with Alonzo and Teddy Corrona. Nowadays, this mixtape is certified gold.

2011: La Fouine vs LaouniEdit

La Fouine in September 2011

The first single from her double album La Fouine vs Laouni is "Passe-leur le salam" featuring Rohff. "Veni, vidi, vici" is the second single and the third extract "Caillera for Life" is a collaboration with California rapper The Game in which The Game tried performing in French. And the fourth from the album entitled "Papa" is a track where La Fouine speaks about his father. The fifth single was released on 21 January 2011 called "Les Soleils de Minuits".

La Fouine revealed the list of titles, but also the production of the album on 21 January 2011. The music is especially tracks with Street Fabulous, Animalsons, Dj E-Rise Skalp, etc., while his brother Canardo appears on the microphone on "Bafana Bafana (Remix)".

On 7 May 2011, La Fouine had a concert at the Zenith in Paris, That evening, he performed with Zaho the title "Quand ils vont partir". Moreover, some time after, Kamelancien signed with the label of La Fouine's managers "S-Kal Records". Other notable rappers followed such as Sultan.

La Fouine released a reissue of the album on June 15, 2011. While waiting his new mixtape Capital Crime Vol. III, La Fouine released a new edition of La Fouine vs Laouni entitled La Fouine et Laouni including twelve songs of his double album with an unpublished remix "Toute la night" produced by Majestic Drama and "Veni, vidi, vici" remixed by Dj Battle featuring Francisco. Today, this album is certified platinum.

2012: Capitale du Crime Volume 3Edit

Capitale du Crime Volume 3 was released on 28 November 2011. It contained many guest appearances with American stars such as T-Pain on "Rollin' Like a Boss", DJ Khaled at production on "" and Ace Hood on "T'es mort dans le film". The mixtape sold over 62,000 copies until March 2012 and was certified gold. Meanwhile, he joined the group Trappes Stars created by his former manager Bodé. Trappes Stars was composed of some rappers of Trappes region such as Canardo, Green, MAS, Chabodo, Gued'1 or the A2P. All gathered on a compilation mixed by DJ Battle.

2013: Drôle de ParcoursEdit

On 10 September 2012, La Fouine revealed on social networks the title of his new album entitled Drôle de Parcours. The first single from the album was "Paname Boss" and released on November 2, 2012. This single featured Sniper, Niro, Youssoupha, Canardo, Fababy and Sultan. November 6, 2012, La Fouine released the second single from Drôle de Parcours called "J'avais pas les mots". The third single is "Ma Meilleure" in featuring Zaho. 60,000 copies of the album were sold and the album was certified gold.

2014: Team BSEdit

Team BS is a project and a hip hop collective of La Fouine launched in 2013, and an initiative of his record label Banlieue Sale, "BS" denoting actually the record label they work in. Collective Team BS is a collaboration of Banlieue Sale acts La Fouine, Fababy, Sultan and the vocalist Sindy[1] the latter from the French television series Popstars where la Fouine was one of the judges.[2] Also included in the collective is the French producer Pascal Lemaire known as DJ Skalp / Skalpovich.

In 2013, the collective Team BS had a debuting charting success with the self-titled single "Team BS" (alternatively known as "Vrai frères"). The release was accompanied by a music video. In January 2014, Team BS came up with a follow-up single "Case départ". It is working on an album to be released in 2014 under the title Les affaires commencent.


The clash with KamelancienEdit

Early 2005, La Fouine responded with his title "Ferme ta gueule" to Kamelancien who attacked him as "twisted face" in the song "Reste vrai". Kamelancien soon turned up with his new response titled "Crise Cardiaque" and openly threatened him on a TV programme. This clash between the two Moroccan rappers, was a sort of clash with completely different style, one from Oujda and representing the Val-de-Marne and the other a native of Casablanca, representing the Yvelines. In 2011 the two rappers were reconciled and performed the song "Vécu" seen over 16 million times on YouTube. On 7 May 2011, La Fouine invited Kamelancien to his concert at the Zenith in Paris to officially end their clash.

The clash with BoobaEdit

Attacked by Booba, during the promotion of his album Futur according to him La Fouine "clashed" him on "Paname Boss" with a punchline. While his album had been released quite a few months, Booba insisted on releasing the song "AC Milan", where he attacked La Fouine calling him a pedophile, calling Emile Louis Laounizi (referring to Emile Louis) and diffusing an extract of a video where the criminal record of La Fouine is revealed.

La Fouine chose "Autopsie 5" to answer back (Autopsie is the name of mixtapes series of Booba). He chose to offer free the song explaining he did not want to make money on the clash. Thereafter, La Fouine and Booba released at the same time a second song "TLT" ("Tuez Les Tous" for Booba and "T'as La Tremblotte" for La Fouine) on their respective YouTube channels. La Fouine spoke mostly about Booba's photo that had circulated on the Internet, in parodying his music.

On March 10, 2013, Booba broadcast the video of their altercation that took place in Miami. The rapper 50 Cent put the video on his website. La Fouine replied "LOL! I just learned that the uncensored version of the altercation with b2obeatrice runs on the Net, I'll wait to find it to put the video of the altercation between him, Dixon (a friend of La Fouine) and Booba on Facebook. He highlighted passages that had been edited out by Booba where he runs away to escape La Fouine and Dixon. They nicknamed him Usain B2olt referring to Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

Relations and controversiesEdit

On May 8, 2011, in Belgium, at the Inc'Rock Festival, La Fouine spoke about an incident during his concert, where two young fans, thinking he had thrown plastic bottles at them with threatening words. La Fouine did not want to increase the tension by declaring: "Tonight, La Fouine, has come to give you love". Meanwhile, the entourage of the rapper were seen punching and beating up the two teenagers behind the scenes, with one of them falling to the ground. A policeman was also injured in the incident, while arresting the young man, mad with rage who wanted to retaliate taking revenge against La Fouine. The scene was filmed by a spectator. The festival organization condemned the outbreak of violence, blaming the artist for his utterances. It was claimed the entourage La Fouine attempted to remove the videos of the incident from various websites where they appeared. During the promotion for his album Drôle de Parcours, he said do not want a repeat of such incidents during his concerts.

Personal lifeEdit

La Fouine's mother was so poor, they had to frequent the Restaurants du Cœur charity eateries. In 1998, La Fouine was imprisoned. La Fouine was married to Fiona, but they divorced after having a daughter together born May 31, 2003, named Fatima in honor of his mother. He is the penultimate of his six brothers and sisters, Hakim (aka the rapper Canardo), Kamel, Illham, Samira, Naima and Adil. La Fouine talked about this in "Je regarde là-haut".

Banlieue SaleEdit

Banlieue Sale
Parent companyIndependent label
FounderLa Fouine and Canardo
GenreHip hop, rap
Country of originFrance

In 2008, La Fouine and his brother Canardo decided to launch their own label called "Banlieue Sale". This independent label, forged a partnership with Sony-BMG, one of the biggest music labels in the world. Banlieue Sale has subsidiaries that are "S-Kal Records" (created by the managers of La Fouine) and "Henijai Music" (created by Canardo).

In sum, a half-dozen artists have signed on Banlieue Sale including:


Albums and mixtapesEdit

( (A) denotes album, (M) denotes mixtape)

Date Album (A) /
Mixtape (M)
Label Charts Certification

BEL (Wa)
26 October 2004
Planète Trappes
April 2005
Bourré au son
2 March 2006
Planète Trappes Volume 2
12 March 2007
18 February 2008
Capitale du Crime
Banlieue Sale Music
13 February 2009
Mes Repères
18 January 2010
Capitale du Crime Volume 2
Banlieue Sale Music
14 February 2011
La Fouine vs Laouni
Double Platinum
28 November 2011
Capitale du Crime Volume 3
Banlieue Sale Music
4 February 2013
Drôle de parcours
28 November 2014
Capitale du Crime Volume 4
Banlieue Sale Music
11 March 2016
Nouveau monde
2 June 2017
12 October 2018
24 January 2020


  • 1999: Gloire et Misère 1
  • 1999: Gloire et Misère 2
  • 2000: Tous Les Mêmes Choses
  • 2001: Gloire et Misère 3
  • 2001: J'avance
  • 2004: Boum Boum Boum (with Mala)



Year Album Charts Album




2004 "Manque d'argent" 68
2005 "L'unité " (featuring J-Mi Sissoko) 37 Bourré au son
2007 "Qui peut me stopper?" 20 Aller-Retour
"Tombé pour elle" (featuring Amel Bent) 15
2009 "Du ferme" 8 Mes repères
2010 "Banlieue Sale Music" (featuring Nessbeal) 15 Capitale du crime Vol.2
2011 "Veni, vidi, vici" 24 28 La Fouine vs. Laouni
"Papa" 17 14
"D'où l'on vient" 53
"Toute la night" 47 43
"Vécu" (featuring Kamelancien) 51 Capitale du Crime Vol. 3
"Original" 81
2012 "J'avais pas les mots" 16 39 Drôle de parcours
2013 "Paname Boss" (featuring Sniper, Niro, Youssoupha, Canardo, Fababy, Sultan) 54 42
"Ma meilleure" (featuring Zaho) 23 9
"Fête des mères" 45
2014 "Va bene"
(feat. Reda Taliani)
(Re-released in March 2018)
3 Capitale du Crime Volume 4
2015 "Ça va toujours" 49
"Par intérêt" 115
2016 "Terminus" 156 Nouveau monde
2017 "Chargee" 17
"Litron" 156
"Donne-moi mes sous" 82
2019 "Colorés" 118


Year Album Charts Album
2013 "Redbull & vodka" 84 Drôle de parcours
"Quand je partirai" 86
"A l'époque" 93
"Il se passe quelque chose" 101
"Karl" 158
"Donne-moi" 165
"On s'en bat les couilles 2013"
(featuring Mac Tyer)
"Fatima" 186
2014 "Conseil d'ami" 146
"Peace sur le FN" 163
"Lové" 175
Featured in
Year Album Charts Album




2011 "Des pères, des hommes et des frères"
(Corneille featuring La Fouine)
25 2
2012 "Rollin' Like a Boss"
(Mackenson featuring La Fouine & T-Pain)
"C'est la hass"
(Zifou featuring La Fouine)
2013 "Wesh ma gueule"
(Fababy feat. La Fouine)
"Team BS"
(La Fouine, Fababy, Sindy and Sultan)
Singles per album
Year Single Album
  • 1st single : Quelque Chose De Spécial (feat Ellijah)
  • 2nd single : L'unité (feat J-Mi Sissoko)
Bourré Au Son
  • 1st single : Qui Peut Me Stopper ?
  • 2nd single : Reste En Chien (feat Booba)
  • 3rd single : Tomber Pour Elle (feat Amel Bent)
  • 1st single : Cherche La Monnaie
  • 2nd single : Capitale Du Crime (feat Canardo)
  • 3rd single : Dignity (feat Matchstik)
Capitale du Crime
  • 1st single : Ca fait mal Remix (feat Soprano et Sefyu)
  • 2nd single : Tous Les Mêmes
  • 3rd single : Du Ferme
  • 4th single : Hamdoulah Moi, Ça Va (feat Canardo)
  • 5th single : Chips
Mes Repères
  • 1st single : Krav Maga
  • 2nd single : Banlieue sale Music (feat Nessbeal)
  • 3rd single : Nés pour briller (feat Canardo, Green Money et MLC)
  • 4th single : Iblis (Canardo)
Capitale du Crime Volume 2
  • 1st single : Passe leur le salam (feat Rohff)
  • 2nd single : Caillra for life (feat The Game)
  • 3rd single : Veni, vidi, vici
  • 4th single : Papa
  • 5th single : Nhar Sheitan Click
  • 6th single : D'où l'on vient
  • 7th single : Toute la night
La Fouine vs Laouni
  • 1st single :
  • 2nd single : Vecu (feat Kamelanc')
  • 3rd single : j'arrive en balle (feat Fababy)
  • 4th single : C'est bien de (feat Fababy)
  • 5th single : Ben Laden
  • 6th single : Rollin' like a boss (feat Mackenson et T-Pain)
  • 7th single : Jalousie (feat Six Coups MC , Fababy et Leck )
  • 8th single : Capitale du crime 3 (feat 3010 et Sneazzy West)
Capitale du Crime Volume 3
Drôle de parcours

Other singlesEdit

  • Manque d'argent (2004)
  • 3 gars au ghetto (2004)
  • Mon Autobiographie (2004)
  • Quelque chose de Spécial (2004)
  • L'unité Feat Jmi Sissoko (2004)
  • Peu à l'arrivée (2004)
  • Reste en chien Feat Booba (2007)
  • Qui peut me stopper ? (2007)
  • Banlieue sale (2007)
  • On s'en bat les couilles (2007)
  • Tombé pour elle (featuring Amel Bent) (2007)
  • Drôle de parcours (2007)
  • Cherche la monnaie (2008)
  • Ca fait mal (featuring Soprano et Sefyu ; remix by DJ Battle) (2008)
  • Tous les mêmes (2009)
  • Du Ferme (2009)
  • Hamdoulah moi ça va (featuring Canardo) (2009)
  • Chips (2009)
  • Krav Maga (2009)
  • Banlieue sale music (featuring Nessbeal) (2009)
  • La3bine (featuring Don Bigg) (2009)
  • Nés Pour briller (featuringCanardo, Green, MLC) (2010)
  • Pleure pas (featuring Green, Canardo et Kennedy (2010)
  • Viser La Victoire (Feat Admiral T & Medine (2010)
  • Passe leur le Salam (featuring Rohff (15/11/2010)
  • Veni Vidi Vici (2010)
  • Caillra For Life (2010) (featuring Game) (15/12/2010)
  • Papa (23/12/2010)
  • Les Soleils de minuit (2011)
  • Toute la night (2011)
  • (2011) (featuring DJ Khaled)
  • Vécu (2011) (featuring Kamelancien)
  • Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères (2011) (Corneille featuring La Fouine)


La Fouine in Besançon in 2011

2000 :

  • La Fouine : Ma Génération extract from

2001 :

  • La Fouine featuring MC Circulaire: Façon Fouiskin

2002 :

  • La Fouine : Freestyle extract from Violences Urbaines of LIM)
  • Alibi Montana feat La Fouine : C'est Pour Les Mecs D'en Bas extract from Mandat de dêpot of Alibi Montana

2003 :

  • La Fouine : Staarflah la famille extract from Talents fâchés
  • La Fouine : Mon autobiographie extract fromMa Zone of Mala
  • La Fouine : 3 gars au ghetto 'extract from 109 Rap & R&B
  • La Fouine : Manque d'argent extract from 109 Rap & R&B
  • La Fouine : G des tassesextract from 109 Rap & R&B

2004 :

  • La Fouine featuring Shyd-D : For my J's extract from 92100% Hip Hop Vol.4
  • La Fouine & Mala : Boum Boum Boum (EP)

2005 :

  • La Fouine : C'est pour les mecs d'en bas extract fromWest Rider 2
  • Willy Denzey feat la Fouine : Life extract from#1 of Willy Denzey
  • La Fouine featuring Pat Seb - Let's shake the towels

2006 :

  • La Fouine : Il en faut extract from Talents Fâchés 3
  • La Fouine featuring Jazz Malone : Non-Stop extract from Paname All Stars
  • La Fouine : Les barreaux extract from Phonographe
  • Chabodo feat La Fouine & Jazz Malone : Levez haut les drapeaux extract from La Délinquance of Chabodo
  • La Fouine featuring 2g68 : Koma Etilik
  • La Fouine Feat S.Kro & Mc Gam'1 : Luxembourg City

2007 :

  • Bibo feat La Fouine : Vie and Drop La Fouine extract from Volume Rose
  • Manu Key featuring La Fouine : Responsable extract from Prolifique Vol.2
  • Al Peco featuring La Fouine - Apparitions
  • Phil G Unit featuring La Fouine : Talents Gâchés
  • La Toxine featuring La Fouine : J'ai de l'amour pour mes caillesextract from Hi-One 1er Opus
  • Matchstik featuring La Fouine : Dignity extract from Shock Therapy of Matchstick and "Capitale du Crime" of La Fouine
  • La Fouine featuring Comma Comma : Luxembourg Freestyle Shop (Promo)
  • La Fouine featuring Booba : Reste en chien extract from Aller-Retour
  • La Fouine : Hold Up
  • La Fouine: Etat des Lieux

2008 :

  • La Fouine : J'repense aux frères extract from Big Ballers vol.2
  • Grodash featuring La Fouine : Tenter sa chance extract from La Vie de rêve de Grodash
  • Enhancer feat La Fouine : Rock Game extract from Désobéir de Enhancer
  • La Fouine featuring Pat Seb : If you could shut the *** up (Extended)¨$L
  • La Fouine featuring Phil G : Respect aux mothers
  • La Fouine featuring Willy Denzey: Très agile, elle niche dans les greniers ou les dépendances
  • La Fouine featuring Slim'H : Les portos ils vont prendre cher
  • James Izmad featuring La Fouine : Oh No(Remix) extract from La FNAC en mode Rap Français
  • Amine & La Fouine: La Génie

2009 :

  • La Fouine featuring Soprano & Sefyu : Ca fait mal (Remix) extract from Mes Repères
  • La Fouine featuring Scalo : Puisqu'on sait extract from Art' East (Best Of Label Rouge 3)
  • DJ Battle feat La Fouine & Francisco : Du ferme (Remix) extract from Speciale Dedicace Au Rap Francais Vol. 3 :La Fouine Edition
  • La Fouine feat Game : My Life (Remix) extract from Lil Wayne for President of DJ Battle
  • La Fouine : Krav Maga extract from Capitale Du Crime Vol.2
  • La Fouine feat Nessbeal : Banlieue sale music extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • La Fouine feat Canardo, Gued'1, Green, MLC : Krav Maga (Remix) (hosted by DJ Battle) extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • La Fouine featuring Accord'Eon : FT en galère, Let's Jump Baby !
  • Don Bigg feat La Fouine : La3bine extrait de Byad ou K7al
  • Timati feat La Fouine & J-Mi Sissoko : Briquets extract from The Boss de Timati
  • La Fouine feat Reviens du balcon : J'crois que je ne vais pas manger ce soir
  • La Fouine : Reste Tranquille
  • Beuz feat La Fouine et Futur Proche : Matiére grise extract from Seulement une plume peut me donner des ailes
  • La Fouine : Rien à perdre

2010 :

  • Admiral T feat La Fouine & Médine : Viser la victoire extract from Intinct Admiral of Admiral T
  • La Fouine feat Black Kent : Blackberry extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • La Fouine feat Green : Le Mauvais œil extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • La Fouine feat Rickwell : Youporn extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • La Fouine feat Green, Canardo et Kennedy : Pleure pas
  • La Fouine feat Canardo, Green et Mlc : Nés pour briller extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • La Fouine feat DJ Battle : Quand la musique est bonne extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 2
  • Canardo feat La Fouine : Henijay extract from Papillon of Canardo
  • La Fouine Feat Alonzo & Teddy Corona : Dans Nos Quartiers extract from Street Lourd Vol. 2
  • Sofiane feat La Fouine : Blankok City Gang extract from Brakage Vocal Vol. 1
  • Nessbeal feat La Fouine : Au Bout de la Route extract from NE2S of Nessbeal
  • Rohff feat La Fouine : On peut pas tout avoir extract fromLa Cuenta of Rohff

2011 :

  • La Fouine Feat M.A.S : Rappelle Toi extract from Une Minute De Silence of M.A.S
  • Still Fresh feat La Fouine : C'est pas la même extract from Mes Rêves of Still Fresh
  • 3010 feat Still Fresh & La Fouine: C'est pas la même (Remix)
  • Médine feat La Fouine et V.A : Téléphone Arabe extract from Table d'écoute 2 de Médine
  • La Fouine featuring DJ Khaled : extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 3
  • La Fouine featuring Kamelancien : Vécu extract from Capitale du Crime Vol. 3
  • Corneille featuring La Fouine : Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères extract from Les Inséparables of Corneille
  • La Fouine : C'est de l'or
  • Nessbeal feat Mister You et La Fouine : Là où les vents nous ménent extract from Sélection naturelle of Nessbeal
  • La Fouine : On contrôle le monde
  • La Fouine : Chewing gum
  • La Fouine : Tu n'as aucun Swagg
  • La Fouine : Nos Erreurs (resumption of A nos actes manqués de Jean-Jacques Goldman)

2012 :

  • Fababy feat La Fouine : Problème extract from La Symphonie Des Chargeurs of Fababy
  • La Fouine : Mimi Cracra
  • La Fouine : Jacques Chirac
  • Fababy feat La Fouine : Mère Seule extract from La Symphonie Des Chargeurs of Fababy
  • La Fouine feat Le Rat Luciano : Esperer extract from Projet Nord Sud of 13eme Art Music
  • Zifou feat La Fouine : C'est la Hass extract from Zifou 2 Dingue of Zifou
  • Canardo feat La Fouine : Tous ce que j'aurais voulu faire extract from A la Youv of Canardo
  • Kennedy feat La Fouine : On s'arrange extract from Sur Ecoute of Kennedy
  • M.A.S feat La Fouine : Mauvais Rêves extract from Minute de Silence of M.A.S
  • La Fouine : Si Maman Si (resumption of Si Maman Si de France Gall)
  • Canardo feat La Fouine et Seth Gueko : Mele Me (remix) extract from A la Youv of Canardo
  • M.A.S feat La Fouine : Sur un banc extract from Minute de Silence of M.A.S
  • DJ Battle feat La Fouine : Trappes Stars
  • Patrick Bruel feat La Fouine : Mots D'enfants extract from "Lequel De Nous" of Patrick Bruel
  • Sultan feat La Fouine : Des Jours Meilleurs extract from Des Jours Meilleurs of Sultan
  • S-Pi feat La Fouine, Youssoupha, Grodash, Tito Prince, Kozi & Poison : Kinshasa Boss
  • La Fouine feat Admiral T, Kalash, XMAN, Young Chang Mc & Lieutenant : West Indies (Remix)

2013 :

  • Kamelanc' feat La Fouine : Pour En Arriver Là extract from Coupé Du Monde of Kamelanc'
  • La Fouine feat Tar-K Sheitanik : Waheed (On les baise)
  • Fababy feat La Fouine : Wesh Ma Gueule extract from La Force du Nombre of Fababy
  • La Fouine feat Bad News Brown : Reign (Remix)
  • La Fouine feat Farid Bang - Morocco Gang


Music VideosEdit

Year Single Director
L'unité (feat J-Mi Sissoko)
Quelque chose de spécial (feat Ellijah)
On s'en bat les Couilless
Qui peut me stopper ?
Reste en chien (feat Booba)
Banlieue Sale (feat Gued'1 et Kennedy)
Dignity (feat Matchstick)
Da Connect
Tombé Pour Elle (feat Amel Bent)
Cherche la Monnaie
Chris Macari
Ça Fait Mal (Remix) (feat Soprano et Sefyu)
Mazava Prod
Tous les mêmes
Du ferme
Hamdoullah moi ça va (feat Canardo)
Krav Maga
Chris Macari
Banlieue Sale Music (feat Nessbeal)
Krav Maga (Remix) (feat Gued'1, Green Money, Canardo et MLC)
Nés pour briller (feat Canardo, Green Money et MLC)
Charly Clodion
Mauvais œil (feat Green Money)
Iceland Film
Passe leur le salam (feat Rohff)
Wahib Cheheta
Caillra for life (feat The Game)
Mazava Prod
Veni Vidi Vici
Les soleils de minuit
Glenn Smith
Mazava Prod
Glenn Smith
Fouiny Gamos
Interlude-One shot
1986 Prod
Caillra for life 2 (feat Game)
The Walkers Ent
Elle venait du ciel (feat Zaho)
Bafana Bafana remix (feat Soprano, Admiral T , Seth Gueko, Canardo, Nessbeal, Dj Battle et Cut Killer)
Glenn Smith
nhar sheitan Click
1986 Prod
D'où l'on vient
Mazava Prod
Toute la night
1986 Prod
VNTM.COM (feat Dj Khaled)
Vécu (feat Kamelancien)
J'arrive en balle (feat Fababy)
Ben Laden
C'est bien de… (feat Fababy)
Rollin Like A Boss… (feat Mackenson & T-Pain)
Rappelle-toi(feat MAS)
Guillaume Viscogliosi
Jalousie (feat SixcoupsMC , Leck & Fababy)
1986 Prod
Capitale du crime 3 (feat Sneazzy et 3010)
Paname Boss (feat Sniper, Niro, Youssoupha, Canardo, Fababy & Sultan)
J'avais pas les mots
Autopsie 5
Il se passe quelque chose (feat Youssoupha)
1986 Prod
Ma Meilleure (feat Zaho)
Quand je partirai
Va bene (with Reda Taliani)
Glenn Smith
Insta (feat. Lartiste)
Mohamad Salah

Music Videos other projectsEdit

Year Single Director
Banlieue ouest (with Vf Gang)
Souljah / OCM
État des lieux
Responsable (with Manu Key)
Chris Macari
Dignity (with Matchscick)
Da Connect
Viser la victoire (with Medine et Admiral-T)
Chris Macari
Des pères, des hommes et des frères (with Corneille)
Jean Marie Antonini
C'est La Hass (with Zifou)
1986 Prod
Problème (with Fababy)
1986 Prod

Appearances in Music VideosEdit

  • 2008 : "Macadam" of Youssoupha
  • 2009 : "La mélodie du Ghetto" of Black Kent
  • 2009 : "Tonight" of Green Money
  • 2009 : "Une journée comme tant d'autres" of Morad
  • 2010 : "Greenologie 2016" of Green Money
  • 2010 : "On nous demande" of Predatene
  • 2010 : "Sortez les billets" of Chabodo
  • 2010 : "Ca bouge pas" of Nessbeal
  • 2011 : "Skyzofrench rap 2" of Eklips
  • 2011 : "La Symphonie des Chargeurs" of Fababy
  • 2011 : "Avec la haine" of Fababy
  • 2011 : "Mal à dire" of Fababy
  • 2012 : "Pilote" of M.A.S.
  • 2012 : "Un arabe à Miami" of Lacrim

Nominations and awardsEdit

MTV Europe Music AwardsEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2011 La Fouine Best French Artist Won

Victoires de la musiqueEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2010 La Fouine The band or artist revelation of the public of the year Nominated
2010 Mes repères The urban music album of the year Nominated
2012 La Fouine vs Laouni The rap or urban music album of the year Nominated

L'année du Hip hopEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2008 La Fouine Best Rap Artist Nominated
2008 Aller retour Best Nominated
2008 Reste en chien Best track Nominated

Trace Urban Music AwardsEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2013 La Fouine Best Male Artist Won
2013 La Fouine/Zaho Best Collaboration Won
2013 Drôle de Parcours Best Album Won


  • 2009 : District 13: Ultimatum directed by Patrick Alessandrin : Ali K
  • 2012 : Un marrocain à Paris : Bickette
  • 2012 : Rouleur de Journaux of Sebastien Rougemont : Ludo
  • 2012 : Appearance in the French serie SODA
  • 2012 : Said (short film) : Said
  • 2013 : Ride or Die (short film)
  • 2014 : A toute epreuve
  • 2015 : The New Adventures of Aladdin
  • 2017 :
  • 2018 : Dans l'ombre du tueur (TV mini-series) : Jeff
  • 2019 : Night Walk directed by Aziz Tazi: Ayman

Web seriesEdit

Year Title Director Episodes
2009 Lourd de fou Mazava Prod 1. 69 la trik! - 2. Qui peut me tester...à PES - 3. Ca fait mal! - 4. Montpellier le fait mieux! - 5. Un trappiste à Miami - 6. Le 78 chez les ch'tis - 7. Sam a pris des bords - 8. La promo a Paris c'est magique - 9. Fouiny Potter en Suisse
2011 Fouiny Story I Double N Prod 1. Un F'tor presque parfait - 2. 4 jours en 1 - 3. À la bien - 4. Chanter le foot - 5. Semi-liberté - 6. L'Ancienne Belgique - 7. La cité de l'or - 8. Trappes et Campton - 9. Je suis musulman comme Michael Chretien - 10. African Dream - 11. Nouvelle-Calédonie - 12. Passe-leur le Salam - 13. Kinshasa - 14. En mode clip - 15. Papa - 16. Le printemps des Bourges - 17. D'ou l'on vient - 18. Le Zenith de Paris - 19. Festival Inc'Rock - 20. Banlieue Sale à Cannes - 21. Enjaillement Total - 22. Fouiny Tour - 23. Le retour du roi Heenok - 24. Nancy - 25. M.A.S nouvelle signature Banlieue Sale - 26. Best-of season 1 + unedited materials from season 1
Fouiny Story II 1. Bienvenue chez la Banlieue Sale - 2. Fababy nouvelle signature Banlieue Sale - 3. La Réconciliation - 4. 3 concerts en 2 jours - 5. Montreality - 6. Banlieue Sale et G-Unit - 7. Dougie Swagg - 8. 3 clips en une semaine - 9. Un concert sous la pluie - 10. Fouiny Tour Part. I - 11. L'association CEKEDUBONHEUR - 12. Fouiny Tour Part. II - 13. Africa Tour 1 - 14. Africa Tour 2 - 15. Africa Tour 3
2012 Fouiny Story III 1. Dakar 4 ever - 2. Drôle de personage - 3. Paname boss - 4. Fouiny Team - 5. Journée chargée de fou - 6. Drôle de Parcours - 7. Disque d'or - 8. Les Coulisses du C.D.C 3 Tour (part 1) - 9. Les Coulisses du C.D.C 3 Tour (part 2) - 10. Les Coulisses du C.D.C 3 Tour (part 3) - 11. Abidjan - 12. Street Swagg Tour
2016 Fouiny Story IV Orson Swell 1. 6e round 2. Retour aux sources 3. Fouiny Ibrahimovic
2017 La Fouiny Minute La Fouine 1. Johnny 2. Litron 3. RS4 4. Fouiny Dance 5. Remise des trophées YouTube


  • La Fouine : Drôle de Parcours (book published in November 2013).


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