Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal?

Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal? (also known as Five wives of Mr. Unlucky Person) is an Indian Hindi television sitcom that aired on Star Bharat. The story is about a mother Kunti Devi who demands a perfect daughter-in-law with five qualities, from God for her son Kanhaiya. However, as a result of a strange twist she ends up with five daughters-in-laws with one quality each.[1] It also airs in Pakistan and Nepal as the title Mr.Kanhaiya Paanchal ki Paanch Patniya.

Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal?
Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal-serial.jpg
Created byVipul D. Shah
Written byHemant Kewani
Vipul D Shah
Virat Basoia
Atul Kumar
Directed byKedar Shinde
StarringSee below
Opening theme"Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal"
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes424
ProducerVipul D Shah
Camera setupMultiple cameras
Running time21 minutes
Production companyOptimystix Entertainment
DistributorStar India
Original networkStar Bharat
Picture format
Original release28 August 2017 (2017-08-28) –
21 January 2019 (2019-01-21)
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This story is based on how a mother, Kunti Devi's desire turns into disappointment. The five qualities she requires in her daughter-in-law are beauty, wisdom, romance, culinary skills and religious devotion. With the blessing of lord Shiva, Kanhaiya was married to Pari (meaning fairy- beautiful),Prarthana (meaning prayer), Panjiri (a kind of north Indian food), Prema (meaning love) and then Pratibha (intelligence) - with qualities matching with their names. The plot is inspired by the story of Draupadi, who had requested Lord Shiva in her previous life to be granted a husband with great qualities, but erred by repeating each quality five times and therefore was granted the boon of five husbands.[2][3] As a result the band of Mr.Kanhaiya and his mother Kunti is played. The Paanchal family lives in Meerut.

The Second Season (Second Innings) was going on air from 23 October 2018 to 21 January 2019, where Kunti's new greed of having another quality in each of her bahu leads to Lord Shiva fulfilling it by giving a boon of 5 children to the daughter in laws that is Surili (means melodious) to Pratibha, Shakti (means strength) to Prema, Chanchal (playful) to Prathna, Buddhi (means intelligence) to Pari and Dhairya (means patience) to Panjiri to complete their qualities.[4]

Cast and charactersEdit


  • Maninder Singh as Mr. Kanhaiya Paanchal, son of Kunti Devi and Kailash Paanchal, a successful 37-year-old man. He owns a saree shop in Meerut. He often has to sort out the problems faced by his family, mainly of his mother and wives. He loves his mother and wives dearly and can do anything for them. He doesn't believe in superstitious beliefs, unlike his mother and his four wives( excluding Pratibha). He is husband of Pari, Prathana, Panjiri, Prema and Prathiba and father of Buddhi, Chanchal, Dhairya, Shakti and Surili.
  • Kanchan Gupta as Kunti Devi, Kailash's widow, Kanhaiya and Kusum's mother, a loving-yet-greedy mother who asks a boon from Lord Shiva, of a daughter-in-law who has all the five talents, i.e. she should be beautiful, saintly, culinarian, tender-hearted and intelligent. But in twist gets five daughter-in-laws, each with quality of her wish. She falls into traps of superstitious beliefs like a saint or a witch or a ghost. She also believed that her bahus might dominate her in on of the episodes.
  • Ojaswi Oberoi as Pari Panchal : Kanhaiya's first wife and Buddhi's mother, the prettiest of the five wives and likes to click selfies but she is 10th fail. She often doesn't understand the things told to her and does them in a comical way
  • Astha Agarwal as Prarthana Kanhaiya Panchal : Kanhaiya's second wife, Panjiri's elder sister and Chamchal's mother, she is the most religious. She talks in literal Hindi, which is not understood by anyone except for Panjiri. She strongly believes in superstitions just like Kunti Devi.
  • Radhika Muthukumar as Panjiri Kanhaiya Panchal : Kanhaiya's third wife, Prarthana's younger sister and Dhairya's mother, she cooks the most delicious food. She is the shadow of her elder sister and does everything her sister does and is also her translator.
  • Reena Aggarwal (August 2017- April 2018)/ Patrali Chattopadhyay (May 2018-January 2019)[5] as Prema Panchal, Kanhaiya's fourth wife and Shakti's mother, She is an expert in talking in French and is most romantic of all. She always thinks about love stories, due to which she is often scolded by Kunti. Of the five wives, she talks the most sweetly and in French
  • Dharti Bhatt as Pratibha Panchal Kanhiaya's fifth and last wife and Surili's mother, She is the most intelligent of the five wives, and is practical as well. She takes care of budget of the house. She has a catchphrase, 'Soch Kay Dekho' (think and see like it). She is only wife of Kanhaiya who doesn't believe in superstitious beliefs.
  • Rahul Singh as Pratap Kumar, Kusum's husband, a struggling actor who is staying with his mother-in-law's; he is sarcastic and is the comical element of the show. He often asks Kunti to give him money or name her house for him. He also gives weird for problem, mostly asking her to leave the house or die. He teases Kusum for being irresponsible wife and for sleeping the whole day.
  • Ariah Agarwal as Kusum, Kunti's daughter, Kanhaiya's sister and Pratap's wife. She is very lazy, sleepy girl who is obsessed with television shows. She always scolds her husband for being jobless and spends most of the time either sleeping or relishing on delicious food made by Panjiri. She is called "lady crocodile' and 'Kumbhkaran" by her husband and mother.
  • Sejal Gupta as Buddhi Panchal, Kanhaiya and Pari's daughter.
  • Ridhima Taneja as Chanchal, Kanhaiya and Prarthna's daughter.
  • Aarna Bhadoriya as Dhairya Panchal Kanhaiya and Panjiri's daughter.
  • Arista Mehta as Shakti Panchal, Kanhaiya and Prema's daughter
  • Ayat Shaikh as Surili Panchal, Kanhaiya and Pratibha's daughter.


  • Abhay Pratap Singh as Khatru, an employee at Kanhaiya's saree shop, who constantly bothers Kanhaiya by asking him to grant him leave or give ve him extra money. He also often appreciates his girlfriend Reshma, stating that her good( which is the worst) is very nice.
  • Anahita Jahabaksh as Sarla, Kunti's neighbour who teases Kunti. She always ridicules Kunti for having 5 daughter in-laws, but at the same time, appreciates their talents. It shown that she is scared of her daught-in-law
  • Kushal Punjabi as Lord Shiva,[6] the god himself. He fulfilled Kunti's wish but with a big twist to give her a lesson that greed is wrong.
  • Shruti Rawat as Padma/Bijli Rani, the false sixth wife of Kanhaiya who wanted to own Kunti Nivas for her boyfriend Raka (March–April 2018)
  • Abha Parmar as Balwanti, Kunti’s rival,
  • Arya as Ram Prasad Chaurasiya, Kunti's Brother. He is a lawyer by profession, but do gives astrological advices to people. He has a habit of saying "Kanoon Ka Aadmi Hoon (I am a person of law)". In the special episode of "Monochwa", it turns s revealed that he had freed Meerut form the creatures clutches( in fact, he was buying oil, but the oil spilled and he was trying to blow it out, unaware that the deadly creature was there)
  • Chhaya Vora as Pari’s mother
  • Runav Shah as Gopal, Padma & Kanhaiya’s fake son. He was arranged by Padma and her boyfriend Raka to somehow take away the Kunti Niwas. His parents made him act in the drama for money.
  • Gaurav More as Chirangi Lal, the TV News Reporter, who often talks about incidents related to the Panchal family


  • Ravi Dubey as himself, to promote his show Sabse Smart Kaun. He helped in the mystery case of Munochwa.
  • Indira Krishnan as Ghazibad Wali Bua. Kanhaiya and Kusum's aunt.
  • Alpana Buch as Guddo Bua aka Roorkee Wali Bua. Kanhaiya and Kusum's aunt.

Background and productionEdit


In April 2018, Reena Aggarwal who was portraying the character of Prema the fourth wife of Kanhaiya, was bitten on the face by the dog in the scene she was shooting. Doctors advised her to take a month's break for recuperation.[7] Later, she left the series and was replaced by Patrali Chattopadhyay.[8]

Themes and analysisEdit

The producer of the series Vipul D Shah stated that the series is not promoting polygamy, which is a criminal offence in India for all citizens except Muslims.[citation needed] He said that the show is about fantasy and fiction and they are not spreading a false message to audiences.[9] He further said that:

Comedy comes naturally to us and we have been wanting to do something really different with the [mother-in-law - daughter-in-law] angle, and so this idea came up. We want to spread the message that sometimes when you want more, it doesn’t always turn out to be good.[9]

season 2Edit

It will out in a second addition

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