Kvirike IV of Kakheti

Kvirike IV (Georgian: კვირიკე IV) (died 1102) was a King of Kakheti and Hereti in eastern Georgia from 1084 to 1102.

Kvirike IV
კვირიკე IV
King of Kakheti and Hereti
Reign1084 – 1102
PredecessorAghsartan I
SuccessorAghsartan II

He succeeded upon the death of his father Aghsartan I. He ruled as a tributary to the Seljuq dynasty and opposed the energetic Georgian king David IV who pursued a vigorous domestic and foreign policy aimed at asserting Georgia's integrity and its hegemony in the Caucasus. Kvirike lost the fortress of Zedazeni to David, but was still able to secure the succession to his son Aghsartan II.


Preceded by King of Kakheti and Hereti
Succeeded by