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The Kuravar is an ethnic Tamil community native to the Kurinji mountain region of southern India.[citation needed]

Regions with significant populations
Tamil Nadu, Kerala
Tamil, Malayalam
Related ethnic groups
Tamil people


The "Kuravan" is a Tamil word which means "uyarnthavan" or "Thalaivan" means "Leader"


During British rule in India they were placed under Criminal Tribes Act 1871, hence stigmatized for a long time, after Independence however they were denotified in 1952, though the stigma continues.[1]


The whole population of Tamil Nadu knows that kuravar best Community as Tribal Gypsies but the subsequent Governments denied that fact and helped the reservation mechanism which systematically oppressed this group of people who were already been oppressed for ages by their own Tamil people. This has led to protests and resentment from the community.[2] However, the Narikuravas are yet to be recognized as a scheduled tribe.


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