Kondoa Mjini

Kondoa is a town and administrative ward (called Kondoa Mjini or Kondoa Urban) in the Kondoa District of the Dodoma Region of Tanzania. According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Kondoa Ward was 14,382.[1] According to the 2002 census, the ward had a total population of 21,878.[2]

Kondoa is located in Tanzania
Location in Tanzania
Coordinates: 04°54′23″S 35°46′47″E / 4.90639°S 35.77972°E / -4.90639; 35.77972
CountryFlag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania
RegionDodoma Region
DistrictKondoa District
 • Total14,382
Time zoneGMT + 3

Kondoa Town is the district capital of Kondoa District. The local government buildings were mostly built during the German colonization. The town also has a district hospital, three O-Level Secondary schools, one A-Level school for girls, and an agricultural college. There is also a teachers' training college called Bustani (garden in Kiswahili) College. There is a local NMB bank branch.

The climate is semi-arid. The rainy season is from late December to mid March, and Kondoa receives little to no precipitation the rest of the year. The weather is mostly hot. The town has a hot spring that provides drinking water for many inhabitants. There is also a river that runs through the town, though in the dry months there is almost no water above ground. There is a good bridge over the river.

The Irangi tribe is the most populous ethnic group in Kondoa, and their native language is Kirangi. As it was a stop on an ancient caravan road, Kondoa has a sizeable non-Irangi minority.

The town is about 70% Muslim and 30% Christian, with aboriginal religions virtually extinct. Relations between religious groups are good.


Trunk road T5 from Dodoma to Babati passes through the town.[3]


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