Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad

Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad (stage name Frost; born 28 June 1973) is the Norwegian drummer in black metal bands Satyricon and 1349.[1] He was born in Øyer, Oppland.

Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad
Frost, 2017
Frost, 2017
Background information
Birth nameKjetil-Vidar Haraldstad
Born (1973-06-26) 26 June 1973 (age 49)
Øyer, Oppland, Norway
GenresBlack metal

Frost has previously performed with Gorgoroth, Zyklon-B, Gehenna and Keep Of Kalessin.[2] He originally joined Satyricon temporarily to record the demo The Forest is My Throne, later joining the band full-time.[3] He has a degree in Engineering, having taken a course in Computer Science at the University of Oslo.[4]

He is regarded as one of the fastest and most proficient drummers in the black metal and extreme metal genres.[5] Frost employs various drumming styles when performing with different bands; in 1349 and early Satyricon he extensively uses blast beats, with his most recent work in Satyricon being more thought-out and mid-tempo.[6] On 1349's 2009 studio album Revelations of the Black Flame he played at a slower speed as it was a more experimental album, but for every other release by the band he has consistently played at higher speeds.[7] On all Satyricon albums his role is credited simply as "battery".

Frost was denied entry to North America by the US Department of Homeland Security upon failing to note having been sentenced to 5 months for assault (during a bar fight in the early '90s) when applying for his work visa.[8] On 1349 tours before 2008, he was replaced by Tony Laureano. Joey Jordison and Trym Torson have performed with Satyricon on North American tour dates. He later was able to perform again in the United States.[9]

He appeared in the documentary film Until The Light Takes Us as part of an art piece by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard, featuring him firebreathing, cutting himself with a knife, and destroying the set.[10]

Since 2018 Frost adheres to a mostly plant-based vegan diet. He says that he has shown appreciation for good food and believes it will be the future in terms of what humans consume on a daily basis. He predicts that "the world will be completely different on the subject of food — and even quality of food, actually." Frost also says that his diet helped him become more productive with Satyricon.[11]


Frost uses Tama drums and pedals,[12] Zildjian cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks.[13]

Drums: Tama Starclassic Bubinga:

  • 24"x18" bass drums (x2)
  • 12"x9" rack tom
  • 13"x10" rack tom
  • 14"x11" rack tom
  • 16"x13" floor tom
  • 18"x16" floor tom
  • 14"x5.5" snare
  • Iron Cobra Power Glide Kick Pedals

Cymbals: Zildjian:

  • 16" A Custom fast crash
  • 16" K Custom fast crash
  • 14" K light hi-hats
  • 17" A Custom fast crash
  • 20" FX Oriental china "trash"
  • 9.5" Zil-Bel Large
  • 11" FX Oriental "trash" splash
  • 14" A Custom fast crash
  • 10" A Custom splash
  • 14" Special K/Z hi-hats
  • 17" K Custom dark china
  • 18" A Custom crash
  • 21" A mega bell ride
  • 20" FX Oriental crash of doom
  • 16" FX Oriental china "trash"


Year Title Band
1993 Dark Medieval Times Satyricon
1994 The Shadowthrone Satyricon
1995 Blood Must be Shed Zyklon-B
1996 Nemesis Divina Satyricon
1996 Antichrist Gorgoroth
1998 Destroyer (one song only) Gorgoroth
1999 Rebel Extravaganza Satyricon
2000 1349 1349
2002 Volcano Satyricon
2003 Reclaim Keep of Kalessin
2003 Liberation[14] 1349
2004 Beyond the Apocalypse 1349
2005 Hellfire[15] 1349
2005 WW Gehenna
2006 Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam Gorgoroth
2006 Now, Diabolical Satyricon
2008 The Age of Nero Satyricon
2009 Revelations Of the Black Flame 1349
2010 The Underworld Regime Ov Hell
2010 Demonoir[16] 1349
2013 Satyricon Satyricon
2014 Massive Cauldron of Chaos 1349
2017 Deep Calleth Upon Deep Satyricon


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