Kingone Wang

Kingone Wang (Chinese: 王傳一; pinyin: Wáng Chuányī; born 5 May 1980) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and host. He was part of the boy band Comic Boyz and winner of Taiwanese Golden Bell Awards for Best Supporting Actor. He is the alumni of both National Chiao Tung University and Chinese Culture University.

Kingone Wang
2008SonyFair Day2 Kingone Wang.jpg
Kingone Wang @ Sony Fair 2008
Born (1980-05-05) 5 May 1980 (age 41)
Alma materNational Chiao Tung University
OccupationActor, singer, host
Years active2001–present
Awards40th Golden Bell AwardsBest Supporting Actor
2005 'Evil Scorpion' – Zhang Shuwei
Musical career
LabelsOcean Butterflies Music (Present)
Sony Music Taiwan (2001–2005)
Associated actsComic Boyz
WebsiteWang Ocean Butterflies Music

Early lifeEdit

On 5 May 1980, Wang was born in Taipei. He is the only child in his family. His given name "傳一" means "the one to inherit".

His father is a senior doctor in dermatological department. His mother died of cancer when he was only 17.

During his years of Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, his mark was always very first-class. So the school recommended him for admission to National Chiao Tung University.[1]

Kingone is able to speak English, Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien. He is currently completing Graduate degrees in both Civil Engineering at National Chiao Tung University and Philosophy at Chinese Culture University.

In his spare time, Wang likes music and sport, especially golf and darts.


Wang began his media career in modeling and attracted public attention with his figure and looks. Many feel that Wang's attractive figure is a combination of the Hong Kong popstar Andy Lau and Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou.[citation needed] in 2002, Wang was signed by Sony Music (Taiwan) to form a 6-man boy band Comic Boyz (可米小子) where he was the leader of the group. They acted in several Taiwanese dramas and released 3 albums: Hey Hah! (可米小子), 2002; 青春紀念冊 2003; Goodbye 可米小子新歌+精選, 2005 before disbanding in 2005.

After Comic Boyz disbanded, Wang continued to pursue his career in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, hosting TV shows and playing supporting roles in TV dramas. In 2005, Wang played a supporting role in the drama Evil Scorpion (魔蠍) for which he won the 2005 Best Supporting Actor at the 40th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan.[2] He also starred alongside Rainie Yang and Mike He in Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊) in 2005 and Why Why Love (換換愛) in 2007, where he played a sensitive university basketball team captain and a large shopping centre's CEO, respectively. Wang is currently signed by Ocean Butterflies Music Co Ltd, and released his first EP Love, KingOne (換換愛) on 14 August 2007.

In 2009, Kingone was nominated for the second time for Best Supporting Actor at the 44th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan for his role as Gao Yi in Black & White.[3]



  • Love 50% (2010)
  • Penguin Fufu (2012)
  • Rite of Spring (2014)
  • Mole of Life (2016)
  • The Detective Caught (2017)

Other Television seriesEdit

Year English title Original title Role Network
好美麗診所嘿哈 池珍東
2002 Meteor Garden II 流星花園2 guest star as secretary CTS
偷偷愛上你 guest star
2003 Love Storm 狂愛龍卷風 guest star
2003 Spicy Hot Student 麻辣高校生 可米小子
2003 Godfather in Pink 粉紅教父小甜甜 薔薇普林斯(偶像團體) CTV
2004 Mars 戰神MARS Ling & Sheng's biological father (親生父親) cameo CTS
2005 Evil Scorpion 魔蠍 Zhang Shuwei (張書瑋)
2005 Starry Night 愛在星光燦爛時 傳一 CTS[4]
2005 Devil Beside You 惡魔在身邊 Shang Yuan Yi (尚源伊) CTV
2005 Wind Chasers 追風少年 何飛力 FTV
2006 Goku Dou High School' 極道學園 周少奇 CTS
2006 Silence 深情密碼 黃至燁 CTV
2006 My son is a Mob Boss 我的兒子是老大 法蘭克 (Frank) onTV
2007 Why Why Love 換換愛 Huo Yan (霍彥) CTS
2007 The Legend of Chu Liuxiang 楚留香傳奇 Zhongyuan Yidianhong CCTV-8
2008 Wish to See You Again 這裡發現愛 馬永睿 (小馬) CTS
2009 Black & White 痞子英雄 Gao Yi (高義) PTS
2010 Scent of Love 就是要香戀 向致遠 CTV
2011 Love You 醉後決定愛上你 Ren Yi Xiang (以翔) TTV
2011 Next Heroes 真的漢子 Jing Cai Ge 精彩哥 Next TV
2012 Fondant Garden 翻糖花園 Yan Han Xiang 顏瀚祥
2013 Happy 300 Days 遇見幸福300天 Qi Tian 齊天 TTV
2014 Tie the Knot 妈咪的男朋友 Liu Zi Jun 留子俊 SETTV
2015 Someone like you 聽見幸福 Fang Zhan-cheng 方展丞 TTV
2015 The Day I lost You 失去你的那一天 Meng Zeming 孟澤銘 CTV
2019 Goodbye My Princess[5] 东宫 Li Chengye Youku
2019 Love in a Fallen City 一身孤注掷温柔

Mediacorp TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2012 Yours Fatefully
Soo Xiao Yi
  • Pairs up with Jesseca Liu
  • 1st Male Lead 第一男主角
2018 Till We Meet Again
Zhao Yao Jin
Till We Meet Again – Prequel
Sun Wukong
  • Pair up with Julie Tan
  • 1st Male Lead 第一男主角
  • Toggle Original Series


  • Azio TV Asia Entertainment Centre (weekend host)
  • Azio TV Azio Music Expert (東風音樂通)
  • Comic Boyz Adventure (惡童探險記)
  • Eastern U-STAR Asia Popular New Artiste co-host (東風U-STAR亞洲新紅人選主持人之一)
  • Margic Love Horoscope (星座愛情魔法)
  • 2005 Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan red carpet co-host


Solo EPEdit

Album Info Track listing
Love, KingOne (EP) (換換愛)[6]
  1. "Why Why Love" MV (換換愛 MV)
  2. "Why Why Love" (換換愛)
  3. "The World I Want" (我要的世界)
  4. "Welcome to My Heart"

Original soundtrackEdit

Album Info Track listing
Goku Dou High School Original TV Soundtrack (OST)
  1. "Lovin' U" (Wang Kingone)
  2. "極道戰役" (Wang Kingone+李偉豪+馬如龍+藤岡靛)

Comic Boyz albumsEdit

Album # Album Info Track listing
1st Hey Hah!! Comic Boyz[8]
  1. "Hey!Hah!"
  2. "求愛復刻版" (Old School Love)
  3. "超人心" (The Heart Of Superman)
  4. "最重要的你" (The Most Important You)
  5. "我忍住哭" (I Hold on My Tears)
  6. "喜歡你" (Loving U)
  7. "Blue Miracle"
  8. "Buddy"
  9. "相信" (Belief)
  10. "青春無敵" (Forever Youth)
  11. "Hey! Hah!" (Asia Remix)
  12. "Hey! Hah!" (Euro Remix)
2nd Youth Souvenir Book (青春紀念冊)[9]
  1. "Number 2"
  2. "青春紀念冊" (Youth Souvenir Book)
  3. "紅蜻蜓" (Red Dragon Fly)
  4. "花季" (Flower Season)
  5. "他" (Him)
  6. "Hold Me Close"
  7. "我討厭" (I Hate It)
  8. "我的野蠻女友" (My Sassy Girlfriend)
  9. "愛的入場劵" (Love Coupon)
  10. "愛像什麼" (Love What)
3rd Goodbye Comic Boyz (New + Best Selection) (Goodbye 可米小子 新歌+精選)[10]
  1. "愛情不用翻譯" – Starry Night (愛在星光燦爛時) ending theme (new)
  2. "好奇無上限" – Starry Night (愛在星光燦爛時) opening theme (new)
  3. "Hey!Hah!"
  4. "求愛復刻版" (Old School Love)
  5. "紅蜻蜓" (Red Dragon Fly)
  6. "我忍住哭" (I Hold on My Tears)
  7. "花季" (Flower Season)
  8. "超人心" (The Heart Of Superman)
  9. "Number 2"
  10. "Hold Me Close"
  11. "青春無敵" (Forever Youth)
  12. "喜歡你" (Loving U)
  13. "我的野蠻女友" (My Sassy Girlfriend)
  14. "青春紀念冊" (Youth Souvenir Book)


Men's Talk (型男Talk): A book co-written by Wang and Matt Wu, men's talk around their lives, the world and philosophy. ISBN 986-127-750-1. Release date: 20 December 2006)[11]


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