King Records (United States)

King Records was an American label founded in 1943 by Syd Nathan in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The label owned several divisions, including Federal Records, which launched the career of James Brown. It released original material until 1975.

King Records
Parent companyGusto Records
Founded1943 (1943)
FounderSyd Nathan
GenreR&B, country, soul, blues, funk
Country of originUnited States
LocationCincinnati, Ohio

History edit

Initially King specialized in country music, at the time known as hillbilly music. King advertised, "If it's a King, It's a Hillbilly – If it's a Hillbilly, it's a King."[1] One of the label's hits was "I'm Using My Bible for a Road Map" by Reno and Smiley.[citation needed] Important recordings in this field were done by the Delmore Brothers and Wayne Raney. The Delmores and Moon Mullican played a country-boogie style that was similar to rockabilly. Several King artists, such as Bill Beach, are in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.[2]

Queen Records was the "Race Records" division of King Records and was also owned by Syd Nathan. It was founded in 1943 and was eventually folded into King.

King also owned Federal Records, which launched the career of James Brown. The label hired Ralph Bass and recorded R&B musicians such as Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, Roy Brown, Valerie Carr, Champion Jack Dupree, Ivory Joe Hunter, Joe Tex, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, and Otis Williams and the Charms.[3] King had a long legal suit against James Brown after he repeatedly violated his contract with the company.[4] King bought De Luxe Records (in 1952) and Bethlehem Records (in 1962). In 1951, Federal Records made the crossover of an R&B record into the white pop music charts with Billy Ward and the Dominoes' "Sixty Minute Man" (Federal 12022). It reached number 17 on the Billboard pop chart and number 1 in the R&B chart.

Logo from 78-rpm record sleeve
Building in Cincinnati, 2019

King mixed the country and R&B sides of the label. Many of its country singers, such as Moon Mullican, the Delmore Brothers, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Zeb Turner, covered the label's R&B songs, such as "Grandpa Stole My Baby", "Rocket to the Moon", "Bloodshot Eyes", and "I Got Loaded". R&B artists recorded country songs, such as Bubber Johnson's "Keep a Light in the Window for Me".[citation needed]

During the 1950s, King distributed portable phonographs.[5] King Records was unique among the independent labels because the entire production process was done in-house: recording, mastering, printing, pressing and shipping. This gave Nathan complete control, and a record could be recorded one day and shipped to radio stations the next day in quantities as small as 50. For that reason, King records that did not sell well are now rare.[6]

Seymour Stein, a co-founder of Sire Records, interned at King Records as a high school student in 1957 and 1958 and worked for King from 1961 to 1963.[7]

When Nathan died in 1968, King was acquired by Hal Neely's Starday Records and restarted as Starday-King Records. The songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller bought the label in 1970 but sold it soon afterwards to LIN Broadcasting, which in turn sold it to Tennessee Recording & Publishing (owned by Freddy Bienstock, Hal Neely, Leiber and Stoller), which sold it to Gusto Records in 1974. In 1971, James Brown's recording contract and back catalogue were sold to Polydor Records.[6] Since 2001, Collectables Records has been reissuing the King Records catalogue.

The former King Records headquarters, at 1540 Brewster Avenue in Cincinnati, is still standing. A historical marker was placed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.[8][9] Now owned by the city of Cincinnati, it approved the formation of the King Records Legacy Committee which is working on revitalizing the historic site and explaining its history.[10]

Discography edit

King 500 Series edit

The King 500 Series of 12 inch LPs were released between 1956 and 1959.[11]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
500 The Best of Bostic Earl Bostic
501 Tiny Bradshaw Tiny Bradshaw
502 Moondust Bill Doggett
503 Earl Bostic for You Earl Bostic
504 Organ Reveries George Wright also released as Giant Organ Magic
505 A Concert of Cool Jazz Cecil Young Quartet
506 Modern Jazz Expressions Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis also released as Modern Jazz
507 House Party Ruth Wallis
508 Mood Indigo Bill Jennings
509 Favorite Organ Solos George Wright also released as George Wright Plays Hotsy-Totsy Organ
510 Jazz for Happy Feet Tommy Reynolds and Band
511 Love Is Here to Stay Shura at the Piano
512 Shura at the Piano Shura and His Trio
513 All Star Rock and Roll Revue Various Artists
514 Hot Doggett Bill Doggett
515 Altotude Earl Bostic
516 Showcase Dell Staton Trio
517 Orchids in the Moonlight Emil Coleman and the Society Orchestra
518 Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland Paul Renard
519 Amen Wings Over Jordan Choir
520 Lonesome Road Lonnie Johnson
521 In the Evening by the Moonlight Johnny Long and Orchestra
522 Borrah Minevitch and the Harmonica Rascals Borrah Minevitch released on DeLuxe label
523 As You Desire Me Bill Doggett
524 Free for All Stan Free Trio
525 Dance Time Earl Bostic
526 Jazz with a Horn Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
527 Billy in the Lion's Den Bill Jennings - Leo Parker Quartet
528 After Hours Various Artists
529 Let's Dance with Earl Bostic Earl Bostic
530 Big Jay in 3-D Big Jay McNeely reissue of Federal label LP
531 Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk Bill Doggett
532 Dame Dreaming Bill Doggett
533 A Salute to Ellington Bill Doggett
534 Yiddish Songs Jennie Goldstein and Betty Reilly released on DeLuxe label - also released as Mink...Shmink (As Long As You're Healthy)
535 Something Old... Something New Ink Spots
536 Rock'n Roll Dance Party Various Artists
537 All-Time Country and Western Hits Various Artists
538 Rag Beat Eddie "Piano" Miller
539 Triple Threat Roland Kirk
540 Piano Variations Various Artists
541 Their Greatest Hits The Midnighters released on the Federal label
542 This Is Lorez Lorez Alexandria and the King Fleming Quintet
543 Adventure with Charlie Charlie Ventura
544 The Jones Girl...Etta...Sings, Sings, Sings Etta Jones
545 Dance Music for Mom and Dad Paul Renard
546 Meet John Puckett and His Piano John Puckett
547 Invitation to Dance with Bostic Earl Bostic
548 Billy Ward and His Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter Billy Ward and His Dominoes released on the Federal label
549 The Platters The Platters released on the Federal label
550 Sacred Songs Don Reno and Red Smiley
551 Sacred Songs The Brown's Ferry Four
552 Instrumentals by Don Reno and Red Smiley Don Reno, Red Smiley and the Tennessee Cutups
553 Cowboy Copas Sings His All-Time Hits Cowboy Copas
554 Grandpa Jones Sings His Greatest Hits Grandpa Jones
555 Moon Mullican Sings His All-Time Greatest Hits Moon Mullican
556 Favorite Sacred Songs Various Artists
557 Doggett Beat for Dancing Feet Bill Doggett
558 C'mon and Dance Earl Bostic
559 Clyde McPhatter with Billy Ward and His Dominoes Clyde McPhatter with Billy Ward and His Dominoes released on the Federal label
560 Deep River Wings Over Jordan Choir
561 Jazz Goes Ivy League Johnnie Pate Trio Plus Three
562 Square Dance Music Fiddlin' Red Herron / Fiddlin' Linvilles / Curly Fox
563 Candle Glow Bill Doggett
564 Fever Little Willie John
565 Lorez Sings Pres: A Tribute to Lester Young Lorez Alexandria
566 Jazz with a Beat Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
567 Sacred Songs Swanee River Boys
568 Moody Blues: Play Only After Midnight Sonny Thompson
569 Come Home Bubber Johnson
570 Otis Williams and the Charms Sing Their All-Time Hits Otis Williams and the Charms
571 Bostic Rocks Earl Bostic
572 Spirituals Volume 1 Swan's Silvertone Singers
573 Spirituals Volume 2 Spirit of Memphis Quartet
574 Spirituals Volume 3 Four Internes
575 Spirituals Volume 4 Swan's Silvertone Singers
576 Spirituals Volume 5 Various Artists
577 Spirituals Volume 6 Spirit of Memphis Quartet
578 Spirituals Volume 7 Swan's Silvertone Singers
579 Instrumentals and Ballads Don Reno and Red Smiley
580 Dedicated to You The "5" Royales
581 The Midnighters Volume Two The Midnighters
582 Swingin' Easy Bill Doggett and His Orchestra
583 Bostic Showcase of Swinging Dance Hits Earl Bostic
584 Swingin' Flute Johnny Pate
585 Dance Awhile with Doggett Bill Doggett
586 16 Favorites Volume 1 The York Brothers
587 Hawkshaw Hawkins Volume 1 Hawkshaw Hawkins
588 Songs of the Hills Wayne Raney
589 Songs by the Delmore Brothers The Delmore Brothers
590 Sixteen Sacred Songs Volume 2 Brown's Ferry Four
591 16 Favorites Volume 2 The York Brothers
592 16 Favorites Volume 2 Hawkshaw Hawkins
593 Steve Lawrence Steve Lawrence
594 Boyd Bennett Boyd Bennett
595 Bonnie Lou Sings! Bonnie Lou
596 Talk to Me Little Willie John
597 Alto Magic in Hi Fi: A Dance Party with Bostic Earl Bostic
598 Golden Years in Hi-Fi Bob Kames
599 Big Beat Jazz Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

King 600 Series edit

The King 600 series was released between 1958 and 1960.[12]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
600 12 Songs of Christmas Bill Doggett
601 Good Songs, Rare Wine Will Live Forever Bob Kames
602 Sweet Tunes of the Fantastic 50's Earl Bostic
603 Mister Little Willie John Little Willie John
604 Blue and Moody Lula Reed
605 16 of His Greatest Hits Ivory Joe Hunter
606 Uptown Eddie Davis
607 Battle of the Blues Roy Brown / Wynonie Harris split album
608 Broadway Beat Harold Baker Quartet
609 Hold It Bill Doggett
610 Please, Please, Please James Brown and His Famous Flames
611 A Date with Pate Johnny Pate
612 Songs I'm Sure You Remember Bob Kames
613 Dance Music from the Bostic Workshop Earl Bostic
614 This Is Otis Williams Otis Williams and His Charms
615 Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys The Stanley Brothers
616 The "5" Royales Sing for You The "5" Royales
617 Someone Will Love Me in Heaven Don Reno and Red Smiley
618 Singin' and Swingin' Hank Ballard and The Midnighters
619 Hymns and Sacred Songs Cowboy Copas
620 Earl Bostic Plays Sweet Tunes of the Roaring 20's Earl Bostic
621 Good Old Country Ballads Don Reno and Red Smiley
622 Memory Lane Little Esther
623 Dancing on Sunset Strip Dick Stabile
624 Sweet Love Songs Bubber Johnson
625 Strictly Country Tunes Grandpa Jones
626 Here's Lookin' Atcha Johnny "Scat" Davis
627 Battle of the Blues Volume 2 Wynonie Harris / Roy Brown split album
628 Moon Mullican Sings and Plays 16 Favorite Tunes Moon Mullican
629 The Sensational Donnie Elbert Sings Donnie Elbert
630 The Enchanting Organ of Bob Kames Bob Kames
631 Battle of the Organs Luis Rivera / Doc Bagby split album
632 Earl Bostic Plays the Sweet Tunes of the Swinging '30s Earl Bostic
633 High and Wide Bill Doggett
634 Battle of the Blues Volume 3 Eddie Vinson / Jimmy Witherspoon split album
635 Try Me! James Brown and His Famous Flames
636 Cha Cha Cha Freddy Calo and Orchestra
637 This and That Eddie Davis and His Tenor Sax
638 All Star Rock and Roll Revue Various Artists
639 Homer and Jethro Will Drive You Nuts with Their Version of the Standards Homer and Jethro
639 They Sure Are Corny Homer and Jethro
640 Sweet Tunes of the Sentimental 40s Earl Bostic
641 Big City Dance Party Bill Doggett
642 Songs That Will Live Forever The Ink Spots reissue of King LP 535
643 Fresh from the Country The Carlisle Brothers
644 Sincerely Yours-Goodbye My Love Al Grant
645 Sunday Morning Meeting Stanley Brothers
646 A Variety of Country Songs Reno and Smiley
647 Ferlin Husky Ferlin Husky also released as Country Songs from the Heart
648 The One and Only Webb Pierce
649 Hotsy Totsy Organ George Wright reissue of King LP 509
650 Big "J" in 3-D Big Jay McNeely and His Orchestra reissue of Federal LP 530
651 The Platters The Platters reissue of Federal LP 549
652 Yesterday's Memories, Tomorrow's Dreams Bob Kames
653 Tribute to a Great Composer Tiny Bradshaw reissue of King LP 501 with the addition of 4 songs
654 Rock and Roll Revue Volume 2 Various Artists
655 Mellow Blues for the Late Hours Sonny Thompson
656 Sacred Songs Volume 2 Reno and Smiley
657 The Band Swings - Lorez Sings Lorez Alexandria with Orchestra
658 Dance Music that Hits the Spot Todd Rhodes
659 For the Evening Hours Ruby Wright
660 Music of Mexico Pepe Villa
661 The Golden Sound of Joe Howard Joe Howard
662 Musical Pearls Earl Bostic
663 Favorite Old Melodies Paul Renard
664 Deck of Cards T. Texas Tyler
665 A Battle of Saxes Eddie Davis / Charlie Ventura split album
666 Good Ole Mountain Music J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers
667 On Tour Bill Doggett
668 Battle of the Blues Volume 4 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson / Roy Brown / Wynonie Harris
669 Collection of Standard Sacred Country Songs Maddox Brothers and Rose
670 20 Good Old Songs Bob Kames
671 The Late Cecil Gant: The Voice That Has Never Been Copied Cecil Gant
672 The Best of Hank Locklin Hank Locklin
673 The Drummer Man with the Big Beat Cozy Cole
674 The One and Only Hank Ballard and the Midnighters Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
675 Golden Goodies of Old Hawaii Paul Blunt and the Islanders
676 Standards with a Slight Touch of Jazz Lorez Alexandria
677 Maddox Brothers and Rose Maddox Brothers and Rose
678 The Five Royales The "5" Royales
679 15 Songs of Christmas Bob Kames
680 Merry Christmas from... Various Artists
681 The Many Moods of Moon Mullican Moon Mullican
682 Miami March Songs Miami University Symphonic Band
683 Think! James Brown and the Famous Flames
684 Gatemouth Moore Sings Blues Gatemouth Moore
685 Mallets of Four Thought Jimmy Namaro and His Trio
686 Favorites of Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean
687 The Stewart Family Sings Country Sacred Songs The Stewart Family
688 The Five Keys The Five Keys
689 The Great Texan T. Texas Tyler
690 The Stanley Brothers Sing Everybody's Country Favorites The Stanley Brothers
691 In Action Little Willie John
692 R & B Hits Past and Present The Five Keys
693 Hymns and Sacred Gospel Songs Reno and Smiley
694 Music for Romantic Moments Lennie Wilson and His Orchestra
695 Golden Country Favorites The Stewart Family
696 Hawaiian Party Bob Kames
697 Country and Western Jamboree Various Artists
698 For the Good People The Stanley Brothers
699 Swing Your Partner Doc Journell with Grady Heston and the Texsons

King 700 Series edit

The King 700 series was released between 1960 and 1962.[13]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
700 Mr. Rhythm and Blues Hank Ballard and The Midnighters also known as Finger Poppin' Time
701 Country Songs Reno and Smiley
702 Gospel Song Festival Wally Fowler and the Oak Ridge Quartet
703 Favorites Irving Fields
704 The Sophisticate of the Piano: Whispering Jazz Kokomo Wellington
705 Earl Bostic Plays Hit Tunes of Big Broadway Shows Earl Bostic
706 For Reminiscent Lovers Bill Doggett
707 Etta Jones Sings Etta Jones reissue of King LP 544
708 Let's Dress Up... and Go Dancing Sammy Leeds and His Orchestra
709 Live It Up! Irving Fields
710 All Time Country and Western Hits Various Artists
711 Charity Ball: Meet Charlie Kehrer and Dance Charlie Kehrer
712 The Don Miller Quartet Don Miller
713 Shhhhh! The Quiet Man Ronnie Hollyman
714 Tragic Tales of Love and Life Cowboy Copas
715 Mr. Hawkins at the Piano Wendell Hawkins Trio
716 The Big Sound Al Belletto Sextet
717 The Maharaja of the Saxophone Lynn Hope
718 Wanted Reno and Smiley
719 The Stanley's in Person The Stanley Brothers
720 Broken-Hearted Melodies Cowboy Copas
721 T. Texas Tyler T. Texas Tyler
722 It's Christmas Time Bob Kames
723 Back Again with More Bill Doggett Bill Doggett
724 Classics Go Latin Irving Fields
725 25 Years of Rhythm & Blues Hits Various Artists
726 Home Spun Humor Various Artists
727 John Lee Hooker Sings Blues John Lee Hooker compilation of 78rpm singles from 1948-1950
728 Easy Livin' Ferlin Husky
729 Organ Bandstand Paul Renard
730 The Legendary Jimmy Osborne Vol. 2 Jimmy Osborne
732 Gwen Bari Sings Intimate Love Songs Gwen Bari with the Leo Norman Strings
733 Billy Ward and His Dominoes Featuring Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson Billy Ward and His Dominoes reissue of Federal LP-548
734 Songs Along the Way T. Texas Tyler
735 Champion Jack Dupree Sings the Blues Champion Jack Dupree
736 Let the Church Roll On The Bible Way Church of God Choir
737 Hit Makers and Their Record Breakers Various Artists
738 Hank Locklin Encores Hank Locklin
739 Sure Things Little Willie John
740 Spotlight on Hank Ballard Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
741 Organ with Percussion and Sound Bob Kames
742 Lox, Latin and Bongos Irving Fields Trio
743 The Amazing James Brown James Brown and the Famous Flames
744 Square Dance Volume 2 Doc Journell
745 Solo Spotlights Various Artists
746 The Wonderful Wilburn Brothers The Wilburn Brothers
747 Polkas, Waltzes, Fox Trots Bob Kames
748 Let's Go Again Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
749 25 Years of Rhythm & Blues Hits Volume 2 Various Artists
750 Old Time Camp Meeting The Stanley Brothers
751 Hot Rod Charlie Ryan
752 I'll Write Your Name in the Sand Maddox Brothers and Rose
753 Bumper Crop of All Stars Various Artists
755 Mexican Fiesta Pepe Jaramillo
756 Folk Songs of the Civil War Reno and Smiley
757 The French Singing Star Gilbert Bécaud
758 Yves Montand à Paris Yves Montand
759 Dance Along Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
760 The Parker Brothers Choir The Parker Brothers
761 Songs of Love Yves Montand
762 Freddy King Sings Freddy King
763 Gospel Songs by the Patterson Singers The Patterson Singers
764 There Is Only One Paris George Jouvin
765 A Variety Album J. E. Mainer and His Mountaineers
766 Strange Music Michael Holliday reissue of Bethlehem LP - Mike
767 The Sweet, the Hot, the Teen-Age Beat Little Willie John
768 Happy Holidays from Bob Kames Bob Kames
769 Soulful Sacred Songs Wade Mainer's Mountaineers
770 House Party Charlie Kehrer Orchestra
771 Night Train James Brown / The Wobblers / Herb Hardesty / Henry Moore / Hank Marr /Clifford Scott compilation of instrumentals also released as Twist Around and Jump Around
772 The Songs They Like Best The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys
773 Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King Freddy King
774 Paris Vol. 3 Yves Montand
775 Charles Brown Sings Christmas Songs Charles Brown
776 Country Singing and Instrumentals Reno and Smiley
777 Boy - Girl - Boy Freddy King, Lulu Reed and Sonny Thompson
778 The Many Moods of Bill Doggett Bill Doggett
779 Smokey Smothers Sings the Backporch Blues Smokey Smothers
780 Good, Good, Twistin' James Brown and His Famous Flames also released as Shout and Shimmy and Excitement "Mr. Dynamite"
781 The Twisting Fools Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
782 Golden Harvest Volume 3 Jimmy Osborne
783 Bob Kames Plays Show-Stoppers Bob Kames
785 30th Anniversary Album The Delmore Brothers
786 By Popular Demand Earl Bostic
787 Banjo Special Reno and Smiley
788 A Collection of 18 Spiritual Songs The Galatian Singers
789 Changes Mood to Trad Dixieland The Big Ben Banjo Band
790 Playing Corn with Cons on Every Finger! Professor Douglas "Knuckles" O'Rourke
791 Folk Song Festival The Stanley Brothers
792 Forgotten Million Sellers Various Artists
793 The Jumpin' Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
794 Reno and Smiley Reno and Smiley unissued
795 Music of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati Bearcat Band
798 Folk Spiritual Songs James W. Davis and the Dobbs Singers
799 Meet Mexie Marlowe Mexie Marlowe

King 800 Series edit

The King 800 series was released between 1962 and 1964.[14]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
800 Remember How Great These Tunes Were in Years Gone By Ernie Berger
801 Gospel Ranger Brother Claude Ely and the Cumberland Four
802 Come On and Join Little Willie John at a Recording Session Little Willie John
803 Spiritual Christmas Songs The Galatian Singers
804 James Brown and His Famous Flames Tour the U.S.A. James Brown and His Famous Flames
805 Good Old Camp Meeting Songs The Stanley Brothers
806 Willa Dorsey and the Mighty Faith Increasers Willa Dorsey and the Mighty Faith Increasers
807 25 Years of Country and Western Sacred Gospel Spiritual Songs Various Artists
808 All New Hawkshaw Hawkins Hawkshaw Hawkins
809 Rollin' Along with Grandpa Jones Grandpa Jones
810 Kelly Brothers Sing a Page of Songs from the Good Book The Kelly Brothers
811 Christmas Songs by These Famous Country Artists Various Artists
812 Bob Kames Goes Western Bob Kames
813 Nashville Bandstand Various Artists
814 A Festival of Spiritual Songs Mighty Faith Increasers
815 The 1963 Sound of Hank Ballard Hank Ballard and The Midnighters
816 Another Day with Reno and Smiley Reno and Smiley
817 The Country Gentleman of Song Cowboy Copas
818 Sutmiller's Presents The Hi-Lites The Hi-Lites
819 A Carnival of Songs Various Artists
820 16 Great Country & Western Songs The York Brothers
821 Bossa Nova and Blues Freddy King
822 16 Sacred Gospel Songs Grandpa Jones / Brown's Ferry Four split album
823 14 Academy Award Winning Songs Bob Kames
824 As You Remember Him Cowboy Copas
825 A Scene Near My Country Home Bill Duncan
826 Live at the Apollo James Brown
827 Earl Bostic Plays Bossa Nova Earl Bostic
828 Folk 'n' Hill Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
829 Teentime: Latest Dance Steps Hank Marr Trio Plus 3
830 Bill Doggett Plays American Songs Bossa Nova Style Bill Doggett
831 Bobby Grove Sings It Was for You Bobby Grove
832 Big Ben's Banjo Band Sing Along Volume 1 The Big Ben Banjo Band
833 All-Stars of Polkaland, U.S.A. Polka All Stars
834 Folk Concert from the Heart of America The Stanley Brothers
835 In Memory Cowboy Copas / Hawkshaw Hawkins split album
836 Sing Along Volume 2 Big Ben's Banjo Band
837 Organ Jazz Giants Various Artists
838 Songs of the Fantastic 50's Vol. 2 Earl Bostic
839 But Wild Mickey Baker
840 Favorite Songs of Texas Ruby Texas Ruby
841 The Polka King's Return Romy Gosz
842 The Music that Made Milwaukee Famous: Polkas Louie Bashell
843 Howdy Neighbors Jimmie Logsdon
845 Do You Remember When Grandpa Jones Sang These Songs! Grandpa Jones
846 Jazz as I Feel It Earl Bostic
847 Nashville Bandstand Number 2 Various Artists
848 Cornier than Corn Homer and Jethro
850 The Legend of Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins Cowboy Copas / Hawkshaw Hawkins split album
851 Prisoner of Love James Brown
852 The Big Blues Albert King
853 The World's 15 Greatest Hymns Reno and Smiley
854 The French Singing French Star Volume 2 Gilbert Bécaud
855 Surfin' on Wave Nine Various Artists
856 Freddy King Goes Surfin' Freddy King reissue of King LP 773 with overdubbed crowd noise
857 Johnny "Guitar" Watson Johnny "Guitar" Watson
858 Taken from Our Vaults: Volume 1 Hawkshaw Hawkins
859 Turn Back the Clock Various Artists
860 Country Music from the Heart of the Country Cecil Surratt and Smitty Smith
861 The World's Best Five String Banjo Don Reno and Red Smiley
862 Hootenanny: America's Finest Folk Singing with 5-String Banjo Various Artists
863 Teenage Love Songs Trini Lopez
864 The Country Folk Music Spotlight The Stanley Brothers
865 It Won't Be This Way Always The King Pins
866 Truck Driver Songs Various Artists
867 Hank Ballard's Biggest Hits Hank Ballard
868 Impressions Bill Doggett
869 Railroad Songs Various Artists
870 Taken from Our Vaults: Volume 2 Hawkshaw Hawkins
871 Songs of Rivers, Oceans and Seas Various Artists
872 Banjo in the Hills The Stanley Brothers
873 From Our Vaults: Volume 3 Hawkshaw Hawkins
874 The True Meaning of Christmas Don Reno and Red Smiley
875 Everybodys Favorite Blues Various Artists
876 Western Swing: Famous Western Bands Various Artists
877 More of... Trini Lopez
878 The Great Charles Brown That Will Grip Your Heart Charles Brown
879 The Best of Waite Hoyt: In the Rain Volume 1 Waite Hoyt
880 The Best of Moore & Napier Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
881 The Best of Earl Bostic Volume 2 Earl Bostic
882 Look Who's Surfin' Now Various Artists
883 Pure Dynamite! Live at the Royal James Brown
884 Top Rhythm & Blues Artists Do the Greatest Country Songs Various Artists
885 Taken from Our Vaults: A Real Collectors Item Memphis Slim
886 Impact! The Impacs
887 In Memory: The Delmore Brothers The Delmore Brothers unissued - reassigned as King 910
888 The Other Side of Grandpa Jones Grandpa Jones
889 Greatest Hits Eugene Church unissued
890 14 Great All Time Country & Western Waltzes for the Folks Who Like Waltzes Various Artists
891 The Best of Clyde Moody Clyde Moody
892 The Very Best of Jimmie Osborne Jimmie Osborne
893 14 Hit Flashbacks from Golden Group Era Various Artists
894 Hymns Lloyd Cowboy Copas
895 Of All the Songs I've Recorded, I Like These Best Little Willie John
896 A Star in Your Eyes Hank Ballard
897 Fireside Songs Chickie Williams unissued
898 Songs of Zion Church of God and Saints of Christ Singers
899 Live at the Club 502 Hank Marr Quartette

King 900 Series edit

The King 900 series was released between 1964 and 1966.[15]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
900 A New Sound Earl Bostic
901 Favorite Traveling Salesman Stories Kermit Schaefer
902 Latest and Greatest Blooperama Kermit Schaefer
903 The Gray Matter of Paul Gray Paul Gray
904 Saucy Hit Parade Ruth Wallis Reissue of Wallis Original WLP 11
906 Golf Par-Tee Fun!: A Collection of Hilarious Locker Room Humor! Kermit Schaefer
908 The Best of Bill Doggett Bill Doggett
909 Please, Please, Please James Brown and His Famous Flames reissue of King LP 610 with a new cover and number
910 In Memory: Volume 1 The Delmore Brothers
911 On the Road with Reno & Smiley: Songs Truck Drivers Love! Reno and Smiley
912 I'm Tore Up Crash Craddock
913 Those Lazy, Lazy Days Hank Ballard and The Midnighters
914 Reno and Smiley Sing a Bluegrass Tribute to Cowboy Copas Reno and Smiley
915 Polka Music and Golden Waltzes Bob Kames
916 A Week-End with the Impacs The Impacs
917 Country Hymnal Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
918 Hymns of the Cross The Stanley Brothers
919 The Unbeatable 16 Hits James Brown and the Famous Flames reissue of Try Me, King LP 635, with a new cover and title.
920 In Memory of the Delmore Brothers: Volume 2 The Delmore Brothers
921 Earl Bostic Plays the Great Hits Of 1964 Earl Bostic
922 City Folks Back on the Farm: 12 Variety Bluegrass Songs Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
923 Just a Real Nice American Family The Parker Family
924 The Remarkable Stanley Brothers Play and Sing Bluegrass Songs for You The Stanley Brothers
925 Personally Yours from the Cincinnatians at Christmastime The Cincinnatians
927 Glad Songs, Sad Songs... Hank Ballard and His Midnighters
928 Freddy King Gives You a Bonanza of Instrumentals Freddy King
930 The Lovable Style of Bobby Freeman Bobby Freeman
931 Freddy King Sings Again Freddy King
932 Reno & Smiley's Variety Show Reno and Smiley
933 On and Off Stage Hank Marr
934 Bob Kames Bob Kames
935 The Best of Joe Tex Joe Tex
936 For All Lonesome Truck Drivers Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
937 Moon Mullican Sings 24 of His Favorite Tunes Moon Mullican
938 Papa's Got a Brand New Bag James Brown
939 Swan's Silvertone Singers Swan's Silvertone Singers reissue of King LP 572
940 Spiritual Songs Galatian Singers
941 Golden Harvest Best 24 Tunes Jimmie Osborne
942 Spirit of Memphis Quartet Spirit Of Memphis Quartet reissue of King LP 573
943 Fine Singing of Wonderful Sacred Country Songs Brown's Ferry Four
944 The York Brothers Sing 24 Songs The York Brothers
945 The Four Internes The Four Internes reissue of King LP 574
946 I Got You (I Feel Good) James Brown
947 Memorial to Earl Bostic: 24 Tunes That Earl Loved the Most Earl Bostic
948 Swan's Silvertones Swan's Silvertones reissue of King LP 575
949 Little Willie John Sings All Originals Little Willie John
950 Hank Ballard Wants You to Hear These Songs! Hank Ballard
951 The Trumpeteers / The Nightingales / The Patterson Singers The Trumpeteers / The Nightingales / The Patterson Singers reissue of King LP 576
952 24 Hit Tunes Billy Wards and His Dominoes
953 24 Great Songs Tiny Bradshaw
954 15 Soulful Songs Everybody Loves Spirit of Memphis Quartet reissue of King LP 577
955 All Hit Tunes The Five Royals
956 Roy Brown Sings 24 Hit Songs Roy Brown
957 15 Songs You'll Remember Forever Swan's Silvertones reissue of King LP 578
958 Lonnie Johnson Sings 24 Twelve Bar Blues Lonnie Johnson
959 Bonanza of 24 Songs Bill Doggett
960\ Mr. Johnson: 24 Great Songs Bubber Johnson
961 Mighty Instrumentals James Brown and the Famous Flames
962 24 Songs By the Great Trini Lopez Trini Lopez
963 A Collection of Original Sacred Songs The Stanley Brothers
964 24 Vocals and Instrumentals Freddy King
965 24 Country & Western Sacred Songs Various Artists
966 Good Country Singing and Picking Suratt and Smith
967 24 Great Country Songs That Will Live Forever Grandpa Jones
981 Hank Ballard Sings 24 Great Songs Hank Ballard
982 Country Music Goes to Viet Nam Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
983 24 Great Country Songs The Delmore Brothers
984 Copas & Hawkshaw: 24 Great Songs Cowboy Copas / Hawkshaw Hawkins
985 It's a Man's Man's World James Brown
986 The Admiral's Daughter Sez: Here's Looking Up Your Hatch Ruth Wallis
987 Davy's Little Dinghy Ruth Wallis
988 Marry Go Round Ruth Wallis
989 Red Lights Ruth Wallis
990 Ubangi Me Ruth Wallis
991 Oil Man from Texas Ruth Wallis
992 He Wants A Little....Pizza Ruth Wallis
993 Bahama Mama Ruth Wallis
994 5 String Banjo Pickin' and Singin' Various Artists
995 24 Country Songs Reno and Smiley

King 1000 Series edit

The King 1000 series was released between 1966 and 1970.[16]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
1002 Wolf at Your Door Tommy Wolf reissue of Fraternity LP
1004 25 Years of R & B Hits Various Artists
1005 24 Great Songs Homer and Jethro
1006 25 Years of Country & Western Hits By 24 Great Artists Various Artists
1007 24 All Time Great Christmas Songs Bob Kames and the Caroleers
1008 25 Years of Popular Music Various Artists
1009 The Happy Jazz of Osie Johnson Osie Johnson reissue of Bethlehem BCP-66
1010 James Brown Sings Christmas Songs James Brown
1011 Hank Marr Plays 24 Great Songs Hank Marr, His Organ and Combo
1013 The Best Loved Sacred Songs of the Carter Family The Stanley Brothers
1014 Spectacular Instrumentals Charlie Moore and Bill Napier
1016 James Brown Sings Raw Soul James Brown
1017 Gospel and Sacred Songs Moore and Napier
1018 Live at the Garden James Brown
1019 Jim Mover and the Moving Acapulco Brass Jim Mover and the Acapulco Brass
1020 Cold Sweat James Brown
1021 1968: Brand New Vocal Country and Western Songs Moore and Napier
1022 Live at the Apollo, Volume II James Brown
1023 All Time Hit Sacred and Gospel Songs Various Artists
1024 James Brown Presents His Show of Tomorrow James Brown / Vicki Anderson / James Crawford / Marva Whitney / Hank Ballard / Bobby Byrd
1025 Sounds from the Marr-Ket Place Hank Marr
1026 Rhythm and Blues: 18 All Time King Hits Various Artists
1027 Country and Western: 18 All Time King Hits Various Artists
1028 Brand New Country Songs Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
1029 A Variety of New Sacred Gospel Songs Don Reno, Bill Harrell and the Tennessee Cutups
1030 I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me James Brown
1031 I Got the Feelin' James Brown
1032 Over the Sunset Hill Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
1033 All the Way to Reno Don Reno, Bill Harrell and the Tennessee Cutups
1034 James Brown Plays Nothing But Soul James Brown
1036 The New Sound of Bob Kames Bob Kames
1037 Keep on Praying The Galatian Singers
1038 Thinking About Little Willie John and a Few Nice Things James Brown
1039 Merry Christmas Bob Kames
1040 A Soulful Christmas James Brown
1041 Take Your Shot Bill Doggett
1042 Living Legend of Country Music Grandpa Jones
1043 Lonesome 7-7203 Hawkshaw Hawkins
1044 I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) Reno and Smiley
1045 Sentimental Journey Bob Kames
1046 How Far to Little Rock? The Stanley Brothers
1047 Say it Loud – I'm Black and I'm Proud James Brown
1048 Harlem Nocturne Earl Bostic
1049 Tragic Romance Cowboy Copas
1050 Radar Blues Various Artists
1051 Gettin' Down to It James Brown
1052 You Can't Keep a Good Man Down Hank Ballard
1053 I Sing Soul with James Brown Marva Whitney unissued
1054 At Home and at Church Brother Claude Ely
1055 The Popcorn James Brown
1056 Pattern My Life Marvin Anderson Singers
1057 Burden to the Lord Skylight Singers of New York
1058 Thank You Original Calvary Singers
1059 Hideaway Freddy King
1060 Travelin' to California Albert King
1061 Greasy Spoon Hank Marr
1062 It's My Thing Marva Whitney
1063 It's a Mother James Brown
1064 The Country Side of Arthur Prysock Arthur Prysock
1065 Fastest Five Strings Alive Don Reno
1066 Where the Soul Trees Grow Arthur Prysock
1067 The Lord Is My Shepherd Arthur Prysock
1068 I'm Using By Bible for a Roadmap Don Reno and Bill Harrell
1069 Hills of Home Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
1070 Do You Believe Gospel-Ettes
1071 Journey to the Moon: The Flight of Apollo 11 Bill Dunnavant and Bob Dunnavant
1072 Bare Facts Redd Foxx
1073 Pass the Apple, Eve: Part 2 Redd Foxx
1074 In a Nutshell Redd Foxx
1075 Paris Soul Food Hal Singer
1076 Precious Lord Harmonizing Four
1077 This Is the Right Time Institutional Church of God in Christ
1078 Honky Tonk Popcorn Bill Doggett
1079 Live and Lowdown at the Apollo Marva Whitney
1081 Free at Last Little Willie John
1082 Messin' Around with the Blues Memphis Slim
1083 Tomorrow Night Lonnie Johnson
1084 Blues for Everybody Champion Jack Dupree
1085 Moanin' and Stompin' Blues John Lee Hooker
1086 Good Rockin' Blues Wynonie Harris
1087 Cherry Red Blues Eddie Vinson
1088 Fly My Love Arthur Prysock
1089 We Need Time Kay Robinson
1090 The Best of the Delmore Brothers The Delmore Brothers
1091 The Best of Reno and Smiley Reno and Smiley
1092 Ain't It Funky James Brown
1093 His Hands Stars of Virginia
1094 A Soldier's Plea The Smith Evangelist Choir
1095 It's a New Day – Let a Man Come In James Brown
1096 The Tokyo Happy Coats Live The Tokyo Happy Coats
1097 The Nearness of You Bill Doggett
1098 Faded Picture Blues Paul Howard / Ralph Willis
1099 Beau Dollar Beau Dollar

King 1100 Series edit

The King 1100 series was released between 1970 and 1973.[17]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
1100 Soul on Top James Brown
1101 Ram-Bunk-Shush Bill Doggett
1104 Sentimental Mood Bill Doggett
1105 Good Ole Bob Doing This Thing Bob Shreve
1106 World's Greatest Gospel Organist: His Last and Greatest Contribution Alfred Bolden
1107 Nobody But You The Mighty Clouds of Harmony
1108 Soft Bill Doggett
1109 Live in New York The Galatian Singers
1110 Sho' Is Funky Down Here James Brown
1111 Movin' Up George Hines with the Gospel Winds
1112 This Good Life Roberta Sherwood
1113 New Black Magic Billy Daniels
1114 Lord Here I Am Marion Gaines Singers
1115 Sex Machine James Brown
1116 Alive and Well and Living in... A Bitch of a World Wayne Cochran and His C.C. Riders
1117 Happiness Is Piano Red Piano Red
1118 I Need Help Bobby Byrd
1119 Have a Heart Heart
1120 Children of the Mist David Anderson
1121 Rev. Abraham Swanson and the Bibleway Church Choir Rev. Abraham Swanson and the Bibleway Church Choir reissue of King LP 736
1122 Swampwater Swampwater
1123 Establishment Establishment
1124 Hey America James Brown
1125 Forevermore The Tokyo Happy Coats
1126 These are the J.B.'s The J.B.'s unissued
1127 Super Bad James Brown
1128 Count Your Many Blessings The Four Internes
1129 Jesus Knows The Patterson Singers
1130 Hard Luck Blues Roy Brown
1131 Days Passed and Gone The Spirit of Memphis Quartet
1132 I Cried Holy Swan's Silvertones
1133 Risky Blues Various Artists 10 inch record
1134 Unforgettable Arthur Prysock
1135 Matinee Idol Redd Foxx
1136 Hank and Lewie Wickham with Johnny Dagucon Hank Wickham, Lewie Wickham and Johnny Dagucon
1137 James Brown Live In Paris: Love, Power, Peace James Brown scheduled to be James Brown's final album for King Records but was cancelled when his new contract with Polydor went into effect
1138 Patti Kim Patti Kim unissued?
1139 In Memory of Robert Johnson Paul Williams and Friends
1140 Manuel and the Music of the Movies Manuel reissue of 1970 Columbia LP
1141 Manuel and the Music of the Mountains Manuel reissue of 1970 Columbia LP
1145 Jealous Little Royal
1146 The Coasters on Broadway The Coasters

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