Kim Shin-rok

Kim Shin-rok (Korean: 김신록; born 1981) is a South Korean actress. She gained recognition for her supporting roles in 2021 television series Beyond Evil, Hellbound, and One Ordinary Day.

Kim Shin-rok
Kim Shin-rok in January 2022 for Marie Claire Korea
Kim in January 2022
Born (1981-03-24) 24 March 1981 (age 42)
South Korea
Alma materSeoul National University
Hanyang University
Years active2004–present
AgentJust Entertainment
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Sin-rok
McCune–ReischauerKim Sin-rok


After graduating from the Department of Geography at Seoul National University, she obtained a Master of Arts in Theater and Film at the Graduate School of Hanyang University. She later earned a Bachelor of Arts in acting from the Korean Academy of Arts and Sciences.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
2005 Rules of Dating Teacher 1
2008 Dimmer Da-eun
2018 Burning Shin-rok
TBA War and Revolt Beom-dong Netflix Film[2]

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2020 The Cursed Seok-hee
2021 Beyond Evil Oh Ji-hwa [3]
2022 If You Wish Upon Me Hye-jin Cameo [4]
Reborn Rich Jin Hwa-young [5]
2023 The Day of the Kidnapping Seo Hye-eun [6]

Web seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2021–present Hellbound Park Jeong-ja Season 1–2 [7]
2021 One Ordinary Day Ahn Tae-hee [8]
2023 Moving Yeo Woon-gyu [9]
Shadow Detective Yeon Yeon-hyeon Season 2 [10]
TBA Sweet Home Season 2 [11]


Year Title Ref.
2004 Survival Calendar
2015 Tomag [12]
The Power
The Story of Ikaino
2016 The Power
Purgatorio [13]
Winter Story
2017 Working Holiday [14]
Korean Diaspora Exhibition: Yeongbieocheonga
2018 The Critic
Nine Girls
2019 The Critic
Nokcheon Has Fields of Sh*t
2020 Fearless: The High School Macbeth
2021 Out of Love
2022 Mouthpiece
Heal the Living [15]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination
Award ceremony Year Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.
APAN Star Awards 2022 Best Supporting Actress Hellbound Won [16]
Baeksang Arts Awards 2020 Best Actress – Theatre Nokcheon Has Fields of Sh*t Nominated [17]
2022 Best Supporting Actress – Television Hellbound Won [18]
2023 Reborn Rich Nominated [19]
Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022 Best Supporting Actress Hellbound Won [20]
Director's Cut Awards 2022 Best New Actress Won [21]
Interpark Golden Ticket Awards 2023 Best Actress in a Play
  • Mouthpieces
  • Mending the Living
Nominated [22]


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